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London, Day 3

I was wide awake at 2 am and then I was wide awake at 8 am- I think I am currently running on both time zones.  Suffice to say I was up and ready for the day for 9:45.  Much better than yesterday.  This time Dan decided to join me, so we took a nice morning stroll up to Harrod's because he said I had to see it.  It was only 2.7 km but it felt like forever, but I was glad to have my hubby by my side.

Now Harrod's, that was something else. It was like an extremely ornate Ikea, but not as much "follow the cheap yellow brick road" as it was "a clusterfudge of expensive things in an elaborate maze"  Geez. I could have spent all day touching things but instead decided I better not.  I had my Virginia already after all. After we had brunch there (chocolate crepes and eggs benedict), Dan left for his meetings and I set out on the second half of my walk over to Kensington Palace.

Hyde Park was beautiful to walk through; nice and open with pretty trees.  But I think Central Park in NYC is nicer.  However, I do realize I'm here in the winter and I bet with all those tulips already sprouting in random patches of the grass that this place will be quite beautiful.  Now Kensington Palace was .... underwhelming.  It wasn't as pretty on the outside as I thought it would be and then when you go in you only get to see a really old King's Quarters, the Queens' Quarters and Queen Victoria's Chambers.  Okay, I was pretty cool to see where the King held court and the Queen's closet and such.  The part for Queen Victoria was actually the coolest because it randomly had pieces of her writing on carpets, drapery, the wall- like she was narrating the whole thing.  The other neato part was that Queen Victoria was married to Prince Albert- the man after whom the city I grew up in was named.  That felt like a really complex sentence and I don't even know if it was correct, so it stays.

After the tour, I headed to the corner of the park and contemplated the idea of walking up to Notting Hill.  But an extra 2 km sounded too daunting for my ballerina flat clad feet, so instead I pulled a Josh and rented a bike (he has been pestering us to do this every night).  But then when I attempted to go up to Notting Hill I saw I had to be on the roads with the crazy ass cars, so I quickly forgot that plan and turned around and headed back through the two giant parks.  What would have been an hour walk back through the parks to my next destination turned into a very fun and very cheap bike ride.  I loved it.  I wish I were brave enough to go around more of the city, but the crazy streets were too terrifying, even if it was only 2 pounds for a 24 hour bike rental.  Anyway, my (Josh's) life hack worked and I easily dropped my bike off at the nearest cycle thingy and then was back on my feet for a quick stroll over to Fortnum & Mason.

I could have spent hours in that store.  I should have stayed for tea, but at that point I was getting sweaty and uncomfortable and just wanted to get outside.  I did, however, pick up a couple gifts for some peeps at home.  Once I was outside, I got treated to typical London weather and as unprepared as I usually am, I was umbrella-less in the rain.  But that was fine with me- it was actually quite refreshing.  I popped into another book shop and browsed while it rained and found the perfect souvenirs for Willis: books.  After that, I was back to the hotel to rest my feet for a couple minutes before heading over to the National Gallery.

Okay. The National Gallery was totally overrated. Well that or I was just hungry and couldn't concentrate- but also the one painting I wanted to see- Van Gogh's Sunflowers was away for a couple of days.  I shouldn't complain, I did get to see some Monet, Renoir, Da Vinci and Raphael.  But food.  I was hungry, finally.  I ended up stopping at little resto by our hotel and had Afternoon Tea for one.  Just me and my book (Sophie Kinsella's new one- My Not So Ordinary Life) which is coincidentally set in London.  It was the perfect end to my day.

After a quick break to do some cyber and get ready, I met Dan at the theatre to see the Book of Mormon, which yes, I just saw when it was in Saskatoon but it was just as entertaining.  Dan even thought it was "good".  Tough critic.  If you recall, I picked Avenue Q for us to see when we were in New York in October and he "didn't like it".  I don't even know this guy anymore.  But I do know Virginia...she was a great companion to the theatre.

Just kidding, I totally do.  I know him so well that it was easy to suggest a quick pint and charcuterie board at the hotel resto before bed, which brought loads of Dan smiles.

Observations of the day:

Why does everything close here so early? So weird.  11 oclock is the latest I've seen anything open during the week.  NYC totally wins on that front.

So much smoking. Yuck.

Well it's off to bed so we can be ready for our day of travel tomorrow! Can't wait to see my babies!!!!!!!


  1. Mmmm now I want eggs Benedict! And tea! And treats!!
    Safe travels tomorrow - glad you had such a great trip!

  2. HARROD'S. Thanks for bringing us along on your trip! I haven't been there since P.K. (pre-kids) when Nathan and I did our "meet all my European family and friends" trip. Maybe time for another (W.K.) without kids.

  3. Kensington Palace, Harrod's, tea - wish I was with you! Have a safe journey home!

  4. That tea looks lovely! Thank you so much for letting us travel with you! Loved the trip!

  5. They close so early because they are genius. I also think being able to rent a bike is absolutely brilliant. Safe travels friend.

  6. I'm loving your adventure! The afternoon tea!! And now you have me wanting to hear to fort up and mason!

  7. Love watching you travel. You are so great at documenting life. Love the lilac (? is that the color) coat. Gorgeous!

  8. WOW, you have done so much with your days!! Looks like it has been a blast. Beautiful photos!

    xx, Elise

  9. OMG Dan didn't like Avenue q? What is wrong with him?? Although I can't say I loved Book of Mormon which I totally thought I would.

  10. Living on Cloud Nine16 February, 2017 01:40

    Where the heck have I been that I've missed these London recaps? Awesome awesome awesome and I love that beautiful coat. Did you have the spot of tea for me? Looks like you did gorgeous!!

  11. I have been to London so many times, but for me such a great pleasure to visit your amazing blog, I love it very much love your beautiful pictures as well.Thank you for sharing, cannot wait for the next post!!!


  12. I love reading about your London adventures! Afternoon tea sounds so good! I love the color of your coat!

    Doused In Pink

  13. Tell me about tea. Do they serve it in stores? Does everything stop at tea time? Obviously, I have never traveled to England. So proud of you to try so many little adventures on your own, riding a bike through the parks, meandering through stores, dodging in and out of the typical London weather.

  14. I woke up this morning with a list of things to do but at the top was reading day 2 & 3 of your blog along with my coffee, in my London coffee mug. Virginia is amazing and I am so jealous. I have such a hard time making a quick decision and am always envious of people who take the plunge, good for you! We didn't do tea time but looking back I wish we had. Next time. Also, NYC is on my bucket list and would be a dream come true. Did you go in the winter/summer?

  15. Tea everywhere and that's all that the restos had when I'd go it.."are you coming in for tea and cake, ma'am?" they'd ask at every stop.

  16. NYC is a must do for sure...I've been in all seasons but I gotta say October was my favourite.

  17. I totally think it's genius too- forces people to be cozy at home

  18. Thanks, it was definitely a great adventure

  19. I sure did have a spot of tea for you!


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