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What I Wore: to the wedding

Before I get to my wedding attire, a quick look at the things I wore to work last week.   A nice 4 day work week with travel to Calgary on one day.  All pieces are old and I could go into specifics but I think I'm getting sick and I left this post to last minute so what can ya do? We're almost done the first month of school and I am not even close to being done going through my wardrobe to wear everything once, although I'm getting to the point that I'm tired of getting dressed and would like a few more pajama days.

So my brother's wedding was on the weekend and it took me a ridiculous long time to choose what to wear. Poor Christy and Kyla who got my endless annoying texts asking which one I should go with.  Originally I had the blue dress hanging and ready to go until I accidentally stumbled into Tonic a week or two ago and found the long floral number.  I had also got the black cape blazer to go with whatever I wore so I had to incorporate it.

In the end I packed everything because you just never know how you're going to feel that day, so with the comfort of knowing I had 4 different outfit options, I was certain that I would feel great on my brother's big day.

Friday we hit the mall, visited with family and went swimming before we headed out to the rehearsal supper.  I picked a floral tunic, my new Wit & Wisdom jeans and flats.

I made my mom wear this dress because it looked way too cute on her![/caption]

On to Saturday.....with some suggestions from Christy and her socialite Calgarian friends, they recommended a few salons so that Kyla, Mom and I could book a blow out and get our hair styled on the wedding day.  We ended up going with Butter Beauty Parlour and fell in love with it.  For 30$ I got the most amazing hair do my hair has ever received and we got to sit at round tables while we were all styled.

Then it was time to commence the makeup process. Which is so fun! I kept spamming my friends with pictures...those are just the moments you want them there with you, non?

I went for the smokey eye with nude lip look to go with the long floral dress.  To be completely honest with you, I haven't felt that beautiful and sexy for a long time.  I decided to play up the....girls.....(which is something I rarely do) to distract from other areas. I was comfy all night and could have worn the dress to bed.

I equally loved my sister's outfit.

And just because why not, here are a few of the other outfits from the wedding. I'd just like to point out that I made a point not to have my camera going too much, I wanted to just be there and be present.  As a result, I don't have one picture of our little family together or even of my handsome hubby. Sigh.

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  1. Living on Cloud Nine27 September, 2016 23:39

    OH D, you looked absolutely stunning in that floral dress! I mean it looks like it was completely made for you and the print is absolutely darling! Your make up and hair were so on point and I love the smiles on all the faces for such a joyous occasion!

  2. I love the dress you chose!

  3. I LOVE That dress. you looked amazing. That wedding looked wicked too - I love wedding dresses like that. Her hair was fantabulous.

  4. You chose the perfect the dress. It looks stunning on you. I love the hair, makeup, everything! The only sucky thing is not seeing you in person. Both Kyla and your mom chose great outfits as well.

  5. It looks like such a beautiful weekend, and you looked stunning!

  6. You look amazing and that cape blazer is freaking amazing! Great outfit choice and your makeup is gorgeous! XO -Kim

  7. Great choice of wedding wear and your makeup looks flawless... you look so beautiful, girlie!!

  8. Oh my goodness that dress looks SO cute on your mom. I am so happy you chose that dress. I was cheering for it to be the one from the start of the post.

  9. Congratulations to your bother and his lovely bride. What a beautiful day.
    You always look beautiful but oh la la, you looked so naturally beautiful. You kept it simple with the hair and the jewelry and it just flowed seamlessly together. Also, your mom is beautiful, I would love to see her mother of the groom dress.

  10. Deena, you looked GORGEOUS! You are always beautiful but I love that you went bold for your brother's wedding! That dress is stunning on you!

  11. WOW! I knew I liked that dress when you first texted me the changeroom pic but my goodness lady, you killed it!! And what a gorgeous bride! And can we discuss the cute factor of your kiddos?!

  12. You're always beautiful, but that dress is stunning on you!! It's fun to get to look different than every other day:) I'm also trying to wear something different every day and I think I've been successful so far too! But man... it feels like we've been in school for 3/4 a year instead of a month!

  13. I think it's always so hard to decide what to wear to a wedding! I love the dress you ended up going with--you can never go wrong with a pretty floral maxi like that. Hope the wedding was fun!

  14. You picked the best dress I think, it's stunning on you! I like that your sister wore a blue floral dress too - unintentional matching is fun! :) Sounds like a fun wedding, and your brother's bride looked beautiful, what a stunning gown!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  15. Great week of work outfits first of all. I love love what you wore to your brother's wedding and your sister too. You both look gorgeous in floral dresses and your toppers. Thanks for linking up Deena.

  16. How amazing did you look?! I loved your makeup, doll- worrrrrk that smokey eye. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  17. Holy cow, one hot Mama! How fun to get the blow out, I've always wanted to do that. That floral dress, WORTH IT, gorgeous my friend, just gorgeous!

  18. You are seriously KILLING IT in that dress! Like it was made for you! I just love the floral print too!

  19. That dress looks amazing on you! Love the floral print and the wrap detail! You look gorgeous!

    Doused In Pink

  20. Pretty lady. Love love love that floral dress. Great choice!

  21. Weddings are so fun! That floral dress is beautiful on you!

  22. You are seriously beautiful AND sexy! That dress looks fantastic and WTG on the makeup!


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