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Current mood: zombie.

And that's not because of the Halloweenyness of the day.

I have been physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted for the past two weeks.  I don't know if it was parent teacher interviews that did it, or my new intense workout regime or the side effects of single parenting but regardless I am barely hanging on.  My face feels like its aged 10 years and I can barely stay up past 9.  Never mind having a house to take care of and corrections to do, my kids have been super demanding too.

Truth be told, I have been struggling with Lucia also for the past couple weeks.  She seems to have developed an attitude, or as my mom so kindly put edge.  She yells, she screams, she runs away, she pouts, she cries, she full out temper tantrums over the smallest to the biggest things and even over the things that don't concern her.  If I had a glass of wine for every time I had to attempt to calm her during a day, well let's just say things would be way m…

A friendsgiving weekend redo

I had this idea in September that I wanted to host the ultimate Friendsgiving weekend in October over the course of two evenings with our two groups of friends.  I dreamed it would be a cozy weekend with plenty of family fun and great food.  But last minute I went to New York with Dan, so we cancelled.  #sorrynotsorry.  I was sad to miss my weekend with my friends but also, New York.  So there's that.

So once we got the rest of the busy weekends out of the way: Thanksgiving, trip to Winnipeg; I started getting that urge to gather my friends again.  Normally I do family photos for all a couple friends for their Christmas cards, so I figured why not do them all at once and pump out the edits in a night.  It wouldn't be anything fancy, but something they can use for whatever.

So the idea of a Friendsgiving weekend redo came to mind and I quickly gathered the troupes.  Willis was a good sport (ya, right) and modelled for me so I could get the perfect spot indoors.  Ideally we wou…

What I Wore

I'm having one of those weeks where I pick out my outfit the night before and it feels like it will be perfect.  But then I put it on in the morning and hate it and end up trying everything possible from my wardrobe on and hate all those combos too.

Sometimes I wish I could wear onesie pajamas to work.  I think my mood is affected by the grey weather we've been having.

That being said, I have worn some fun outfits this week and here are a few of my favourites:

I didn't actually wear this outfit out but rather put it together for a post on The Blended Blog (here)   But then I really loved it and wore the dress to work the next day.  This is what I came up with:

I am LOVING the cape blazer trend right now and I may or may not have bought another one in blush.

Yup, officially #capeobsessed.

The other two outfits scream fall to me.  The mega bell sleeved sweater is new from Forever 21 (and of course unavailable now. boo) and it may be the comfiest and softest sweater I own.


We Play for Shaye

In June, a teammate and friend lost her 18 year old daughter in a car accident.  When tragedy strikes, you feel it deep within your core and it shakes you.

But also, it brings people together.

Our community is doing something wonderful in memory of Shaye and I am asking you today for 4 minutes of your time.  Please register your email, and send your 18 votes to this great project which hopes to rename and maintain a ball diamond to World Standards in my home town in honour of this beautiful lady.  You can read about the project here and send your votes using as many email addresses you can.  Voting closes October 28th.

Thank you for bringing a little light into my friend's world.

Winterpeg 2

Sundays well spent make a week content? How does that go? It has been crazy being thrown back into schoolwork and parent teacher interviews full-throttle this week, and I keep trying to bring myself back to our Sunday in Winnipeg in order to calm myself.  It was perfection.

We decided that we should start our day with the zoo and it was a lovely morning for a walk.  Okay, it was kinda cold and I didn't pack properly so we were chilly...but the animals were active and happy so yay there.

The dinosaurs were a huge hit with the kids and my favourite was the polar bear. We got lucky and he was swimming, trying to catch fish. I could've watched him for hours.  My other favourite was the part when the kids voluntarily posed and smiled for pictures. Happens every 7 months or so.

Both my kids are going through growth spurts and needed new shoes, so we had a chance to hit the mall (naturally) to get them shoes.  They both ended up with Sketchers.

And so did I.

Our day ended with a lat…

A weekend adventure to Winnipeg

Truth be told, I have spent my lifetime dissing Winnipeg and I have never been there.

Growing up, all our vacations were out west; any family we visited were in either Alberta or British Columbia. Plus it is so much easier to make the 5 hour drive to Edmonton or the 6.5 hour drive to Calgary (albeit painful) than it is to make the 10 hour drive to Winnipeg.  So we never ventured out to explore our neighbours to the east.

But in the past 2 years, both of Dan's brothers have ended up there, opting to open a Skip office out of downtown Winnipeg.  Then my friend Michelle moved out there with her family and Abbie ended up there for a year.  Dan has always traveled to Winterpeg for work, even before he was with Skip, but I still didn't have a crazy desire to check it out.  But gradually the desire to take an adventure out west grew with the flocking of some of my favourite people that way.

So with Dan away working in the Peg last week, it was easy for the kids and I to hop on a pla…