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Read, Watch, Listen & Follow Friday

Trying a little something different today with my Blended Blog friends.  Speaking of which, we're celebrating our one year blogiversary on the Blended Blog next week so make sure you check out the happenings and get yourself into the draws with a crazy cool Scavenger Hunt that Whitney put together!

Now back to the regularly scheduled blabber.  Sheila  had an idea for a link up and I had no idea what I was going to post today so win-win.   I'm theming my post on what's going on chez nous this weekend:


49 assignments from my grade 9s (assuming they all get handed in).  I start the semester off with a mini-unit on French-Canadian music because a great way to get to know the kids and play wonderful music.  Of course I picked my favourite French-Canadienne musicienne: Coeur de Pirate who Abbie, Kyla and I were lucky to see live in February.  For the assignment we do a couple listening activities where they have to listen to the song and try to write down as many words or phrases they can pick out.  Way more difficult than it sounds.  Then they listen a second time with the quasi-lyrics in front of them in the hand out below, trying to fill in the odd missing word.  We then talk about what the song could potentially mean.  Finally we watch the music video and then re-examine the theme.  The second day I have them go through the same styled activity but with a second song by Coeur de Pirate.  At the end of it all, they write 2 paragraphs for me in a compare/contrast of both songs, as stated by the curriculum outcome.  Fun!  Well, I think so anyway.  There a couple more outcomes in the curriculum for song, so I usually cover a little Jean Leloup ou Stromae.  Pour mes amis que enseignent, laissez-moi savoir si tu veux une copie de ces projets, je serai contente d'en partager.


My kids grow up too quickly? The tomatoes ripen? The geese starting to fly south? The cute little fox who has taken up residence in our yard? The stunning colours of the Saskatchewan skies in September?  So much to observe that sometimes I just need to sit down and take a deep breath and digest all the life going on around me.


My inner 90s gangsta would likely scream out the lyrics of some random rap song that always seems to be on my Spotify...but I would have to say if any music is playing, it's either Britney's new album, Glory or Drake's album, Views.  I would like to answer something classy, like jazz, but it's not fall enough for that.  I will also be listening to the Jays if I'm not watching them take on the Red Sox this weekend.  Here's to hoping they remember how to play ball....eek.


Any recipe that contains tomatoes.  Some serious baking will be happening in our home as the tomatoes ripen.  Or perhaps I may just pack them up for my brother's wedding and throw them at him randomly throughout the day.  Either way, these perfect little babies are getting used.  This weekend I have a small amount ready, 10ish, so I'm going to make a batch of my mom's hamburger soup recipe which you definitely should try here.

Wishing a wonderful weekend,



  1. Love how you did this!! And that assignment sounds soooo fun!!!!

  2. Wow! Those tomatoes. What a beautiful pic. And I love that assignment! Wish my kid has a teacher like you in the later years 😊

  3. Living on Cloud Nine08 September, 2016 22:32

    I have been on a tomato kick too...those are beauties and I am guaranteed whatever you make with them will be divine!!! You are the BEST teacher!!

  4. I like how you interpreted this. And wow it is amazing how little french I retained....

  5. Thank you for joining in the linkup! GULP! Grading 49 assignments!! YIKES!! I want to do your exercise of listening to the song and seeing how much I can pick out. I glanced at the worksheet and was surprised at how much I understood. Even your last line where you offer to share your lesson plans with other teachers. I want to come to Canada (or France, whatever) and be completely immersed so I HAVE to think French!

    I think I already shared my canning tomatoes post and offered a phone consult on the HOW TO process. I listed a few other recipes I love that use tomatoes. If it says "canned tomatoes" obviously you can sub fresh. I have had success in freezing chopped tomatoes that you can then use in pasta sauce or soups/chili. They won't last as long as the canned ones though (freezer burn).

    Have a fab weekend dancing in tomatoes!

  6. Couer de pirate is serenading me as I type. I LOVE this lesson. I use music whenever I can in the library. Have done very similar activities with the lyrics. Such an interesting way to get kids writing. And developing richer, better, more creative writing. Do your students speak French as their native language or are they taking it to learn French? I guess what I am asking is your class like a class here in English? Or is it like a class here in French, teaching the students the language. Wish we could team-team!
    I can't believe all of those tomatoes. What a bounty. Have you ever made fried-green tomatoes? Might be worth a try.
    Hope each of your students writes an inspired assignment and grading is a pleasure. XO

  7. Holy crap... I may have said a curse word when I saw all of those tomatoes :P. I want a cute little fox to hang around. I hope you have an awesome weekend friend.

  8. bahahahah-- I uttered much more than that.

  9. Most of my students are second language French's an immersion program, so since Kindergarten they've been taking all their subjects in French (obviously except ELA)

  10. I will have to come back to this when I get to the big tomato far I just have small batches- thanks for the help!

  11. I'm gonna have me a toasted tomato sandwich as a bedtime snack!

  12. I think the kids even had fun - they were engaged anyway!

  13. Oh wow that is a LOT of tomatoes! I guess you'll be eating lots of pasta dishes, tomatoes are great in sauce! :)

    Your exercise for your kids sounds like a lot of fun too :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  14. I have been craving bruschetta lately, so I may add that to my list.

  15. Happy one year anniversary!!! Now I'm craving tomatoes :)


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