Edinburgh 2: the one with the hike

by - May 28, 2017

The adventures of today centered around Arthur's Seat and the Old Town.  After another lazy morning and delicious Scottish breakfast ( I had avocado toast, which may be my new fave thing), we hopped on a Hop on, Hop off bus for a tour.  They had earphones so we could learn things, but we didn't stay on too long and got off half way at Holyrood Palace so that we could hike Arthur's Seat.

Willis and Lucia started the hike by taking a short cut and scaling the side of the cliff like spider monkeys...but amazingly it didn't slow them down.

And I think everyone was surprised when we rounded the first bend and found another mountain.  It was a much harder climb than we had anticipated.  Justine even did it in her flip flops.

The kids did it though and complained often, well it was mostly Lucia. Willis is the type of kid who has to be at the front of the pack, leading the way.  He stayed up front for the most part with Rob and Cam, likely talking their ears off about Pokemon.

We took frequent stops to slow down them beating hearts and to cool off - and of course to snap some fun pictures.  I'm glad we did the trek as the view the entire way was quite breathtaking.

We didn't hike the last peak to the actual seat of Arthur, just admired it from afar cause we were done.  It was nice and cool and windy up top and after a million photos, we headed back down.

My sweet, serious girl who can rock the resting face like no other.

And then there's Willis, who I swear sprinted up the entire mountain and didn't even break a sweat.

I love these yellow bushes that dot the countryside in Scotland.

When we finally reached the bottom, the kids got their much deserved Pokemon time and we quickly decided we needed beer. And also food.  So we hiked back up the Royal Mile for a pint and food.

I was completely sweaty and all my makeup had melted of. Ah well.

We stopped at the Inn on the Mile for delicious Fish n' Chips, Bean Burgers and Mac n' Cheese and let's not forget those pints of Tennents.  You know, my blogger friends have said something about me that I have never believed about myself: that I can command a room but also sit back and take it all in.  
I have never seen myself to be able to do that.  
Well, sitting there at lunch, I observed Lucia doing the exact thing.  She had clear command of the table and everyone was so captivated by her storytelling/jokes.  Then minutes later, she'd just sit back and listen.  Super cute to watch that serious little girl's personality grow.

Another funny Lucia-ism...when we were in London we saw one of those buskers who spray paint themselves and pose, frozen like a statue.  She was so confused and convinced that it wasn't a real person that she kept bringing it up...telling us that we were trying to trick her.

So when we came upon a block of statuesque buskers, she was enthralled and then we had to stop at every single one for her to observe/give them money/take a picture.

The floating ones were my favourite.

We finished our afternoon with a walk back to the hotel for some quiet time.  I had an awesome bath, I seriously need to get this bathtube at home, it's at least 6 feet long.  The kids are giggling and watching a cartoon while we reboot for this evening's activities: they swim with Grandma and Grandpa and we go on an evening underground ghost tour. EEEK

Evening update- scratch that, there was no underground double dead tour- we accidentally joined the wrong one and then when we figured it out, it was too late to get in on ours.  That's okay..I'm pooped and can't wait to go to bed.

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