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A lip obsession

Today's post is less about the cozy and all about the gloss.  You see, awhile back Christy got a Kylie lipkit and because she had one and loved it, I had to have one too.  We're best friends like that.  We should also not be allowed near a mall together.  Well, so says our husbands anyway.

But before I get to my lipstick post, I want to share with you a gift I received in a Canadian blogger exchange from Ashley at Life As I Know It 09.  I wanted to get to know more Canadian bloggers and thought this would be a great way!  Ashley sent me some perfect ornaments for my French and with gold accents too and a beautiful layered necklace!  Thanks, Ashley!  You'll have to head over to her blog to see what I got her.

Now back to lipsticks.  Christy raved about the longevity of the lip stick and I wanted in on the hype and ordered my first two: Posie K and a purply colour.  Now the purple colour I sent to my blog friend, Nicole because she was doing amazing things and I wanted to make her smile.  You'll have to visit her blog to read about what she accomplished in 2016 though.  Since then I've ....acquired....a few more colours and along with my Blended Blog gal pals who have also being dabbling in the art of the lipstick that doesn't come off (seriously, sometimes I still have it on 24 hours later...) we thought we'd show you what the different colours look like on our different skin tones.  So let's take a look at the shades I have, then you can hop over to Whitney's blog to see what she has :

1- OCHRRR from the Koko collection.  Christy gifted me this one and I love it. It's almost a pink but looks like a red and it's bold enough to wear with all the grey and black I don in the dark of winter.

2) Posie K...which looks really pink in the swatch but is more of a neutral on me.  This is my most worn.

3) current favourite. It even makes my hair look different. Or maybe I just showered that day.

4) This is one of the glosses.  I only wear these on weekends and they don't stay on forever like the matte lipkits, but I like the shine.  I also don't wear the glosses over the matte lipsticks because then the matte comes off and I don't like how it feels. Can lips get claustrophobic?

5) Dirty Peach-this is my least favourite...I find it to be very peachy and was hoping it would be more nudey on me.  I also should have straightened my hair for this picture. Oops.

6) dark and bold, I only have braved this one a couple times but it will be key going into the winter months....especially since I have that lovely alabaster vampire glow to my skin.

Make sure you go to Whitney's blog and see her lipkits

Here's a few outtakes for you...I have discovered that I have to smile or else it looks like I'm going to murder someone.

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  1. Living on Cloud Nine13 December, 2016 21:44

    No wonder you guys love your Kylie Lipkits so much...BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. I've been wanting to try those kits!!!

  3. Peachy is my least fave on you too but the red is to DIE FOR. For the goodness!

  4. You look SO good in a bold lip! You've inspired me to try it for our party this weekend -xo


  5. Oh man that first one is my favorite for sure, but you can rock any color and for that I kind of hate you :*.

  6. Leo is one I've always wanted. Look great on you with that cozy sweater. Funny how you wanted the dirty peach so bad and it is your least favorite.

  7. It's crazy how different Posie K looks between the two of us! Especially considering our skin tone seems similar. And I can't take a non-smiling picture either! My passport picture is terrifying!

  8. I love Leo on you! Your signature color for says me. Your dirty peach was my Koko K...I didn't even take a picture with it it was so bad. That first red color is fantastic on you too, so happy that she gave you that one, so pretty!

  9. Each color is so pretty on you, and totally changes up your look. Someday I will try these lipkits! Sigh, I miss you too.

  10. Girl, you are completely ROCKING the Leo!! I love that dark color! I would look crazy in something like that.

  11. Love what Ashley sent to you! The necklace too! Thank you for joining in this year :)

  12. I think the Maliboo color is my favorite! Probably the one I'd be most likely to wear, but that first color looks killer on you!!

    x Kate

  13. that super dark colour is AMAZING on you!! I really love them all but the dramatic one is my fave! weird lol

  14. your outtakes are hilarious! And yeah if I don't smile I have serious RBF. And #2 and #3 are my faves!

  15. #1 and 3 are my picks. They look great on you. And, that is a cute necklace. I like layered necklaces like that.

    Daily Style Finds

  16. Maliboo and OCHRRR are such gorgeous colors on you! And I have to say, I kind of like the Leo too. Rock that pale skin! I love a dark lip!

  17. Soo glad you like them!! I thought the gold would go perfectly with your tree!!!

  18. That ochrrr one might be my favorite. I'm also still sad I didn't get that sheep sweatshirt 😭

  19. Fun how these look different on everyone. Can't wait to see how the girls like the colors I picked for them. I think I bought gloss for both because they tend to like shiny lips. Really like the Maliboo.

  20. Your girls will look great with anything: they're so pretty!

  21. We have such similar style, it's nuts.

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