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Christmas thinking

I am slowly starting to get into the Christmas spirit, but I tell ya, it's a process.  Ideally we won't become fully engulfed in all things holidays until a month before, on Nov. 25th or sometimes Dec. 1...depending on when they fall during the week.  But regardless when I decide to Christmassize our world, it takes a couple weeks before to get ready for the event.

1- I spend one weekend taking down all the fall decor and getting out Christmas stuff.  I usually also do my Christmas baking on that weekend.  I also will put up the tree and put the lights on, but no decor goes up (This is what I did this weekend)

2- My Christmas shopping needs to be done by December 1st.  There's usually a couple little things here and there that don't get done or that I forget that I have to buy...shit, the teachers. Forgot them already. Oops.  (I am 97% done my shopping as of right meow.  95% if you count the teacher presents that I have forgotten.)

3- Outdoor decor goes up around the Remembrance Day weekend before it gets too cold.

ricekrispies from Dee on Vimeo.


Once all of that is done, I am ready to decorate, which takes a weekend in itself and I'm definitely pegging this upcoming weekend as the weekend we decorate, but also we will celebrate Thanksgiving with the Americans and have a turkey in your honour.  So let me update you on what I've bought for presents thus far:

Willis (9 years old) is getting a kids version of those virtual reality things (here), some Pokémon pajamas, a Star Wars Speaker (here) and a reading light....he was a tough one to buy for.

Lucia (6 years old) is getting Harry Potter slippers and a Hermoine Magician Robe (here) and then she's been obsessed with this Mia & Me show and she wants this Legend of Centopia book (so she can see if Mia's fairy world is real)...I can't find anything good for that, so I am going to make her one instead. To be continued.

As for my wishlist?


  • a 50 mm lens for taking better pictures of my cute kids, but also for the blog.

  • wireless earphones. I hate cords.



  • a day alone at home.

  • lots of sleep.

  • a good facial, manicure and pedicure.


  • I'm currently coveting wedge sneakers in black and Mary Poppins-esque boots that are pointed and lace up with a kitten heel.


  • I completed my reading goal for the year and read more than the 30+ books I set out to read.  For 2017 I'm going to have the same amount of books to read but I want to throw in some books out of my comfort zone- some non-fiction learning type books, more french books and different genres.  I'm currently working on a fun book club for the new year, so stay tuned.  So right now, I have no direction for reading...Anna Kendrick has a new book out that I want to read and the Fantastic Beasts one looks great too.  Any suggestions for the new year?


  1. Living on Cloud Nine20 November, 2016 21:40

    Your Mary Poppins boots sound so cool!!! I took down all my Fall Stuff and decorated most of the inside on saturday....10 hours! I need all the things in your need category too!!!! Oh how I hope you get them all sweet cheeks!!

  2. That Anna Kendrick book looks fun!! And yay for being 95% done with shopping ! I do a turkey this week in honour of the Americans too!! Happy Monday!

  3. Oh my goodness you said right meow. I do that all the time in text messages :P. Love you even more now.

    I have a mm but I think I am the only blogger in the world who doesn't love it. I do use it more at the holidays than any other time of the year though.

  4. So many things. I loved the video. And miss Lucia. I love the gift for Will. So cool. I constantly have a space issue on my phone, so I'm not sure how that would work if I got it for Calder.

    We needed more time last night, because I bought a new camera! And I splurged and bought the lens you want. I think you should get it for Christmas too. Then we would be Christmas gift twins (Yes, I bought my own Christmas gift. What better way to get what I want?)

    Be careful about asking for a day alone. I asked for one for my birthday. Hugh specifically wrote in my card that that's what he was going to organize for me. It hasn't happened yet. I am doubtful that it is even going to happen in 2016! LOL

  5. I don't like to decorate anything until the first weekend in December but I am trying to get the bulk of my Christmas shopping done by then. I'm about 75% finished but I still need one other little thing for my mom and I have nothing bought for my dad yet. Hopefully inspiration will strike and I can get those taken care of sooner rather than later!

  6. I want those dang headphones too. Yesterday, dang it. I love how organized you are at life. I think I need to be more intentional in the planning. Been reactive rather than proactive lately and it stinks.

  7. Girl... you've got a lot on your plate. I hope you get those needs! Schedule that "good night's sleep" seriously. PLAN FOR IT!! Then the next morning, get that facial, massage and mani/pedi. I feel ya... I "need" those things too! LOL!!!!!!!!

    All the Cute

  8. You are so organized! I started taking down my fall decorations over the weekend but didn't get very far. A new camera lens is on my wishlist too. Your video is so cute!

    Doused In Pink

  9. I need to get my butt in gear - I have only bought one Christmas present. Loved watching you and Lucia baking together!

  10. My "need" list looks a lot like yours! I feel like I have been sick for weeks and just need a day to sleep! But I am looking forward to decorating my apartment next weekend :)

  11. Umm, Yum! I want to live in Deena land. Please adopt me but I'm not allowed to leave The Lone Star state!

  12. how cute is Lucia?! And it was so nice seeing you on video, made me miss you though!

  13. You are so lucky that your shopping will done next week. I haven't started, have no idea what anyone wants..or even what I want yet! :)


  14. I love hearing about this! I'm getting closer to being done with shopping but not quite where you are at!

  15. You have such an organized Christmas list, lady- I love how you methodically tackle decorating! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. I am slowing getting into the Christmas mood. I love your "wish" list. I love that you want the Mary Poppins boots - can wait to see how you style them - hope you get them. There were these green velour ones on Jeffrey Campbell's site - that I really, really wanted - but wasn't sure how practical they were. But they were cool!

    Daily Style Finds

  17. I am so impressed with the amount of shopping you've done! We decorated last weekend and I love having everything up in our home. It really helps me get into the Christmas mood!

  18. Your almost done shopping already? Can you do mine too? I haven't even started. And my husband is impossible so wish me luck on that one. Also, wireless headphones are amazing.

  19. Ha- the Mary Poppins-esque boots that I wanted were Jeffrey Campbell too...

  20. i totally agree...I need to get my tree up soon.

  21. Ya, husbands are tough....sometimes I have to go unconventional for him.

  22. I saw your tree...makes me want to get cracking and get my lights on.

  23. I'm a to-do lister on all things, I guess.

  24. Sleep and Gilmore Girls...that's my weekend plan

  25. YUp...totally going to have to do that!

  26. I'm organized but then I get rebelious and do nothing.

  27. Well done!!! I can't handle being in the stores when it's crazy busy!

  28. Right meow is regular part of my vocab :)

  29. I totally need way more hours with you.

  30. I am just starting my Christmas shopping. I can't ever seem to start early. My troops change their minds too easily! lol!

  31. Thinking Of You At Christmas

    [...] I bought a new camera! And I splurged and bought the lens you want. I think you [...]


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