Faves from the wedding

by - September 29, 2016

Seeing my brother's relationship with his friends.  He is much like me where friends = family.  They absolutely adore him and rightfully so!

Hearing Justine's words about Jen.  Jen has a twin sister and it was really neat to hear her perspective on the wonderful sister we acquired in the merger.

Watching the flower girls walk up the aisle with such pride and purpose and how in awe they were of the bride.

Willis. Everything about Willis. From his nerves for his role as ring-"barrier" as he called it,  to how he guided Jamison so lovingly up the aisle, to how he danced in the corner but not on the dance floor because he was so shy to how he cuddled at night. He is such a gentlelittleman.

IMG_7066 from Dee on Vimeo.

Having Josh (Dan's brother) and Nicole (his girlfriend), aka my other family there and seeing how they just fit into this family so perfectly. Josh, who was a most fantastic MC, and will always be an honourary Park.

Our new sister. Enough said. She is genuine and caring, loving and giggly.  She is a perfect match for our brother.

Seeing my parents so emotional. Well, should be no surprise for my Dad but Mom was weepy too. Also she looked super hot.  Here's her outfit, special request for Bo. Side note- she wore the shoes that she wore to both Kyla and I's weddings. No wonder I have such an affinity for shoes.Hugging everyone possible and trying to get to talk to them.

Time with my hubby...weddings always somehow renew my commitment to him. Sadly, I had decided to be 'phone and camera free' so that I could enjoy the event...except during the ceremony when I was texting my friends pictures of the beautiful ceremony.  Anyway, as a result, I haven't a picture of my hubby and I together. Oops.

Calgary in the fall.

The drive. While long and extremely boring, seeing the harvest in action was very pretty.

The legacy created by families that has been left to pass on.  Another fail was not getting a picture of all the Park Grandchildren and Great-Granchildren...but this is a shot of the Diehl side...missing a handful, but man...have we ever grown.

The time with family.  They were the most important people in my life growing up.  I hope my kids can have what I had with my cousins.

Being footloose and fancy free.  My kids are at such an awesome age right now that it was super easy to put Lucia on bunch of chairs in the corner with her blanket and let her sleep.

Family weddings are truly a blessing and my heart is full of gratitude!

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  1. Love this! I can feel the happiness and joy seeping from this post.

  2. Living on Cloud Nine29 September, 2016 23:10

    Such a day to remember in your hearts forever. The lil details are what makes it so special!! LOVE the red too!

  3. Family wedding are the best!

  4. Such a beautiful wedding!


  5. I just love wedding so much! That picture of the flower girls, oh goodness, I remember being that age and being in awe of all things wedding :) Your family, love them.

  6. Weddings are such fun times! I love this post and all the joys it brought to you and your family. See ya on Snap baby doll! xoxoxox

  7. Weddings are always great for connecting with family, it's wonderful to celebrate the happy couple together and it's awesome you had such a fun time! Congrats again to your brother :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. I envy how often you are able to be with family. What a beautiful couple. Wishing them years and years of love and happiness.

  9. So many great memories. This was such a sweet way to make sure you always remember them.

  10. I love weddings! Such hope for a new life together. I'm with you. I renew my own vows at weddings I attend! The bride looks beautiful!


Have a lovely day!