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When in Seattle: my favourites

Already a week ago since my little trip over to the west coast to visit my bloggityblog friend, Lana. I'll say it over and over again- I love that this blogging thing has cracked open this crazy world and that I have <met> so many wonderful ladies all over Canada and the States.  So to be able to see Seattle through the eyes of a local was quite fun, but it was also interesting going to the States after a crazy election that makes most Canadians scared.

So here are a few of my favourites from my trip to Seattle, from a Canadian perspective:

1- Outlet shopping - even if it was raining.  There was a Canadian's discount at this place, so they are quite used to us crazies spending our plastic, colourful money there.  I bought Christmas presents for my kids and a Tory Burch bag pour moi.

2- Lana and her hubby were awesome at explaining all things American to me, even though I giggled every time they said roof.  I was able to bring a little bit of Canada to them by making them crepes and sucre à la crème, which is a recipe that my roommate in Québec shared with me and I've been making since.  Traditional French Canadian.

3- The Yves Saint Laurent exhibit.  But I talked about that on Wednesday, so you can read that post to see the great dresses.

4- Just chilling with this lady and her family.  I got to meet her oldest son in real life and her youngest via Skype.  I met Grandpa Ed and her aunt, mom and sister and niece and had great conversations with them.  Makes me feel like there aren't really that many differences between us.  I was there on Veteran's Day, our Remembrance Day, so it was really neat to see how different we celebrate.  I wore my poppy with pride.

5- Travelling alone.  That was glorious. Books were read, naps were takened.  I love finding little hideouts in the airport and just sitting by myself.

Seattle was the perfect little getaway and I'm happy that it is such a quick flight over there- I will definitely have to again! Now to convince my blogger friends to come visit me in the Great White North.


  1. Mes Voyages à Paris17 November, 2016 21:20

    Never been there, but definitely is in my wish list!!


    Mónica Sors



  2. What an awesome little trip!!! And yay for outlet shopping!

  3. Living on Cloud Nine17 November, 2016 22:38

    Precious trip indeed!!!! Love that you got some much needed "D" time! Have the best weekend love!

  4. Maybe you should start by suggesting they come in the summer.... Ha!

  5. Aww! This just makes me want to meet the two of you in real life even more! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful trip!

  6. It was the best weekend. Everyone in my family loved you :). You can come make crepes for me anytime - and trust me, we're coming to visit you!

  7. My sister just moved to Seattle, can't wait to visit her! I will have to hit up the outlets for sure and you had me at Tory Burch Bag :) SWOON!

  8. So fun that were able to visit your blogging friend! I've never been to Seattle but it's on my list of places to go! Your crepes look amazing!

  9. Looks like an amazing trip and OH MY WORD, I NEED those crepes in my life. Yes, I am that excited.

  10. […] friendships.   I wouldn’t hesitate to go visit these women, in fact I spent a weekend in November at Lana’s in Seattle.  These ladies relate to me in a way that most of my “real life” friends can’t. […]


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