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London, Day 2

Today didn't start as I had wanted it.  I was going to get up with Dan, go for breakfast with him and Josh before they hit up their meetings then be on my way.  Instead I woke up with a killer sinus headache and a possible hangover.  The heck?  I suppose I am out of practice of having multiple pints in a day, but still.  So going with Dan at 9 was out of the question and I decided to sleep until 11:30 au lieu.  Whoops.  I still wasn't feeling awesome when I got up but enough of the day had been missed so I got going.

You know what a quick cure to feeling gross is? Shopping.  *Insert eye roll and head shake by husband here.

I had intentions of exploring the underground today, don't worry Mom, that means Subway in British- but I was short on time, so I hailed a BlackCab and gave him the street for the Warehouse Fashion District.  Except he didn't understand me and brought me 20 minutes the opposite way to a posh house by Buckingham Palace, which would have been fine and I could have lived there. I'm sure Kate and I would get along just smashingly.

Eventually I made it to Chatham Place, and found the Burberry outlet, along with a couple other stores that I was going to explore until I fell in love with her......let's call her Virginia.  I found her at the beginning of my browsing and kept coming back to her.  I also found a nice grey jacket and a camel trench, but nothing compared to Virginia. She was perfectly made for me: not too fitted in the chest, the perfect length and softer than Lucia's favourite blanket.  Sadly, there were signs everywhere saying no pictures, so I had to go through the deliberation process all alone.  But then I got all rebellious and texted pictures to my sister and Christy and just as I thought, they counselled me, encouraging me to go with my gut: I decided to buy her.

Now I know I just finished saying in yesterday's post that I had no plans to buy anything but when something is suited just for you, and by a British designer nonetheless, you just have to do it.  I reasoned that I probably would have spent that much on a bag and clothes, so instead I was just coming home with one piece.  The most perfect piece.  My Virginia.

Anyway, I figured I had a couple hours until the boys were done, and I wanted to see if I could figure out the tube.  Instead I ended up on the aboveground and took it 2 stops over to the big mall to find some presents for the kids.  That was a mistake.  I forgot it was term break here and it was packed and noisy and a mess. So I quickly found a cute shop and bought them some unique outfits.  I still have to find something for Willis; that kid is hard to buy for.

I met Dan and some of the  people he's been working with for a pint at a cute pub and then we adventured to Brick Lane for some famous British Indian food. Apparently that's a thing here.  Plus we had some real  Brits giving us authentic suggestions, so ya, it was very yummy.  Actually quite yummy, but I haven't had much of an appetite the past couple days.

After supper, because Josh was with us and has so much energy, we set off for our evening stroll around the river. This time walking 8km over to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.  Josh talked about stuff and I nodded and Dan took important calls.  My favourite thing was seeing St. Paul's Cathedral, although only from the outside, but it was still beautiful.  I find it entertaining being with the brothers, such handsome Valentines dates they are.  Mostly I just smile and nod when they get into their debates and I try to offer my two cents because you know, I know so much. They are both quite similar...mostly they scratch their head and get a serious face on when they're thinking.  Josh also was reminiscing and telling me  about the time when he was in grade 1 and he told me that Dan thought I was hot.   Ha.  I don't remember that.   They are both so weird.  I'm glad that we walked that far- that bridge was pretty impressive for a bridge and the lights around London were all red and lovey for Valentines Day.

The evening ended with us trying to get a pint in a pub but everything was closed by 1130.  Booo. So back at the hotel are we and I'm just catching up with this post and the going-ons of my family back home.

Observations du jour:

Everything is so pretty and clean in London

People are super polite and Canadian.

Why does beer taste better here?

Also- it's "winter" right now and apparently quite "cold".  People are in full out parkas and tuques. I don't get it, it feels like freaking spring.



  1. 1. The picture of Virginia is much better than the one you sent me this afternoon.
    2. I like the picture of you and Dan on the bridge. He should smile with his teeth more :)

  2. Looks like a perfectly lovely time . Indeed.

  3. From naming the jacket to "feels like freaking spring" you always leave me laughing. I am so glad that you got to go on this adventure.

  4. Looks like the perfect time! Love this check poncho too xo


  5. Oh man. Love that you got to buy that coat that was calling your name. Also love how funny you are.

  6. Lol I bet it feels like spring, no snow is all I need to feel like spring has sprung. Love your shoes friend and yay for the coat!

  7. You guys look so happy! I'm glad you're having a wonderful time. And welcome, Virginia. She's a beauty.

  8. Oh hey, Virginia. Don't you feel like your skin is moisturized too? Ahhh British humidity.

  9. moisturized with all the sweat from all the walking, indeed.

  10. I'm very grateful for it and thankful that you snickered whilst reading.

  11. don't you dream daily of life without snow? I do.

  12. that's because I was rushing it so I wouldn't get caught by the psycho sales people.

  13. Sorry you had a headache but it looks like you redeemed the time in a fun way! yay for finding the peace thing! I think you need to find some British shoes next. SHOES to Shiraz, non?

  14. Gorgeous color on purchase and one that will remind you of your trip! I'm totally cracking up on your comment about it feeling like spring while they are all bundled up...that's what you would think about Texas too! Hope you feel all better always taste better on vacation!!

  15. I read Day 3 before Day 2, ever mixed-up...I was wondering who Virginia was and when I would get a look at the ole girl, only to discover here that she is a coat (does she know she's a coat?) that I had been seeing in several pictures. A lovely coat worth every shilling or dollar or Loonie.

  16. lol- I talk to her daily so she definitely knows what she is :)


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