I have a thing for shoes

Shocker, right?

So obviously with spring around the corner (my mom totally has tulips pushing up...that's gotta be a record)....what was I talking about? Oh ya, shoes.  So with spring around the corner, I am always on the lookout for the new trend and the one that caught my eye was metallics.  I remember the pair of shoes I bought when I lived in Montreal in high school...they were these shiny burgundy patent lace up sneakers and I loved them.  I wish I had a picture of them- actually, I'm glad I don't.  I didn't make good fashion decisions back then. I also didn't shave my legs. Evidence:

Anyway, I have always loved shoes, despite my scrubby fashion past.     So when my sister and I were out on our girl date, browsing the local shops, I was not surprised when I spent most of my time with my other friends, the shoes.

I spied my eye on these metallic slip ons and they had to come home with me, naturally.

What spring shoe trends do you like?

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In my Grandmother's Kitchen

Do you ever play that game where you wonder what you would save if you're house was burning down?  Well for me, it would be the cookbooks from both of my Grandmas.  My Grandma Diehl's cookbook is her actual cookbook complete with smudges and jot notes, whereas the cookbook from my Grandma Park was made by her for each granddaughter with her favourite recipes and photos.  Two of my most cherished possessions.  But it's Grandma Diehl's book that I gave myself as a goal this year.

My Grandma Diehl passed away 5 years ago this April and I have been wanting to go through her cookbook and recreate it so everyone can enjoy the smudges and the jot notes and the delicious recipes that brought us together around the table.  It's just a little bit more of an emotional project and I have to be in the right frame of mind, which I am finally finding.   I went out to my Aunt's place this past week and was able to record some of my Grandpa's memories regarding Grandma's cooking and decided what better way to start my cookbook project than with his favourite thing she would make: tea biscuits.  My goal is to have a sit down with all my aunts and uncles at some point this year, recording their anecdotes to add character to the pages of the family cookbook.

But why tea biscuits?  Well Grandpa told the story about how when they were first married and working on a farm in Eston, Saskatchewan, Grandma would be in charge of breakfast for all the men.
"....And the men they could sit there and eat; you couldn't feed them enough. She had honey.  So the boss come in there and when he saw how much the men were eating he said: Irene, you put 4 biscuits on each saucer for the men and that's all they get.  They can have their bacon and eggs and their 4 biscuits.  She made them all the time."

Hot biscuits-

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Friday loves

I'm not blogging here today, instead you can hop over to The Blended Blog, where I'm a contributor and see what some of my favourite things were on the internet this week.  Have a great weekend!

A Sepia-toned World

Spring has sprung and in the prairies it currently looks like a big fat mess.  Somedays I can't tell if I'm walking through one of those black and white movies that my mom constantly watches on Turner Classics or if we're living in a sepia-toned world.  Regardless of the blah-ness of nature's current decor, I'm trying to bring some spring colour into my wardrobe and one of those hues is yellow.  I've always loved yellow...when I was a child my room was Holly Hobby and I had this beautiful creamy yellow bedspread and then in my early twenties, my favourite piece of clothing was my bright yellow Russel sweats.  Sadly I don't have pictures of either of those- I really need to swipe my mom's photo albums when I go home for Easter.

Oh, but wait- I found one.  Deena, 1999- our year of study at l'UniversitĂ© Laval in QuĂ©bec City.  One would think I would be all over the fashion, but no- my wardrobe consisted of raggy t-shirts (see my glow in the dark baseball shirt I got from Cooperstown) and bigass sweats.  Also, we ate a lot of Kraft Dinner that year.  Our money had better purposes, like beer and poutine.

Also- whilst searching for proof of my Holly Hobby bedspread, I came across this picture of Kyla and I sprawled out on the kitchen floor.  Remember last when I said I like to do that for some 'me' time in my me time list post? Well, it started early.  Also, I would like to point out that that was our entire kitchen, my feet were touching the fridge (golden harvest, classy) and also in the left hand corner is a dishwasher. YES, husband, once upon a time we had a dishwasher and I learned how to stack things.  Properly, I'm sure.  But I seem to be out of practice.

So yes, anyway, back to sepia and black and white.  I have been enjoying playing with a pop of colour here and there and had the chance to sport this unique crossover turtleneck that a co-worker found and we co-ordered back in semester one.  So here's to yellow!

Front Slit Turtleneck (here) .....similar from Simons (here)....

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