A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

A weekend adventure to Winnipeg

Truth be told, I have spent my lifetime dissing Winnipeg and I have never been there.

Growing up, all our vacations were out west; any family we visited were in either Alberta or British Columbia. Plus it is so much easier to make the 5 hour drive to Edmonton or the 6.5 hour drive to Calgary (albeit painful) than it is to make the 10 hour drive to Winnipeg.  So we never ventured out to explore our neighbours to the east.

But in the past 2 years, both of Dan's brothers have ended up there, opting to open a Skip office out of downtown Winnipeg.  Then my friend Michelle moved out there with her family and Abbie ended up there for a year.  Dan has always traveled to Winterpeg for work, even before he was with Skip, but I still didn't have a crazy desire to check it out.  But gradually the desire to take an adventure out west grew with the flocking of some of my favourite people that way.

So with Dan away working in the Peg last week, it was easy for the kids and I to hop on a plane after school Friday and get there in time for the Jays game to start. Because, you know, priorities.  Too bad they couldn't hit and lost. Oh ya, this post is about Winnipeg.  Go, Jays.

Right, so we spent two good days exploring the centre (or pretty damn close) of North America and I thought I could share our Saturday with you today and save Sunday's adventures for my Friday post

Fying alone with kids:  while I love that they can carry their own luggage and go to the washrooms themselves, I don't appreciate the snarkiness I have been getting from them.  I was about ready to send them to Winnipeg alone before we had even boarded.  But we made it and the kids were very excited to get to the hotel.  We stayed at the Delta downtown on St Mary Avenue.  Josh and Nicole popped over for a quick visit that night before we had to put the kids to bed.

[caption id="attachment_8134" align="aligncenter" width="450"] They look cute, but don't let that fool you...[/caption]

Saturday was our adventure day.  The temperature was perfect, especially since we were coming from snow.  It felt practically tropical.

I slept in until 9:10 and it was all kinds of glorious.  We eventually got ready and then headed over to the "Skip" house where Josh and Chris live (along with a rotating variety of employees).  Dan had forgot all his stuff there and needed clothes.  I fell in love with the neighbourhood, it was very old and charactery- one of those areas that should be Christmas all year round by law because its that pretty.

We then headed over to the Forks where Abbie and her family were waiting for us.  I have only met her youngest, Gabby, and was extremely excited to meet her hubby and other minion, Emily.  I think our families got along just smashingly and it was great being in their company.  We walked around the forks, played in the Children's playground and enjoyed the beautiful (snowfree) day.

Nicole and Josh joined us shortly after the kids had been tired out at the playground and we then decided to walk the 1.5ish km to the exchange district where the Skip headquarters are.  It was awesome having Josh's girlfriend, Nicole, along because she gave us a historically accurate and entertaining guide through the downtown area, being a native Winnipegger and all.  She could even do the tour in French for Abbie and I.  Lots was learned.

We made it to the Skip shop and got a tour, getting a chance to visit with the other brother, Chris. It was not at all what I thought it would be.  Lots of computers, many whiteboards with random algorithms which I didn't understand, or pretend to for that matter.  By that point, the kids were starting to get crazy. Lucia kept running around the Skip office with one of those giant balance balls that you can sit on, yelling "I LOVE BIG BALLS".

We decided we needed to eat, so we headed over to Bodegas for some awesome chicken fingers.  The area was really pretty and they were filming a Christmas movie of sorts, which immediately made me want to snuggle up to watch Love Actually.

Finally it was time to walk back to the Forks where we parted ways with the Gintherfamily (sob) (sniff).  I can never get enough of Abbie, her love of life is infectious,  I tell ya.  My kids needed a break from outside and walking, so we did a quick stop at the childrens' museum (actually Nicole was the most pleased with this one, finally having a kid with her so she could get in- mind you...Josh is kinda like a big kid.....)

After that we went back to the hotel where Lucia picked a swim and Willis decided he wanted to go for a run?! Josh and Nicole quickly offered to (train) take him and off they went.  Dan graciously took Lucia to the pool so I could cuddle up with a beer and watch the Jays play (and sadly lose again. Sigh).  I also managed to get 5 of the 50 assignments corrected. Bah.

When everyone was back, it was time for supper and Dan (the big kid) wanted to go to the Old Spaghetti Factory- a childhood favourite.  We tried to get in, but it was a 90 minute wait, so we settle for the Pancake House and really, you can't go wrong with breakfast for supper.

By the time supper was over, the kids were done for the day and rightfully so, it was a day well spent.

You'll have to come back Friday to hear about our Sundays adventure to see if I'm going to continue to throw shade at the Peg!


  1. Living on Cloud Nine16 October, 2016 21:33

    SO MUCH LOVE for you all going to the Peg!!! Look how glorious and you got to chill with sweet Abbie. And LUCIA LOVE big time for the 'balls" comments, what a gal!!!! Cannot wait for the Sunday recap!!!!

  2. He picked to go for a run?! That is awesome. I dream of my kids picking that. Baha ha. I also loved your they look cute, but don't let that fool you comment. #Truth. What a great day.

  3. Looks like a great time! Love how cute and quiet that little neighborhood looks too :)



  4. I also have never been to the Peg. I think the only place I've been to in MB is Brandon for a hockey tournament and we stayed in a campground. Must have been summer hockey.... It looks beautiful and way warmer than SK and AB. Glad to see you had a good weekend escape!

  5. What a fun adventure, and so awesome that you got to tag up with Abbie and her clan! I want to live on that street, so darn pretty!

  6. Fun weekend, and I love all the sunshine! Off to figure out exactly where Winnipeg is.

  7. Your kids are so precious. I'm sure they are little angels.
    So are we going to meet up once we move to Boston? Sounds like a trip you guys need to take!! :)

  8. Happy to be anywhere without snow!

  9. It was so refreshing to be with Abbie again. You're going to love her.

  10. YESYESYESYESY....What an exciting place to move! How much longer?!

  11. We move in December!! Hope to meet you soon love!

  12. How fun was that weekend? You are such a traveler and adventurer.

  13. Love super busy getaways like this- you end up seeing + learning so much!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. Wow! You did a lot in a weekend! This looks like it was such a fun trip!

  15. Promise me you'll continue to share your Canadian adventures. You now know my love is deep so I'm going to live through you until I visit myself.

  16. Mes Voyages à Paris19 October, 2016 01:25

    I love your posts!!


    Mónica Sors




  17. We did manage to squeeze in a lot now that I think of it.

  18. I try. I also like being at home.


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