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A Virtual Book Club

I don't really like going know, sometimes it's tough to find a babysitter, or put that bra back on, or stop at only one glass of wine - so when we put together a book club that virtually had you reading and chatting from home, I knew it would be a hit for me.  I love getting notifications on my phone telling me that so and so is talking about this or that and that I can be exposed to some great novels in genres I would never read.

For our March picks, I read all four:

The Alchemist : this is a book I have probably read 5 times, all in french.  There's something about this book that has me reaching for it once a year or so.  So many life lessons, so many philosophical's one of those books that has a million quotes that I want tattooed everywhere all over my life.

Between Shades of Gray : this is one that I wouldn't have picked up because of the heartbreaking nature. It's about the genocide of the Baltic people under Stalin's regime du…

I have a thing for shoes

Shocker, right?

So obviously with spring around the corner (my mom totally has tulips pushing up...that's gotta be a record)....what was I talking about? Oh ya, shoes.  So with spring around the corner, I am always on the lookout for the new trend and the one that caught my eye was metallics.  I remember the pair of shoes I bought when I lived in Montreal in high school...they were these shiny burgundy patent lace up sneakers and I loved them.  I wish I had a picture of them- actually, I'm glad I don't.  I didn't make good fashion decisions back then. I also didn't shave my legs. Evidence:

Anyway, I have always loved shoes, despite my scrubby fashion past.     So when my sister and I were out on our girl date, browsing the local shops, I was not surprised when I spent most of my time with my other friends, the shoes.

I spied my eye on these metallic slip ons and they had to come home with me, naturally.

What spring shoe trends do you like?

ZCDMontreal Metallic Shoe…

In my Grandmother's Kitchen

Do you ever play that game where you wonder what you would save if you're house was burning down?  Well for me, it would be the cookbooks from both of my Grandmas.  My Grandma Diehl's cookbook is her actual cookbook complete with smudges and jot notes, whereas the cookbook from my Grandma Park was made by her for each granddaughter with her favourite recipes and photos.  Two of my most cherished possessions.  But it's Grandma Diehl's book that I gave myself as a goal this year.

My Grandma Diehl passed away 5 years ago this April and I have been wanting to go through her cookbook and recreate it so everyone can enjoy the smudges and the jot notes and the delicious recipes that brought us together around the table.  It's just a little bit more of an emotional project and I have to be in the right frame of mind, which I am finally finding.   I went out to my Aunt's place this past week and was able to record some of my Grandpa's memories regarding Grandma'…

Friday loves

I'm not blogging here today, instead you can hop over to The Blended Blog, where I'm a contributor and see what some of my favourite things were on the internet this week.  Have a great weekend!

A Sepia-toned World

Spring has sprung and in the prairies it currently looks like a big fat mess.  Somedays I can't tell if I'm walking through one of those black and white movies that my mom constantly watches on Turner Classics or if we're living in a sepia-toned world.  Regardless of the blah-ness of nature's current decor, I'm trying to bring some spring colour into my wardrobe and one of those hues is yellow.  I've always loved yellow...when I was a child my room was Holly Hobby and I had this beautiful creamy yellow bedspread and then in my early twenties, my favourite piece of clothing was my bright yellow Russel sweats.  Sadly I don't have pictures of either of those- I really need to swipe my mom's photo albums when I go home for Easter.

Oh, but wait- I found one.  Deena, 1999- our year of study at l'Université Laval in Québec City.  One would think I would be all over the fashion, but no- my wardrobe consisted of raggy t-shirts (see my glow in the dark baseb…


As part of my New Year's resolution, I decided to think smaller instead of the big and daunting task of making a year-long goal that I was guaranteed to likely forget in the first 6 minutes.   Each month I tackle a new theme: January was organization, February was fitness and March is simplicity and for the most part they have been successful, however I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of tweeking as the year goes on.  But that's okay, because regardless, I'm working on a better me and I'm taking the steps I know will lead me to success. Maybe. Hopefully.

For this transitional month that is always so unpredictable weather wise, I decided to take a step back from everything and simplify my life.  At first I thought it would look more like a purge of the 'things' in my life, but in the end it is more looking like me taking a step back from all the distractions.  Here are 5 simple things I have done to make my world less busy:

Volume off on phone after scho…

Things are coming up fuzzy vests

It might be the sunshine and plus temperatures around here, or perhaps it's the calm after the parenting storm from the weekend, but things are coming up roses this week.   Well, in the parenting world, anyway. Willis has been a superstar since our blowout on Sunday.  Naturally, of course he is. He really is a wonderful kid that just has to learn lessons the hard way.  I spent a day with my sister yesterday and she pointed out that he has kinda always been like that and I'm sure if I were to page through the archives of this blog, I would find similar posts going all the way back.  Cute quick story---- I told Willis that each night we'd be going over his behaviour and if he was making good choices, he could start earning back the content of his bedroom.  Well Monday was great, so he got two things.  He picked a book and his dry-erase calendar and yesterday morning when he was putting it back up on the wall, he was singing a song "you can do it, Willis" to Lucia.…

Mug throwing and such or the opposite of Friday's post

I should probably have a wall that I can use as a target for mug-throwing.  Don't you ever get the urge to just break something?  I remember that pre-baby era when stories my friends with babies would tell me about shutting themselves into a closet just to scream and cry totally didn't even register on my "hey, that totally makes sense" radar.

Yup, I get it now.
Sunday will go down in history as the day Willis and I fought for eleventy billion hours.
It was the day that pushed me to my limits and had me wishing I had a plethora of mugs that could be slung and broken at random.  He made me so mad.  Let me set the stage:

We had the cousins over for a sleepover and as usual, both Willis and Lucia fought for their attention.  Willis is a little more controlling so they usually end up with him and Lucia feels left out.  I have gotten used to dealing with Willis in these situations, so I had intentions of just sitting him down and going over what happened, what I saw and …

The man child

The boy cub. The almost 10 year old.

Gack.  It feels like yesterday that it was just he and I at home for that first wondrous year.  Thank goodness for video cameras and many, many pictures.  I know that those moments and that sweet little voice will be something I will want to remember always.

Now my handsome man is in grade 4 and loves school.  He's fiercely competitive (from me) but also naturally gifted at sports (from Dan) and I love watching him learn, discover and play.  He plays baseball, basketball, swims and is now really enjoying track.

Willis loves to learn, especially in Math.  He also reads a ton and I love cuddling with him at night and reading together.

He still wants cuddles and even though he's in grade 4, I'm unwilling to give this up.  I keep thinking of my friend, Lana and how her boys are at such different stages and I bet that she would love to go snuggle them again.  So every night I lay down with him to read and then we talk and cuddle for a bit a…

Oh, what style.

I had a great chat with my BFF yesterday about remembering why we started blogging in the first place (sharing our stories), which gave me a great idea for my post today (to share my story- or in today's case, Dan's).  Typically I have been talking fashion on Wednesdays (which I love, when I'm feeling fancy), but realistically, I haven't been feeling too fashiony (and more cozy instead). I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I spend my whole day in my winter boots, giant warm jacket or gym clothes (and mostly sweaty because of all the layers or a recent workout).  On top of that, I don't like taking pictures outside (ugh, so many layers to take off) when I can't feel my face (it's cold winter again) you can see maybe why I haven't been feeling the fashion thing. (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE looking).

[caption id="attachment_8978" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Realistic Deena fashion taken while talking …

February Numbers

Welcome to the monthly numbers link up!  February was a busy month and all the going-ons have pushed me into a retreat of sorts as we start off March.  I took a moment today to look back at my Feb 2015 Numbers post...(here) - it's interesting to see how things have changed, but nothing has changed at the same time?

Now February.....
For the kids:
2 days of Basketball with it finishing off for the season.

They also had 3 piano lessons each along with a piano party where they performed a quartet with Kinsey and another friend.  4 hands, 2 pianos...pretty darn cool!  The kids rehearsed at my old school where the other girl's mom is a teacher friend of mine there- we got to play around in the band room with my other band teacher friend and the kids loved trying out various loud instruments.  Bless those band teachers' hearts.
IMG 0403 from Dee on Vimeo.

They also both started 1 new activity, now that basketball is done: Lucia will be doing gymnastics and Willis will keep busy…