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Finding Fun in Winnipeg

We spent our February break last week 10 hours east in Winnipeg, Manitoba.   Yes, I know, not necessarily the hot destination most of us Saskatchewanians are longing for at this point in hibernation.  Winterpeg isn't a place I have ever really wanted to go, to be completely honest with you.  But now that I have been twice, I can say I have learned a lot and have seen the beauty.  No more dissing from me.

Our first night we took a quick block walk over from the Fairmont Hotel to Uncle Chris' warehouse loft for supper.  If you have ever get to Winnipeg, a visit to the historic exchange district is a must-do.

Day one:

Spent with my blogging and real life pal, Abbie (Grumbling Grace) at her home for the year.   Our kids instantly were besties and potential romantics and enjoyed the time together.  Emily was in love with Willis and Lucia was in love with Lola, the dog.  We went for a walk in Bois-des-esprits to find the magic tree, which Lucia was underwhelmed by and continued to sulk behind random trees like the cute little Minnie Mouse she is.  After tiring the kids out with snow and fresh air, we took them for burgers and milkshakes at Moo-yah and that was the end of our visiting.

Next up we drove over to the airport to pick up Uncle Rob and Aunty Jen who were making their first official visit to the Peg as well.  Uncle Josh and our favourite tour guide, Nicole were eager to show them around and had tons of great ideas for wonderful dining that night after we had a fun tour of the Skip the Dishes headquarters...however, Dan's favourite is the Old Spaghetti Factory and we let the big boy have a pick instead. We do love that myzthyra cheese!

[caption id="attachment_8906" align="aligncenter" width="451"] Lucia was cold and wanted to wear my crazy jacket...her name is Francis, by the way.[/caption]

Day two

Spent adventuring around town with the newlyweds (after they had a wonderful sleep in and we had fun in our hotel room).  First off was lunch at an awesome french resto, Le Promenade across the river in St. Boniface (a french area in Winnipeg).  Not only was the food exceptional (we had soupe à l'oignon au gratin, poutine et des croque mesdames) but it was also super fun for the kids to be able to order in French.  After that we strolled over to le Chocolaterie and took some yummy treats for the road.  Our intentions were to spend the morning au Festival du Voyageur, but little did we know they were closed during the day for school programs.   I was disappointed...nothing on the website said anything about that :(.  Ah well.

[caption id="attachment_8908" align="aligncenter" width="450"] a chocolate shoe, oui, s'il vous plaît![/caption]

So we headed over to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and honestly- I really wanted to go into the building because of the architecture but I wasn't expecting much for the content.  Well, was I shocked.   I don't think I've ever been so engaged and captivated by a museum before.  Actually, I don't think I've even had chills or been so moved that I probably could have wept at certain parts.  This is an absolutely must do in Winnipeg.  I don't know if I can pick a favourite, so how about I do a top three instead?

1- The first exhibit is this interactive historic look at big players in human rights from the beginning of time.  There is video going on and you can use little ipads to learn more.  Lucia loved learning more about Jesus and Willis just liked touching things.  I thought it was neat that she could see Jesus not as a religious figure, but as someone who lent a hand to those in need.  Perspective.

2- Seeing the uniform Malala was wearing when she was shot. It was bloodstained and sliced open.  I had chills.  I haven't read her book but we studied her last year with my Grade 9 class so I knew enough to realize how powerful that was.  I am putting her book on my read list for the year.

3- The museum is 8 stories high and one of the last floors has this area where you can record your thoughts on human rights with these beautiful notepads with different writing teacher in me couldn't help but think of how this would lend to a classroom setting, sigh.  I loved seeing what Willis and Lucia came up with when asked what inspired them during the visit (peace and sharing with one another)- but it was also quite powerful reading the observations of others from around the world.

I could continue my list as the visit was really phenomenal and another point I'd add would definitely be the architecture which also made it fun for the kids.  Very cool stairways and poetry and quotes and images...I could go on forever.

Kids at the Museum for Human Rights from Dee on Vimeo.

[caption id="attachment_8916" align="aligncenter" width="450"] our view from the top....not too sure about that Willis kid.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_8912" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Contemplating dans le jardin de contemplation.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_8911" align="aligncenter" width="450"] The coolest stairways ever. Behind us. Obviously.[/caption]

Our evening was capped off with a visit to Therméa - a Nordik Spa with outdoor hot tubs of varying heats and many indoor steam rooms.  My brother and Jen went and Abbie came as my date.  No pictures as we bathed and just enjoyed each other's company and talked our ears off.  Not even a selfie of us together. Sigh.  But it was magical and it always feels great to talk with a good friend about everything and anything on your mind.  Thanks for spending time with us, Abster.

And that was it.   The kids are already asking to go back and I gotta say, I wouldn't mind a trip to see my brothers and good friends again!


  1. Love the recap and thank you for letting me join in your Winterpeg fun!

  2. So now I want to go to Winnipeg - my list of places to visit keeps getting longer. And you definitely need a chocolate shoe.

  3. I have heard wonderful things about that museum!!what an awesome getaway! You've been quite the traveller lately. And wait, is skip the dishes your husband's baby? They just came to our area!

  4. Wherever you go, your life is fun and interesting. What a great little trip. So much to digest with the Human Rights info. So thought provoking.

  5. I agree with what Carrie said below me. You always seem to have the best time wherever life may lead you. LOVE it.

  6. Living on Cloud Nine01 March, 2017 00:06

    You and your family are so funny! You always have the sweetest looks on your faces like you are loving life to the fullest! I love your dress and I must have that chicolate shoe!

  7. You have the best trip recaps and I love that you have fun no matter where you are headed! Now I want to get a chocolate shoe!

    Doused In Pink

  8. Dan still loves the old spaghetti factory! lol. Also, Is Jen wearing your tuque or does she have her own? I read the Malala book and couldn't get through it, however seeing her outfit in the museum may make me attempt it again.

  9. Powerfully haunting poem by Primo Levi. You can take the teacher out of the classroom but you can't take the classroom out of the teacher (librarian). I take back ideas for library lessons everywhere I go. Once brought a piece of bark with moss on it home to El Paso from Kentucky because my students didn't know what moss was! What an intense experience your museum visit must have been. Love that your babes ordered for themselves in French!!

  10. How fun to blend family and friends! I want to go to a spa
    With friends!!! That sounds amazing!

  11. It sure is- I saw they launched Hamilton/ that you??

  12. I really should have ate that shoe

  13. Lol- my kids are easy to please....

  14. In everything that must be done, there is an element of fun. - Mary Poppins.

  15. She borrowed my tuque and yah, his tastes have not changed.

  16. Lol- love that and I love that you're thinking of buying the teaching guide for the book club book.


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