Observations of the week

by - November 03, 2016

  • I was feeling nostalgic and missing my Grams last week and stumbled upon a conversation between the cousins about the beauty of having her old china.  So naturally, I wanted that comfort too and therefore found some online.  The serving platter came from a lady in B.C and the dinner plates came from an antique shop in Ontario.  While they aren't Grams', they do provide me with the comfort of feeling like we're back at her place, enjoying her meals.  I plan on taking them out on Sundays when we have our special family meals.

Kensington Stafford Shakespearean Sonnet[/caption]

  • The new witching hour is no longer in reference to the kids, but me. I am a veritable monster between 4-6 and likely won't answer texts or emails or anything as I feel, for the most part, completely overwhelmed.

  • How I am getting back on track and feeling better this week: going to bed early, taking care of my skin...just basically giving myself a little TLC because I know that is quite impossible for me to take good care of my kids when I am not taking care of myself.

  • Going to bed by 1030 (up at 600), sending the kids downstairs to play (and out of my hair) during witching hour.  My witching hour, that is.

  • Thank you to everyone who voted for the "We Play for Shaye" campaign.   Here's an update:

Unofficially We Play For Shaye has finished 3rd out of 106 entries in the Community Health $50,000-$100,000 category for the Aviva Community Fund:
This is absolutely mind-blowing and a true tribute to a daughter, teammate and friend, Shaye Amundson! Thank you to everyone for their passion, perseverance and dedication over the past 18 days! What this means is: unofficially we have finished in the top 5 and stand to receive a minimum $5,000! Next a panel of judges from Aviva Canada will go through the top 5 voter getters and score them against a set of criteria-it’s complicated!

  • Saskatchewan in Vogue...no kidding. You GOTTA READ THIS ARTICLE about Saskatoon and Winnipeg in a fancy magazine. Anyone want to come for a visit now to our 'vaguely, totally obscure...destination'??

  • I need to update my family photos and my new sister, Jen gave me an unintentional good reminder by posting this absolutely stunning picture of her and my brother on Instagram.  There were so many fantastic pictures in their engagement album that I have no clue how I'm going to choose.

  • I'm back into reading and am currently reading right now "The Witches of New York". I had just finished The Birth House and loved it so I thought it was a perfect time to start Ami McKay's newest book.  So far it's okay, I haven't been hooked yet.

  • Also, make sure you stop over at THE BLENDED BLOG for a fun little interview that I took part in.

  • The weekend temperatures are supposed to be insanely beautiful this weekend.  I think some sunshine and some outside fun will do wonders for my state of mind.

  • Speaking of sunshine, all the thoughtful comments on my post on Monday really lifted me up and brought much light to my week. It goes to show how honesty and openness can break down so many walls and bring forward chance and growth, non?  My eyes have been opened; my heart has been warmed.  Thank you so much.  Lucky for me, Lucia has had a good week with few breakdowns.  Proof?  I left my camera out one afternoon after taking my pictures from Wednesday's post and she decided that she wanted to take some pictures too.  Mighty fierce, but also crazy cute, I tell ya.

Have a fantastic weekend.

*****UPDATE.  So I wrote and scheduled this post on Wednesday and likely karma saw that I was being all cocky and sure that I had the LuciaMonster figured out, so karma thought she'd be funny and scheduled a fullblown meltdown for Thursday after school featuring a screaming match at very high pitch decibels, door-slamming, and a deluge of tears.

It was enough of a disaster for me to (calmly) cancel all plans, put the kids in their rooms (until further notice) and figure out how to tackle this issue.  You see, I'm not good at being a 'give in' parent.  I see teachable moments in these and want to show my kids ways they can deal with their anger and frustrations (deep breathing and yoga were the lessons for tonight).  So that we did and I was proud to see that Lucia went straight for her drawing board to express herself.  I had a hard time not giggly when I saw this one.

happy weekending to you.

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  1. That board is funny. Good writing! :) I have my grandma's china. It is a nice thing to have.

  2. Oh that Lucia - such a spit fire. Just like her Mama.

  3. I love that you are not a "give-in" parent, you are doing such an amazing job! Also, that note on her white board, I'm in tears! She is so funny and sassy. That China is beatiful, what a nice homage to your grandmother! Also, definintely give yourself some TLC lady, you are wonderful and deserve it with all you do! XO -Kim

  4. I've never been a give in parent either - it might be easier in the short term, but much worse in the end. Lucia's self portraits are pretty amazing. I love that china pattern - we have George's grandma's china, but I always forget to use it. Hang in there!

  5. Sounds like quite the eventful/stressful week! I'm having one of those too and I realize that self care is the key. But when to find time to do that?! I'm going to attempt to get up early and go to yoga tomorrow morning because I know that despite having to set an alarm, I will feel way better afterwards.

  6. LMFAO at her sign!! Omg. That's so me at her age. She is adorable, and is it me, or is she growing?

  7. Awwww....Lucia!!! And poor mom!! Love the sign!! HA!! Hears wishing you a beautiful weekend of no more tantrums and less stress! I think you've inspired me to get back into yoga! Also, love that china! Just last week was the anniversary of my Nana's death and it made me wish I had more to remember her by!

  8. Oh Lucia! Big hugs to you mama! It's a season, just keep repeating that some last longer than others but there is always another side. You ladies have a lot of love between you, that's what will get you through.

    That china is BEAUTIFUL!

  9. Oh kids seem to know when we are stressed and tend to act up - hopefully taking a little more time for ourself in the hectic evenings helps everyone, it really has a flow on affect I think! You can get through the rough patches.

    Hope you're having a great weekend with lots of smiles and hugs and everyone on their best behaviour!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. You always make me appreciate my own grandma and the impact she had on my life. Your love for yours reminds me of mine. Thank you for that! No matter what, you are a good mommy! Hang in there. xoxox

  11. A lot of love, indeed. Totally agree.

  12. They must have sensors, those little rascals

  13. Aw, thanks for that thought, Carrie. You make me smile.

  14. I can't wait to vent and bounce ideas off you this weekend.

  15. bahahaha...she is a dork and totally growing!!

  16. Total sassamafraz, that little monkey.

  17. Just now getting back on track reading my fav blogs. I have been so "off" since I got home from KY. Hope that you are feeling situated and more like yourself. I think for me, it was the time changes between home and KY and of course, the emotional roller coaster I have been on. Do you guys change time - like we do - with daylight savings time? Some of our troubles might be related to that. Hope things are calmer in your world now.


Have a lovely day!