Edinburgh 3: My feet are sore

by - May 29, 2017

Today was tour day and my last day with my kids and my Dan here.

Our first stop was at the Rosslyn Chapel, a beautiful and intricate piece of architecture built in the 15th century and which was also part of the set of Da Vinci Code.  The chapel itself was smaller than I thought it would be on the inside and I found the outside to be more compelling than the interior.   

A short hike down from the chapel lies the ruins of the Rosslyn Castle and that was honestly even more impressive.  The nature, the brickword, the old trees.  We loved every bit of it and could have explored  the trails all day.

We might have also found a tree from Stranger Things.

The site was awesome for kids and they had activities to do to encourage their learning.  What also encourages their learning? Pokemon.  So after they taught me something (Willis learned about the origins of stained glass windows and Lucia learned about the carvings depicting the life of Jesus), I let them search and find some cool, European Pokemon.

Stop two was in Melrose for the Melrose Abbey, but we opted out paying to go in and explored the small town instead.  Also it was raining.  We found a beautiful public garden and the kids could have probably just played in there all day.

It was beautiful scenery with tons of varieties of apple trees, some dating back 2000 years.

The next stop was a quick one at Scott's View and I can see how it was one of Sir Walter Scott's favourite views. I could have sat there all day and soaked it in.  

One of my goals this trip was to take a Scottish landscape picture that I could blow up and put on canvas for the new house...I think this will be it.

I think the part of the landscape I love the most is the yellow dottings of the gorse..which is the yellow flower and also edible, fyi.  I'd love to be able to grow this at home, but after some quick googling, Dan found out that it's zone 5.

The last stop was at Glenkinchie for a whiskey distillery tour which was fascinating.  Willis and Lucia learned stuff too, but didn't get to taste.   Just ask Willis the three ingredients in whiskey- I bet he'll remember.

Once we were home, it was time to bring the kids and the Dan to the train station and I have to admit I was quite sad to see them go and will miss my little sidekicks.  They did really well on this trip and I can't wait to travel with them again.

My night was spent watching Netflix, blogging and doing my cyber and then I hope to have a good sleep before tomorrow's adventure. 

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Have a lovely day!