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Edinburgh 5: Being a Sassenach

Where to begin on this incredible day? Honeslty, I wasn't overly looking forward to this tour- the Outlander tour.  In my head it was just going to be a bunch of visits to random walls and trees and fake rocks that they used as a set.  I was kinda feeling bad for the other 6 in our group of 9 who have never even watched the show/read the books.  But alas, today was the complete opposite and was probably my favourite day of all.  I think it may be as because we were out of the busy city and in the county.
Stop one was Lallybroch, or MidHope Castle, built in the 1500s on a random farm.  We wandered the property and tried to peak into the closed up, decrepit old castle.  The grounds were beautiful and the birds were plentiful.  There was even a turkey wandering around.  And no, I'm not referring to my brother.

Stop 2 was Fort Williams (Randall's headquarters/site of Jamie's whipping) or Blackness Castle.  This was an awesome stop too because we actually got to go everywher…

Edinburgh 4: Queens for the day

I will tell the tale of my day backwards today, mostly because my pictures loaded into the post that way and I'm too lazy to reorganize them.

It's an accidental early to bed to me- brother had booked us 7:00 tickets for the Mary's Close tour but only figured out at 6:45 that he actually had booked them for tomorrow night.  So I headed back to the hotel and decided to get my packing done, cyber correcting while watching Outlander.  Seems appropriate as tomorrow is our Outlander tour.

Our supper was really an afternoon tea at the Calendonian (Waldorf Astoria) which was the most filling and delicious thing ever.  It doesn't look like much, but we were right full by the end.  The trays had two courses of desserts, scones and adorable little sandwiches, along with tea of course.

Our afternoon was spent shopping in the New Town after we had separated from the men.  I wanted to get mom a UK-inspired outfit as her Mother's Day present and she settled on a cool pair of deni…

Edinburgh 3: My feet are sore

Today was tour day and my last day with my kids and my Dan here.
Our first stop was at the Rosslyn Chapel, a beautiful and intricate piece of architecture built in the 15th century and which was also part of the set of Da Vinci Code.  The chapel itself was smaller than I thought it would be on the inside and I found the outside to be more compelling than the interior.   

A short hike down from the chapel lies the ruins of the Rosslyn Castle and that was honestly even more impressive.  The nature, the brickword, the old trees.  We loved every bit of it and could have explored  the trails all day.

We might have also found a tree from Stranger Things.

The site was awesome for kids and they had activities to do to encourage their learning.  What also encourages their learning? Pokemon.  So after they taught me something (Willis learned about the origins of stained glass windows and Lucia learned about the carvings depicting the life of Jesus), I let them search and find some cool, Europe…

Edinburgh 2: the one with the hike

The adventures of today centered around Arthur's Seat and the Old Town.  After another lazy morning and delicious Scottish breakfast ( I had avocado toast, which may be my new fave thing), we hopped on a Hop on, Hop off bus for a tour.  They had earphones so we could learn things, but we didn't stay on too long and got off half way at Holyrood Palace so that we could hike Arthur's Seat.

Willis and Lucia started the hike by taking a short cut and scaling the side of the cliff like spider monkeys...but amazingly it didn't slow them down.

And I think everyone was surprised when we rounded the first bend and found another mountain.  It was a much harder climb than we had anticipated.  Justine even did it in her flip flops.

The kids did it though and complained often, well it was mostly Lucia. Willis is the type of kid who has to be at the front of the pack, leading the way.  He stayed up front for the most part with Rob and Cam, likely talking their ears off about Pokemon…