Fall Favourite Finds: Outerwear

Today is outerwear finds day...which some were fall finds but most are jackets that I use to transition into the colder, wintery temperatures.  Here are a few of my favourites:

1- the cape (modcloth here)...which has been a surprisingly super jacket for transitioning from fall temps to the nice, mild start to winter we've had.

2- the winter bomber (Michael Kors- found at Winners).  This jacket was screaming my name...faux fur and comfy!  I love the bomber trend that is going on and I'm happy to have found one I can bring into the winter. Plus I like having a shorter jacket for the outfits with a shorter shirt. (fun option Simons)

3- the wrap (old Banana Republic): This is my go-to jacket for the outfits that have a longer shirt on underneath. (similar Nordstorm, similar Nordstrom and the Bay, the Bay, Simons

Our Christmas Tradition

This past weekend was spent decorating the house for Christmas, somehow it has become an entire weekend process.  The house gets a good cleaning, the furniture is moved around and it is magically transformed into a cozy Christmas abode.

One of our longest running traditions is the Christmas village.  When we were first married on Dec 27th, we decided that for every year we would add a piece.  So needless to say after 12 years, the village has grown considerably.

This year we picked out a Chocolate Factory to add to our collection and after moving it around the house way too many times, I found the perfect spot.

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You can see my previous posts about our village here:




Fall Favourites: the turtleneck

Last week I did a guest post for my French teaching blogger friend, Whitney, and I talked about how le turtleneck has become my fall staple, so I figured today would be a good day to cover the different ways I wear my turtlenecks.  I find them to be super versatile and comfy; they have replaced the collared shirt in my lookbook.

My favourite ways to wear them are:

  1. with a vest

2. under a sweater'

3.  with a blazer:

4. under a sheath dress:

The other thing I really like about turtlenecks is the price point: I find mine for under 25$ and they last forever...check out these affordable options at H&M (here), Joe Fresh (here) or Uniqlo (here)

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When in Seattle: my favourites

Already a week ago since my little trip over to the west coast to visit my bloggityblog friend, Lana. I'll say it over and over again- I love that this blogging thing has cracked open this crazy world and that I have <met> so many wonderful ladies all over Canada and the States.  So to be able to see Seattle through the eyes of a local was quite fun, but it was also interesting going to the States after a crazy election that makes most Canadians scared.

So here are a few of my favourites from my trip to Seattle, from a Canadian perspective:

1- Outlet shopping - even if it was raining.  There was a Canadian's discount at this place, so they are quite used to us crazies spending our plastic, colourful money there.  I bought Christmas presents for my kids and a Tory Burch bag pour moi.

2- Lana and her hubby were awesome at explaining all things American to me, even though I giggled every time they said roof.  I was able to bring a little bit of Canada to them by making them crepes and sucre à la crème, which is a recipe that my roommate in Québec shared with me and I've been making since.  Traditional French Canadian.

3- The Yves Saint Laurent exhibit.  But I talked about that on Wednesday, so you can read that post to see the great dresses.

4- Just chilling with this lady and her family.  I got to meet her oldest son in real life and her youngest via Skype.  I met Grandpa Ed and her aunt, mom and sister and niece and had great conversations with them.  Makes me feel like there aren't really that many differences between us.  I was there on Veteran's Day, our Remembrance Day, so it was really neat to see how different we celebrate.  I wore my poppy with pride.

5- Travelling alone.  That was glorious. Books were read, naps were takened.  I love finding little hideouts in the airport and just sitting by myself.

Seattle was the perfect little getaway and I'm happy that it is such a quick flight over there- I will definitely have to again! Now to convince my blogger friends to come visit me in the Great White North.

Fall Favourites Link Up: The one with all the Yves Saint Laurent

This past weekend I took a little trip out west to see my friend, Lana, in Seattle.  I learned a tons of things American and got to see some nooks and crannies of Seattle that I would never have seen before.  But more on my favourites from our time together on Friday.  Instead today I want to show you some of my favourite fashion finds from our adventure at the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum.  I was glad that Lana picked this as it is something she would have had to do alone and it is something I would never had seen.  I felt completely inspired being there: seeing his sketches, his art, his dresses. Wow.  It made me really wish that I had done something with fashion in my career.

So to have some fun,  Lana and I picked out a dress for each of our blogging friends in the Blended Blog, based on what we knew about their style and/or how we'd want to dress them.  They are as follows:

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For Whitney we picked this funky coloured number.  She just pulled off a week of LulaRoe fashion and she always has something fun mixed together, also when I think of her I think of shades of mustard and a tealy blue.

For Abbie I picked this fun number because to know Abbie is to know pure, authentic joy and if anyone can pull off this dress, she absolutely can.

Lana picked this one specifically for Sarah because Sarah does pink so perfectly.   She always dresses all outfits up with flair and class and you can bet that there will be some fun pop of colour somewhere.

This dress was the original inspiration for our game.  It was found at the very end of the maze of an exhibit and when we saw it we thought immediately of Shaunacey and then decided to go backwards through the whole place to find one for all the other girls.  A month or so ago Shaunacey showcased a beautiful fall floral long dress and now I want them everywhere I go. Including this one, which would look great on her.

This dress was picked for Lisa and while I think the lowcut part in the front would likely be too risqué for her (how would ones' boobs stay in that anyway??) I think the cut and the colour definitely suits her.  She has a very classy style but some edge to her too.

We immediately thought that if anyone was going to pull off this fun outfit, it would be our Andrea.  While we haven't met her (yet!), I don't think I would even look twice if she wore it.  I have never seen anyone who can pull of so many different colours and textures as Andrea.

Lana led me to gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent for herself and I completely agreed with her pick.  If I could use one word to describe Lana, I would use 'ethereal' and this is what the dress would look like to depict that word.

Leslie spent her career as a librarian, so we decided to pick something that she could wear in her job....so we then walked around wondering what a spicy librarian would wear and this is what we picked. I also wanted to steal these Mary Poppins-esque boots. Which is my new obsession.

Now Nicole, that was a fun one.  If you have been following her at all, you would know that since April she has lost 120(ish) lbs.  Seriously. The woman amazes me.  So we wanted to find something sexy and fun for her while she's transitioning into her new body, she also has a little bohemian flair to her, so I liked this one the best.

Alison is a tomboy/farmgirl/athlete with really great style.  She is also one that won't see often in a dress, so we decided to have some fun and pick out a velour pant suit for her. Muahahahahhaah. She also has long legs, so she could totally rock this whilst taming her cats.

Lana picked this YSL out for Carrie because Carrie was the one who helped her discover animal print and Carrie also can rock various animal prints like nobody else we know.

This dress made us immediately think of Katie because of all the fun that she is and that this dress represents.  This dress would fit her so perfectly!

This dress was picked for Sheila because we wanted to bling her up and make her sparkly.  I was originally looking for something stripey and nautical but then we decided to go brocade and sparkly.  The next day we saw pictures of what Sheila wore to her 25th anniversary celebrations and she pulled off some sparkle in a beautiful gown, so I'm glad we went with this one!

This last dress I picked for my BFF, Christy because it is exactly something she would wear and I think she even has a shirt like this that I have coveted before.

Oh wait! I forgot myself!  I couldn't decide so I picked two Yves Saint Laurent dresses, go figure.  They both are something I would want to wear and I would likely just pull a costume change and work both of them, because why not.

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A summer piece transitioned to fall

I had purchased a duster vest in the spring from one of my favourite Canadian shops, Aritzia (here) and I fell in love with it's versatility. It got a lot of use in the spring and summer but I wondered how I would transition this key piece into the fall and winter.  Well, I figured out a way and got tons of compliments from my students on it.  But, you'll have to head over to my friend, Whitney's blog, where I'm guest posting today to see what the outfit looks like.  Sneaky devil, that I am.

November Finds: A Style Link Up

I'm going to change up my typical "What I Wore on Wednesdays" posts to stick with the prompt from The Blended Blog for November: Fall Favourite Finds. I don't tend to buy new stuff in November or December so I want to concentrate on working with what I have and finding new ways to freshen up my look.

For today's post I had fun with lipstick and kept it real with the photos.  If you read my Monday post, you would know that I'm barely staying on top of things, so I thought I would take my pictures when I got home from work, with the makeup that was still on my face after my workout.  5:00 - 7:00 is my tiredest time of the day.  But it gets a little better after I slap on some lipstick.  I have been toying with this new shade that can be really dark when applied with multiple layers, but I haven't been that brave yet.  Instead I wear it toned down a tad.

What about you, trying any fun lipstick colours this fall?

Smashbox Be Legendary PUNKED matte here.

Timeless Single Pearl Necklace and Pearl Minimalist Ring c/o Happiness Boutique.  Go check out their site, they have an awesome variety of affordable pieces, offering free shipping and a rewards program.  There's also a bi-monthly giveaway.  Happiness Boutique has kindly offered a discount to my readers, by using the shoestoshiraz code at checkout, you will get a 10% discount for orders over 19 euros and it is valid until November 29th.  Thank you, Happiness Boutique!

Purple Dress from Aritzia.  Similar here and here.

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