Edinburgh 1: the day of no agenda

by - May 27, 2017

Yesterday we travelled via train from London to Edinburgh.  It was a long trip (3:30-8) but comfortable and nice that I was able to get some work done.  The kids were a little more difficult mostly just getting antsy.

For our stay in Edinburgh, we'll be at the Caledonian at the base of the hotel, our family rented an apartment just a couple blocks away.  We didn't do much once we got in last night apart from Willis throwing a fit and me having to stay in the hotel with him while Dan and Lucia went out.  What I've learned most about him is that he's a great kid that gets into these mind frames occasionally where he has a real hard time listening.  I will not give in to that so it had to be dealt with. In the confines of hotel.  When I just wanted to scream.  But didn't.   We did work it out and it was an early to bed as a result.

First thing in the morning Lucia wanted to swim so I took the kids to the spa pool and they did laps and were actually quite well behaved.  I love floating.  After the pool we got ready and headed out on an adventure before the family arrived.
The kids were restless to see Grandma, Grandpa, Rob and Jen so we took them for a walk around the shops and looked all the cool buildings.  We headed to a Primark and got the kids some cute clothes and Dan a belt.  He also got swimming trunks because that has managed to become the thing he collects on his travels.  Mostly because he forgets them every time.  

At this point in the trip, the kids are over me telling them about history stuff  and they just wanted to be kids and pla So we found a place for them to play. In a cemetery.  Naturally.  Okay, they didn't play, just ran around while we made our way to a real park.  The cemetery was pretty cool though and might have been the backdrop for my outfit du jour picture.

They so weren't in the mood to learn: they wanted to play outside, visit with their family and find all the foreign Pokemon.  So we really didn't do anything too touristy.  Lots of running and jumping and random shenanigans until the travelers woke from their nap and we were able to see the fam.  

Rob had rented this giant apartment knowing that my parents would be joining them along with Jen's parents, her brother and her twin.  It is a gorgeous, funky space with views of the castle too.  Check it out here.

When the jet-lagged travelers were up, we went out for lunch/supper at a really cool burger joint- Bread Meats Bread and had delicious burgers and poutine.  Yup, good ol Canadian poutine on the menu.  There was also lots of beer shared.  Because that's how we supper.

It was an early night tonight as we were kinda pooped, plus it started raining.  So Dan took the kids for a swim and I cuddled up in bed and watched the Jays' game.  Sometimes you just need some down time.

Tomorrow we look forward to exploring the Old Town and the Royal Mile.  

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Have a lovely day!