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I had good intentions of putting together a decent post for today but back to school has officially kicked my butt.  I'm run down, unmotivated and I mostly just want to curl up in a ball and watch Pretty Little Liars.  So instead of what I wanted to post, you're stuck with my random ramblings of wishing, hoping and dreamings of the week (and yes, My Best Friend's Wedding is on my fall movie lineup if you were humming that tune too):


Wishing I lived closer to my blogging friends from the Blended Blog. I just really think they would be great to break bread with (and obvs share a glass of vino)...such outstanding ladies and I haven't even met most of them.  We are celebrating our one year of our collective blog so go check out the posts from this week and learn a bit more about us!

Wishing for beautiful weather next weekend when we celebrate my brother and Jen's wedding.

Wishing for help picking out what to freaking wear.


That the evil mouse that has taken up residence in the ROOF of my truck gets the hell out of Dodge quickly. Ha. That works there. Man, I'm clever when I have wine in my hand. Although, this is a gross white...because, as mentioned in the Snap below, I drank all the good red. Oops. Follow me on Snapchat (@shoestoshiraz) for more ridiculous antics.

The mouse from Dee on Vimeo.


Of fall clothing- I want it all.  From bombers to everything olive to over the knee boots, fall fashion is swoon-worthy in my books.  If you're feeling like you need some inspiration or a little help, why not try out one of Alison's style challenges. That is, after all, how the bloggers from The Blended Blog met!  Click the image for more info. And yes, it's an affiliate link, so I get a commission if you sign up. And no, said commission isn't wine.

GYPO Fall Style Challenge

Happy Friday to you!


  1. Living on Cloud Nine15 September, 2016 21:48

    Your Bro and his fiancé are precious!!! Yes, it has been some tough weeks lately and I am so sorry school is kicking your butt. You know us ladies would go out and break all kinds of things, lol and we'd all feel be-TA in no time!!!!! And we would hunt down that dang mouse!!! I hope you get some relaxation this weekend sweets!!

  2. Happy Friday! Yay for random ramblings, and yes please live closer to me!

  3. you're welcome to move on my street... i'll make sure the wine is flowing :)

  4. Help for what to wear always sounds nice. I bet you pick out something amazing.

  5. I am currently watching pretty little liars too! How do you get into your vehicle with a mouse in it??? I would have started mine on fire haha

  6. This was an entertaining post even if it wasn't planned in advance! Hope things look up for you and you have a better week ahead this week!

    Hope you've had a great weekend :) If you want to stop by my blog, I've got two giveaways on at the moment!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. I've been following the mouse saga on SNapchat. Oh my!! I didn't know there was enough room in the roof of a car!

  8. The weeks will start looking up once the freaky mice are out of my life.

  9. It may be if I stop changing my mind.

  10. LOVE PLL! Acreage living is to blame...and bombing the truck is an option.

  11. breaking things always makes things better.

  12. I am obviously missing out by not using Snap Chat. Need to get after it!


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