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The Summer of Didn'ts

While I sit here on the first day of September, cleaning up my cell phone pictures from August and storing away my summer shorts and tank tops, I can't help but think about just how quickly this summer seemed to past.  Although I felt rested going back to work this week, it did eerily feel like I had just been there moments before and that summer vacation had only been two weeks instead of two months.  June 30th felt like yesterday, and I feel good coming back to work, ut I can still so vividly recall saying good bye to my friends after our year end mass, heading into summer with a heavy heart, knowing a friend had just lost a child in a tragic accident.

So as we sat together as a community, as a family, at our opening mass, I did spend some time thinking about our summer.  About how it started with grief for a friend and how that forced me to slow down what I was doing and really just be present in the every day.  I could spend this post looking back at all the wonderful things we did do this summer, but I'll save that for my Numbers Review on Monday.  Instead today, I want to focus on my favourite things that we didn't do this summer, because it was in the taking away of the big things that we were really able to enjoy the smaller, less significant but equally wonderful and beautiful moments in life.

We didn't go to a lake (in Saskatchewan) once.  That is odd for me as it feels like we're surrounded by beautiful beaches and my parents spent the entire summer camped under the stars.  Instead we made our backyard our oasis and spent the days in the pool and just appreciated home.

We didn't have any playdates.  I was almost a hermit this summer, having no desire to visit or be social.  I was quite content in the company of my babes.  That being said, we did have the odd pool party, but we really kept it simple this summer.

We didn't worry about what we ate.  Okay, I should rephrase that, the kids never worry about what they eat, it was more me. No calorie or point counting.  I didn't plan meals or feel organized at all.  It was liberating to have that freedom of just living in the moment and having breakfast for supper because we could.

That being said, I didn't lose any weight this summer. Shocker.  But hey, I should add that I didn't gain any either, so there.

I didn't waste time.  My to-do list actually got done and it felt so good to be productive on items that were always hanging over my head.

We didn't sleep in. 7 am risers every. single. day.

We didn't eat any ice cream.

I didn't read as many books as I wanted too, but that's because I got into some series on Netflix.  Thanks for the suggestion of Stranger Things, Shaunacey.

We didn't worry about screen time.  Rules and guidelines are for the school year, it was the summer of no rules and the kids got plenty of relax time but an equal amount of outdoor fun that I didn't feel guilty.

The kids didn't fight. Bahahha, just kidding.  They were the best of friends but got at each other at least once a day.

We didn't have Dan around a whole lot- the lucky guy spent a week in Manilla, a week or so in Winnipeg and 4 days in London.  Although all were for work, at least they were adventures.

We didn't miss a night of kids are great cuddlers and bedtime and morning were easily my favourite times of the day as they would always want all the snuggles then.

When it comes down to it, it was a simple summer and when people ask me what I did, my usual answer is nothing.  That's because nothing was missed or taken for granted and I really enjoyed the time with the kids. Really, when you think of how summer started in my heart, it unfolded exactly the way that it needed to.  Sometimes we just need to remember how beautiful every day is.

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  1. Living on Cloud Nine01 September, 2016 22:28

    I actually got tears in my eyes over this because well, it's simplicity and sentiment is so beautiful. A summer of sweet Deena's grateful heart......simply perfect!!!

  2. A summer of 'didn't' sounds like it was perfect for you. I was glad to be a part of it.

  3. The perfect summer. Mine was so busy, I felt like there was never time to catch a breath, and I wish there had been more down time. Love that you shared this with us today.

  4. some times the things we didn't do are almost as important (sometimes more) than the things we DID do... but not your visit with me, that was a MUST!!! lol
    I think it probably felt like it went by so fast was because you DIDN'T waste a moment and you soaked it all in...
    happy to encourage a little Netflix addiction, no matter how scary the series ;)

  5. It's the little things that make a huge difference when we stop to appreciate them! It sounds like the perfect summer!

    Doused In Pink

  6. LOVE. This spoke to my heart. Thanks for the perspective, friend.

  7. Loved that you slowed down and appreciated the simplicity! Also, went back and read your post on Shaye as I had missed that one. I'm so sad for you! xoxo

  8. The summer of didn'ts was really a summer of dids. Just different dids. Can't believe you are packing up shorts and tanks already. When will it turn truly cool or has it already? We have had two really nice fall-ish weeks and then 105 today.

  9. That is a beautiful way to spend a summer. Although a terrible situation that started it, it's good you enjoyed your summer and focused on what was important to you.

    Enjoy your time back at work.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. I love that your summer shaped up to be everything that you needed it to be and you didn't force it into being anything else. You'll look back on this summer fondly for that very reason.

  11. Sometimes doing nothing fancy is the best kind of days.

  12. It's my standards and all my tanks and shorts got packed away...I don't speak Fahrenheit..but like 18 celcius during the day. There's a risk of frost tonight so all the tomatoes were picked.

  13. I think I needed it more than I knew...a nice, slow summer.

  14. things we didn't the laundry. Totally agree with you.


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