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Friday Facts

1- Check out the interview I did for Sarita's blog yesterday- you can read my take on Christmas here

2- Christmas presents are done and wrapped for the year.  I'm hoping to send them home with my parents this weekend so they are where they need to be.  While I give myself the goal of being done Dec 1st, there are always a few stragglers and and the stress of them being lost in the mail is real.  So now I have revised my goal for next year to be done by mid-November.

3- My back is giving me issues and tightening up after my workouts. I need to do more yoga.

4- I am craving nanaimo bars and will likely make some this weekend and then eat one and throw them away.

5- I decided not to do the number reviews next year then decided against that and will instead do them.  So ya, here's the graphic if you want to join in next year

6- All I want to do is cuddle up by the fire and read lately.  I just finished The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay and it may be the best book I read all year.

7- Lucia has her first recital for piano this weekend, I can't wait to see what kind of performer she is. Hopefully she isn't too nervous!

8- We're coming up to the anniversary of Grams' death this week and I find myself thinking of her all the time, must be this Christmas thing.

9- I go through waves with my minute I want to do all the things and the next minute I want to unplug. Currently I'm motivated but prefer to read books.

10- My face is aging but I like how I look better than how I look 2 years ago? Is that possible? I have so many bags and lines under my eyes...maybe I need to drink more water or sleep more but I really hate taking selfies lately and it's really on Christy that gets my 100% unashamed pictures.  This picture was me, almost exactly 2 years ago...I like my hair better now. I think I weigh the same, but I feel I look better, I know my body is stronger.  Meh. Aging can suck it.  But hey- I just gave myself an idea for my next Friday's post...timelapse capsule.  Let's see how often my hair changes (spoiler alert: monthly)

Anyway, I'm rambling, go have yourself a great weekend, why don't ya?



  1. Like this idea!! And being wrapped and ready already makes me envious!!! Also, love the numbers graphic for next year! Am hoping to participate again!! Fingers crossed for Lucia this weekend and prayers and hugs to you all as the anniversary of your gram's passing draws nearer.

  2. wrapped and done?! Good on you! Recitals must be so pride filled and nerve wrecking at the same time!! You must miss your gram sooo much

  3. Living on Cloud Nine08 December, 2016 22:37

    Me too, wrapped and done, literally wrapped 50+ gifts yesterday. I am the same way with the blog...gung ho, then slump...such is life. YOU look beautiful, I hope you know that each and every day. Recital Hug to Miss Lucia!!! I totally get missing Gram, 8 months for me on Sunday...angels in heaven they are!!

  4. You look awesome in every pic I've seen, but I know we can be tough on ourselves and see things others cant.

    So impressed with your organisation too - I have 2 more gifts to get and a couple still unwrapped, really need to get them sorted!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend ahead :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. I had a nanaimo bar yesterday for the first time in years.

    Do not stop the numbers recap.. I love them.

    You have had more hairstyles in the 30+ years I've known you than I can count.

    That's all.

  6. Glad you're continuing the numbers recap link up!

  7. I don't know if it's doing any good anywhere else, but yoga has been great for my back. You are gorgeous in person an in pictures, and I can't wait to see your timelapse. I, on the other hand, have had the same hairstyle for 80 gillion years. Good luck to Lucia this weekend - I miss piano recitals. So fun to see their progress.

  8. I'm so happy that you are happier with yourself now than you were two years ago. Appearance-wise, I think I am too! And I'm so impressed that you have all of your presents wrapped. I haven't even started yet!

  9. You are too cute, I love selfies, send them to me :) And I wish I could like yoga, but if I had to imagine hell it would be me doing yoga and puzzles. Ugh! Can't wait for next weeks post :) I change my hair...never.

  10. I'll bring you a box of Tennants that'll remove all ailments

  11. I will not pick you up at the airport unless you have that with you as a peace offering. Also- impressed you actually read my blog and commented, brother bear!

  12. I must be like a real good cheese or wine.

  13. I can definitely see that. I don't like sitting still myself...I can only handle 20 mins of yoga at a time. You never change your hair??

  14. aw, thanks friend. YOu are gorgeous too.

  15. I have done some shopping, minimal wrapping. Why am I not surprised you are all done, you uber-organized person you. You are so photogenic. You look amazing in any picture! !

  16. I am so lame in the hair changing department... it never really happens. I did rocks some awesome bangs for a while though. I also like the way I look now than my younger years. Like a fine wine we just get better friend ;) HA!

  17. That new hairstyle looks amazing on you Deena!!
    Love it!

    All the Cute

  18. I can totally relate to #8, #9 & #10.
    My grandmother has been gone four years, but Christmas always makes me miss her more. I pray that the memories you made with your Grams will comfort you this Christmas, and help you to cherish the moments with your little ones. Have a good week, friend!

  19. not quite new but there are moments where I'm tempted to go back to the bob!

  20. Well now I want to see a picture of you and bangs!

  21. Slightly obsessed with being organized...that is me

  22. Aw, thanks. It's nice to know that other people go through the same motions. Thanks for the kind words.


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