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Finding Fun in Winnipeg

We spent our February break last week 10 hours east in Winnipeg, Manitoba.   Yes, I know, not necessarily the hot destination most of us Saskatchewanians are longing for at this point in hibernation.  Winterpeg isn't a place I have ever really wanted to go, to be completely honest with you.  But now that I have been twice, I can say I have learned a lot and have seen the beauty.  No more dissing from me.

Our first night we took a quick block walk over from the Fairmont Hotel to Uncle Chris' warehouse loft for supper.  If you have ever get to Winnipeg, a visit to the historic exchange district is a must-do.

Day one:
Spent with my blogging and real life pal, Abbie (Grumbling Grace) at her home for the year.   Our kids instantly were besties and potential romantics and enjoyed the time together.  Emily was in love with Willis and Lucia was in love with Lola, the dog.  We went for a walk in Bois-des-esprits to find the magic tree, which Lucia was underwhelmed by and continued to …

10 ideas for some "me" time

Joining my blogging friends in a little hop today as we discuss what we do to take care of ourselves, which I think is probably one of the most important things that we can do.  I know I'm a better mom if I put aside some time for me.  I actually have a schedule- Sunday nights I take 30-60 mins for skin care/hair.  Once a week I have a nice bubble bath.  I work out 3-5 times a week and blog daily.  Here's a list of some options that I make sure to incorporate into my weeks:

 Exercise - find something you love that isn't boring and that brings you joy.  Recently our splurge group of girls took to an Orange Theory class (my current obsession) and it was invigorating working out with my friends.  They may hate me now, but whatevs.
Have some quiet time.  Just like my kids get the occasional time out, sometime I need to lock myself in the bathroom or my closet to just sit in quiet.  Okay, this probably happens more often than it should but hey- I need my space too.
Figure out a c…

Family weekends

It was so nice to be home with the kids this week.  Don't get me wrong, I love the travel and the adventure but I'm such a homebody that I was craving my little piece of quiet out on the acreage with my kiddos.  It was the Family Day long weekend in Saskatchewan so we had a true family weekend.  Mom and Dad came up to spend time with the kids, we hosted the fam for Sunday night meal and we went out and had fun with the kids.  My favourite was going out to the movies with all the minions- we saw Lego Batman and I think everyone walked away with sore cheeks from all the laughing.  It was also a beautiful day and it made me happy to ditch my parka and wear this newfangled, fun asymmetrical hoodie provided by RoseGal.  It was like wearing a big blanket during the movies...why are movie theatres so chilly?

It has been one of those weird in between February breaks for the kids where it's so nice that the snow has almost all melted but you can't do anything outside because i…

A Canadian Girl's Guide to Looking Like a Londoner

I think one of my favourite things about London last week was just looking at people.  You could of parked me on a bench in Trafalgar Square and I would have happily spend my time observing people.  One of the most notable observations about fashion was what women were wearing.  I say it was notable because a good 8/10 ladies were dressed in the same manner and it had me wishing I had packed differently.  Here I was glad in denim, my bomber jacket et my adidas Superstars when clearly the trendy thing to wear was menswear inspired trenches, denim and loafer/oxford/men-inspired shoes.  I absolutely loved the look, loved is so much that I went and found myself Virginia, an lilac coloured trench which will be the perfect addition to my wardrobe for the upcoming spring. Which weirdly is happening in February?  I found some other great options for the style at a couple of my favourite Canadian shops : Simons, The Bay and Aritzia.

1 Buffalo Plaid \ 2 Pea Coat \ 3 Baby Blue \ 4 Black Trench

A Perfect Ladies' Night

I have this group of girlfriends who have been by my side since high school, some 20 years ago and I realize how fortunate I am to still have them in my life, playing a role just as pivotal as when we were 16.   Granted we don't talk much anymore about the boys we have crushes on and likely our conversations are mostly about our kids, but the one thing that has never changed is that we still make time for our friendships.

Obviously our group has expanded and we've met some wonderful women that we're grateful to have in our lives, in fact we have a splurge group with most of these women and I look forward every month to seeing them.  In January I decided I wanted to play up on the talents and gifts that my friends have and decided to revamp our typical ladies' night out (usually a movie or supper out) into a ladies' night in.
How to Plan the Perfect Ladies' Night In
1) Try to pick a night
This is harder than I thought it would be because apparently all the hock…

London, Day 3

I was wide awake at 2 am and then I was wide awake at 8 am- I think I am currently running on both time zones.  Suffice to say I was up and ready for the day for 9:45.  Much better than yesterday.  This time Dan decided to join me, so we took a nice morning stroll up to Harrod's because he said I had to see it.  It was only 2.7 km but it felt like forever, but I was glad to have my hubby by my side.

Now Harrod's, that was something else. It was like an extremely ornate Ikea, but not as much "follow the cheap yellow brick road" as it was "a clusterfudge of expensive things in an elaborate maze"  Geez. I could have spent all day touching things but instead decided I better not.  I had my Virginia already after all. After we had brunch there (chocolate crepes and eggs benedict), Dan left for his meetings and I set out on the second half of my walk over to Kensington Palace.

Hyde Park was beautiful to walk through; nice and open with pretty trees.  But I think…

London, Day 2

Today didn't start as I had wanted it.  I was going to get up with Dan, go for breakfast with him and Josh before they hit up their meetings then be on my way.  Instead I woke up with a killer sinus headache and a possible hangover.  The heck?  I suppose I am out of practice of having multiple pints in a day, but still.  So going with Dan at 9 was out of the question and I decided to sleep until 11:30 au lieu.  Whoops.  I still wasn't feeling awesome when I got up but enough of the day had been missed so I got going.

You know what a quick cure to feeling gross is? Shopping.  *Insert eye roll and head shake by husband here.

I had intentions of exploring the underground today, don't worry Mom, that means Subway in British- but I was short on time, so I hailed a BlackCab and gave him the street for the Warehouse Fashion District.  Except he didn't understand me and brought me 20 minutes the opposite way to a posh house by Buckingham Palace, which would have been fine and…