August Month Review in Numbers

by - September 04, 2016

Welcome to another month review with numbers. I love looking back at these and seeing how I was doing a year ago, how this : August 2015's review.   Not much has changed.....

As for this year's August, here is my month review.....


3 birthdays: Willis (pool party) , Addy (kitty cat themed) , Amelia (splatter party at 4 cats)

2 Art classes for the kids- neither of them will be upgraded to canvasses though...their pieces were...interesting this time.

100 books read by Willis!  That was his goal and he got it done.  The boy was a reading machine this summer and I loved every minute of it...especially bedtime when we'd snuggle into his bed and read together.  Lucia also did a lot of reading and is getting the hang of it.


2 MLB games, one win, one loss. All awesome.

1 batting practice experience, which will easily be on the highlight reel of my life.  Nothing like standing right behind the ball players as they smack the ball out of the park.

2 great days with my blogging friend and her family- I am grateful everyday for this blogging world that has introduced me to such wonderful women across Canada and the States.  I would love to go visit each and every one of fact, I may just do that and start in Seattle.

1 trip booked for the fall.  Lana had planned to come to Calgary in October for a visit in the hopes of keeping her busy and not thinking about her new empty nest.  But it turns out that the weekend we picked is also the Friday of Parent Teacher Interviews for me, so we had to cancel.  Long story short, I had some airmiles to use, so instead I will be heading over to her world for a visit in November.  Can't wait!


20+ pool days which was essentially what we did every day, 3 times a day for the days we were home.  We invited friends over often and enjoy every minute of it.

4 pallet chairs assembled, painted and accessorized...which meant that any time we had friends over for a swim, we had an awesome fire with comfy seating too!

26 dozen cobs of corn harvested- I'm still in the process of giving it away and kerneling the rest for freezing.

4 freezer bags worth of beets and tons of delicious borscht made


3 books read...1 was horrible, 1 was okay and the other, I didn't want to can probably figure out my preferences...but if not, they are in order of likeage with the worst at the beginning.

1 slideshow made for the upcoming nuptials of my brother and Jen. Can't wait to share it with you!

2 outfits put together for a flower girl and ring bearer- they are going to be cuuuuuuute!

1 blog redesigned!  Hop on over to the Blended Blog to see how we're looking now!

1 afternoon spent with Dan's high school volleyball teammates, doing what I did in high school----- watch boys play volleyball

That's Dan serving[/caption]

1 class prepped that I will teach to two groups: Français 90- I'm looking forward to a great semester with these guys!

Do you have another notable that you did last month? Link up your month review with me here!

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  1. 100 books that is amazing. I am loving those pallet chairs too.

  2. Grady has yet to finish one book on his own..... I wish he was a reader. So far, he is not. Great job Willis!

  3. Go Willis!! Love that he's such a reader!! And did you really not want the Curse Child to end? I haven't read it...heard mixed reviews!! Also....come visit ME Woman!!! LOL

  4. Such a great month! Love that Willis read so many books - seriously awesome. I'm bringing the new Harry Potter book on the plane with me. Still can't believe you're coming in November!!!!!!

  5. I want those pallet chairs. And your pool. And that is awesome your going to Seattle! I feel like I'm really far behind on the I am Number Four series. But I'm not super sad about it.

  6. I agree with Alison! I love your pallet chairs! What a fun month!

  7. Those pallet chairs. Never mind, just your whole yard. I love it. I am still so so jealous of the Shauneena/Deenacey date. I'll think of a nickname I like. Work in progress.

  8. hahahahahah Abbie! Let me know how that nickname works out
    I had so so so much fun, and am super jelly you get to see Lana in Nov!! you little traveller you!
    Those chairs are amazeballs and so are you for makign them!

  9. 100 books?! That is so amazing! Sounds like a great month, and a great summers end for you guys -xo


  10. Living on Cloud Nine05 September, 2016 21:47

    August was an AWESOME month indeed!! Oh those chairs, oh those sweet faces, 100 books..knocking it outta the park Willis!!!!

  11. 100 books for Willis - that is amazing! Looks like a great month.

    Daily Style Finds

  12. I definitely felt the same way about the Cursed Child. And if that play ever makes it stateside, I will pay so much money to see it after reading the book! I can't imagine how good the effects would be!

  13. What a great month, especially the baseball and getting to meet Shaunacey! 100 books amazing! I didn't even read one book. and those pallet chairs are freakin' amazing!

  14. What a great way to recap the month! :) And 20+ pool days- lucky lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. some day? He just has to find that perfect series for him.

  16. It was a good ending to the series, mostly because it finally freaking ended!

  17. It was soooo good and YES to coming to visit you. I am starting to get that New York feeling again.

  18. Definitely makes me smile, my little reader.

  19. Totally agree! I was picturing it as I would be phenomenal to see live.

  20. I love that birthday cake! Looks so delicious. And I can't believe you got that much corn, ours did not do nearly that well, sigh. Thanks for hosting this every month!


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