A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Winterpeg 2

Sundays well spent make a week content? How does that go? It has been crazy being thrown back into schoolwork and parent teacher interviews full-throttle this week, and I keep trying to bring myself back to our Sunday in Winnipeg in order to calm myself.  It was perfection.

We decided that we should start our day with the zoo and it was a lovely morning for a walk.  Okay, it was kinda cold and I didn't pack properly so we were chilly...but the animals were active and happy so yay there.

The dinosaurs were a huge hit with the kids and my favourite was the polar bear. We got lucky and he was swimming, trying to catch fish. I could've watched him for hours.  My other favourite was the part when the kids voluntarily posed and smiled for pictures. Happens every 7 months or so.

Both my kids are going through growth spurts and needed new shoes, so we had a chance to hit the mall (naturally) to get them shoes.  They both ended up with Sketchers.

And so did I.

Our day ended with a late lunch date with some friends from Saskatoon who just moved to Winnipeg.  It was great seeing them again and seeing our kids together.  Dan's brothers and Nicole joined us as well at a big dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Dan's favourite. Gotta love the mizythra.

Our trip to Winnipeg was a great time to reconnect with friends and spend some time with the brothers and Nicole.  What I loved the most was learning about this city and seeing it through the eyes of the people who live it and love it so much.  I could definitely see myself living there.  It felt like a big city but not really if that makes any sense.  I didn't ever get the sense of being crowded or claustrophobic. Actually, my favourite part was all the french.  I mean Canada is bilingual and everything has both French and English on it...like cereal boxes...but the signs were French, people around us were speaking French...and we didn't even go visit the French community.

Thanks for the memories, Winnipeg folk! We'll be back


  1. Living on Cloud Nine20 October, 2016 21:52

    New shoes...well yes!!! New shoes are a must to bring back from a trip!!! What a lovely weekend!! And may this weekend be peaceful and relaxing!!

  2. Love Skechers too!! I didn't know Winnipeg had a French community!!

  3. How fun!!

  4. I loved taking my boys to the zoo. We used to go all the time. And my Sketchers are my very favorite shoes of all time.

  5. We love the polar bear at our zoo!

  6. The zoo sounds so fun! I haven't been in ages but I think I might be going to a Halloween event at the Lansing zoo next weekend!

  7. I love going to the zoo! So fun and yay for new shoes!

    Doused In Pink

  8. Polar Bears are so much fun to watch. I love that you all got new shoes. That is mom winning for sure.

  9. It sounds like a wonderful day! :) I tend to reflect back on the past relaxing weekend during a stressful week too! Good way to help you get through the tough times.

    Hope you've had a great weekend this weekend as well :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. Sweet trip! Those polar bears are amazing. Of course you had to shoes too...want to see!

  11. How fun! I just love going to the zoo with the kids, and polar bear swimming, yes I would have stayed all day!


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