April in Numbers

by - April 30, 2017

Um, so it's May already?  Geez.  Next thing you know, it's going to be Christmas. Seriously.

So my blog is doing this thing where it won't let me make drafts of posts and so basically I have to do a post in one sitting instead of slowing piecing it together like I normally do. So this may be interesting.  I may have to restart this post a million times and I might lose interest and do other things instead.  But my wine glass is full and here I am, finally blogging.

April....it feels like that first weekend was ages ago, but here we go: my month in numbers....

5 hours spent on live chats or on the phone trying to fix blog problems.  They seemed endless this month and kinda pushed me to blog less and to run out of blog steam.

1 Family trip to Edmonton to end March/start April.  But I think I talked about that one last post so we'll leave that.

8 hours spent in the gym for Will's developmental basketball program.  I am loving what they're doing for these boys....tons of working out and discipline and some bball skills that Dan said he didn't even learn in high school.

4 hours of baseball tryouts which ended with Willis getting a shot at the AA program but being put onto an A team.  I knew he wouldn't be AAA, but I thought for sure he was AA material.  I'm not going to lie, I'm quite disappointed he is on A..with kids who've never played ball before. I just want him to be challenged and pushed. And then Dan reminds me that he's only 9.....so I settle down and go with the flow, focusing more on doing drills at home. Sigh.

4 birthdays celebrated: my friends Alison, my brother, me and our niece, Kinsey.  That means 3 separate cakes even if we celebrate them on the same night.

1 week off of school for Easter break that had Jen and Rob home with us, so we did tons of visiting and playing and movie watching and cuddling.  My kids love their aunt and uncle and it's awesome that they take the time to come home and grow those little relationships.  It makes me think of something my Grandma Diehl said about building relationships with her grandkids...that they had to go visit for 3 weeks because the first week was spent playing shy and then it took a good 2 weeks after that to forge the relationships. Her grandkids lived across Canada, and she managed to do that with everyone.

8 workouts logged at Orange Theory for me and 3 at a Pilates studio, I also did 3 swims, so yay for feeling strong!

20+ hours scouring through house plans......because we also bought 66 acres this month!  Yup, we went from never moving to finding the perfect piece of property, making an offer and removing conditions last week.  Which means I have hours and hours of very fun work to do.  Before anything happens we have to get approval to build there and then once we get that we need to submit our building plans and bring in all the services (power, water, a road....).  I can't wait to tell you all about it and I will soon as we have so many more things figured out.  It has been so time consuming and I may be blogging less but it so going to be super awesome!

Stay tuned!!!
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  1. Living on Cloud Nine30 April, 2017 21:56

    Well girl, we will building together, we meet Friday to sign our contract and set the dig date. Fun times and you had a busy month, ready for some laughs in Toronto, yes indeed!!!

  2. I love how much space you have...wish my yard was that big!



  3. Your baseball feeling totally remind me of every evaluation Grady does. Funny how that happens.... Glad to see you back at it. This is my FAVE link up!

  4. Katie Mitchell01 May, 2017 00:39

    So exciting...all your house plans!! Can't wait to keep up with it all on the blog!! I'm coming to visit! :)

  5. Wow, 66 acres?! Congrats! Were currently looking for land also, but ours will probably be more in the 2-5 acre range. So excited for you guys!

  6. Wow, sounds like you have a great new adventures on your hands with your new home!

  7. I wanted to do April in numbers - but when I looked back at my April it was so boring, and I couldn't come up with anything! I'm so excited to follow along on your new home progress!

  8. I love that everyone got their own cake! That is the way to celebrate. Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about your blog problems. I hope all is straighten out. Congrats on a future new home! Yay, for you!

  9. so, how about you just get Brent to do your plumbing and we'll all come visit while he does it?! I can dream....
    Congrats on the new property - SUPER exciting!!!

  10. Yay for house plans! That will be such an adventure!

  11. Nicole Miller01 May, 2017 22:59

    Oh wow!! SOOO exciting!! I hope you'll blog the process, so I can live through you. haha. Congrats friend. Also mmmm 3 cakes, sounds like my kinda night.

  12. Do you sleep? And if so, how much? Seriously you do a LOT in a month. Congrats on that property! I am a city girl but lately, I think it's old age, I just keep craving the quietness of the country, or just being away from the city and even people.


Have a lovely day!