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OH, them kids

Our little rascals have been keeping us busy (aka crazy) and well, let's just go with a currently styled post for both of them:


  • Enjoys nightly Google Hangouts with his BFF Noah...I enjoy secretly listening to their conversation.

    • He loves basketball and the beep test in gym.

    • He is currently reading a whole bunch of books but I just got him into actually reading the Harry Potter books.

    • His bedtime is at 830, but I usually let him read until 9


  • Things have gotten better with her and we've had a lot of learning opportunities to talk through feelings and how to deal with them.

  • I may have said that too quickly though because earlier this week she got upset with herself and started crying, claiming "I don't deserve to live here" and "I need to move out"....I left her room, giving her time to sort through her feelings and eventually she made her way upstairs, needing a hug and a good cry.  But also, in the 30 minute cool-down she managed to pack her bags.....

  • Lucia loves all things Harry Potter and will quiz you and ask you questions as long as you'd let her.  She also thinks that she's an animangus and spends most of the day howling.

  • We had parent teacher interviews and I am so happy to hear that she's a little social butterfly and friends with everyone.  I was worried for a bit that she wasn't forming friendships and was bouncing around everywhere.  But when you hear "everyone wants to be friends with Lucia" and "Lucia is the first to befriend a new student", all worries are erased and replaced with pride.

  • Lucia's bedtime is currently 7:30 and she still is a dream to put to sleep.

Have a great weekend


  1. It's so interesting reading about how different your kids are! :) While the boys are still quite young already I think they have quite different personalities - it will be exciting seeing what they are like when they are older. My sister and I, despite t age gap, are very similar in a lot of ways!

    Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving and have a great weekend ahead! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Cuties. I love kids that are easy to put to sleep. I simply can not imagine that being a battle. Also fist bump for eaves dropping ;).

  3. I love reading about your kids - it brings back so many memories. Conner used to pack his bags on a regular basis!

  4. What a spirit that baby girl has! You are raising two remarkable children.


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