A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale


As part of my New Year's resolution, I decided to think smaller instead of the big and daunting task of making a year-long goal that I was guaranteed to likely forget in the first 6 minutes.   Each month I tackle a new theme: January was organization, February was fitness and March is simplicity and for the most part they have been successful, however I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of tweeking as the year goes on.  But that's okay, because regardless, I'm working on a better me and I'm taking the steps I know will lead me to success. Maybe. Hopefully.

For this transitional month that is always so unpredictable weather wise, I decided to take a step back from everything and simplify my life.  At first I thought it would look more like a purge of the 'things' in my life, but in the end it is more looking like me taking a step back from all the distractions.  Here are 5 simple things I have done to make my world less busy:

    1. Volume off on phone after school.

      I realize this means I may miss calls but I'm cool with that, if people really want to talk to me, they'll call back.  I find that I am more focused on my kids when I'm not wondering who is texting me or what the latest is on Facebook.   As a result, I am paying attention to my kids when they are the most willing to share.  I love talking about the day at school and working on their homework with them, sans distractions. I have been enjoying this so much that I now have phone-less Sundays and leave my phone on my desk for the most of the day.  I also have an Apple watch which I don't wear on weekends to avoid being constantly summoned.

    2. Classical and Jazz music.

      This one may not sound like a way to simplify my life, but it has brought me peace and concentration and in a way, that translates to simplification to me.  Spotify is a favourite around our house and typically I listen to anything 90s.  But lately I have been playing classical or jazz after school and into the evening to expose my kids to some really wonderful music.  My hopes is that they pick up a love for many different genres...but even just playing it brings a peace and calm to my soul.

- This is one of my favourite playlists:

3.  Looking up more and less down.

The geese are coming back, the sun is a golden hue in the evenings and a spring sunrise brings spectacular colours.  I am spending less time looking at my phone at meaningless crap and more time aware of my surroundings.  I guess I'm trying                   to be more in the moment of this reality and less in that virtual one.  That may mean I skip writing a blog post because it's nice outside and I'd rather be there and it may mean that I don't respond immediately to things, but it's doing wonders                     to take the chaos out of my life.

 4. Less social media.

It seems of late that I have been made aware of the downfalls, or the evils of social media...so many idiots with so much time to insult people cowardly behind the protective wall of their computers.  So many rude people with stupid things to                        spew out into this world and I'm just done with it.  I want to talk to the people that matter in my life, not hear the opinions of another random idiot who also coincidentally can never spell.  I have contemplated even shutting FB/Twitter down                      and can't quite part with it, because I have people I only communicate with there and I love getting my Blue Jays news on Twitter. So I'm working on a happy medium with these two this month.

               5.  Do what brings me joy.

I had lunch with Alison last week and she made a good point- that she is happiest when she isn't worrying about others and just doing what she wants.  I'm going to run with that idea for the rest of the month, so thanks, my friend.  If I want to                    have mimosas with my friends in the morning and then accidentally drink the rest of the pitcher that evening, I'm going to do that.  (That may or may not be based on a true stor). If I want to cancel plans because I don't want to leave my house,                  I'm not going to feel guilty.  If I want to spend a day reading my book, then by all means, I shall.   Basically I am worrying less about what I think I should be doing and rather about what I really want to be doing.

Speaking of which, it's Willis' bedtime and instead of asking Dan to go put him to bed, I selfishly want those snuggles, so I'm going to grab ahold of this moment and run.  Peace out!


  1. YES! YES! YES! I often turn my phone on silent and put it away for at least 2 hours a day. I need that time to disconnect and just be without having someone or even myself interrupt a bit of zen time.

  2. Yes! I love the disconnecting, I actually always have my phone on silent, so unless the phone is right by me I don't ever hear it, which is probably a good thing :) I like/need to follow the do what I want to do, not what I think other people want me to do.

  3. Boy, do I need to do some of this. Although, with the boys out of the house, I don't think I'll be able to turn my phone on silent. I'm always worried about those 10pm phone calls, like last week. I love the idea of looking up more, instead of down.

  4. I love what you're doing this month and how it is changing you in ways that have the best and greatest value for those you love. Good for you!

  5. I had to let go of a few social media channels, because its just become too much. I like the idea of keeping life simple - XO



  6. Simplifying like this can be SO good. I find myself turning the phone on silent often because I really don't like the girls hearing it go off constantly. I love the look up tip. I need to do that more too.

  7. These are such good goals to have! :) I am finding it easier to spend less time on my phone only because I'll pick it up and one of the boys will need me or my attention and I'll leave it some place...I do miss a few calls but people can always be called back when I find my phone again, haha!

    Hope you are having a good start to the week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. Living on Cloud Nine21 March, 2017 01:49

    I am down with every single one of these, it is an absolute must to simplify our lives and show our kids how much more meaningful life can be when we simplify. Love this so much!

  9. I definitely need to get off my dang phone.

  10. These are so true. I love listening to music and it totally makes me relax or feel energized when I need to. I have been putting my phone down more lately to spend the time with my family and it helps my day and stress level so much! Thanks for sharing!


  11. I am nodding my head on every single point and once again I am reminded to look at my life and slow things down. Ok, I am going to start with the phone rule, at least in terms of the notification sounds off. I have gotten so attached to the stupid thing.

  12. I need to get off my phone. It is sucking the life out of me right now. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Katie Mitchell25 March, 2017 00:29

    Great ideas Deena! Had not idea the stupid-ass internet trolls had got you! As of late, I've been off my phone earlier, heading to bed and reading....or just going to bed!! Whatever I miss will still be there when I wake up in he morning....and most of the times I miss NOTHING!! LOL

  14. SPOT ON with the ideas here chica! Yes to all!


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