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Faves from the wedding

Seeing my brother's relationship with his friends.  He is much like me where friends = family.  They absolutely adore him and rightfully so!

Hearing Justine's words about Jen.  Jen has a twin sister and it was really neat to hear her perspective on the wonderful sister we acquired in the merger.

Watching the flower girls walk up the aisle with such pride and purpose and how in awe they were of the bride.

Willis. Everything about Willis. From his nerves for his role as ring-"barrier" as he called it,  to how he guided Jamison so lovingly up the aisle, to how he danced in the corner but not on the dance floor because he was so shy to how he cuddled at night. He is such a gentlelittleman.

IMG_7066 from Dee on Vimeo.

Having Josh (Dan's brother) and Nicole (his girlfriend), aka my other family there and seeing how they just fit into this family so perfectly. Josh, who was a most fantastic MC, and will always be an honourary Park.

Our new sister. Enough said. She is ge…

What I Wore: to the wedding

Before I get to my wedding attire, a quick look at the things I wore to work last week.   A nice 4 day work week with travel to Calgary on one day.  All pieces are old and I could go into specifics but I think I'm getting sick and I left this post to last minute so what can ya do? We're almost done the first month of school and I am not even close to being done going through my wardrobe to wear everything once, although I'm getting to the point that I'm tired of getting dressed and would like a few more pajama days.

So my brother's wedding was on the weekend and it took me a ridiculous long time to choose what to wear. Poor Christy and Kyla who got my endless annoying texts asking which one I should go with.  Originally I had the blue dress hanging and ready to go until I accidentally stumbled into Tonic a week or two ago and found the long floral number.  I had also got the black cape blazer to go with whatever I wore so I had to incorporate it.

In the end I pack…

My little brother gets married

We have just returned from a most wonderful wedding weekend in out west in Calgary.  If you have been following me on Instagram or SnapChat (shoestoshiraz), I'm sure you've had some sneak peaks into the going-ons of our weekend.  If not, I plan on taking the week to show how we celebrated a new chapter for Jen and Rob.

I felt very emotional all weekend, maybe it was the impact of seeing all our people in one place and just how large our family has grown, maybe it was part of me missing my Grandmas and Grandpa Park, maybe it was the fact that my little brother was getting married or perhaps it was just the way things go when you come from an emotional family.  There were so many people to hug and faces to squeeze and stories to be told.  Naturally, I think of all these things after the fact but luckily I have this space where I can do whatever the hell I want.  And today I want to share a little of what's on my mind.

Brother, I am proud of you.  I love you and I absolutely…

What I Wore: Teacher Style

This week was a bit better outfit-wise in Teacher Style land, selon moi.  I felt good in everything, except for one.  Funny story.  You see, I have to stay in my pajamas as long as possible in the morning (because comfy) and I always leave putting on my outfit to the last 10 minutes before we leave.  In my defence, I pick out what I think would look good.  But sometimes once I get it on (and in mornings lately, take the picture) I realize I hate it.  So the picture in the top left on that beautiful sunshiney morning is what I intended on wearing.  And then with -2 minutes after we should have left, I decided I hated it because when I put my shoulders back the buttons stretch a bit on the booble area. I had a white tank on underneath, but still. It bugged me.  So I quickly switched out and put on a white tee with a white vest.  Then I hated that so I put my white denim jacket on over the white tee and told myself I would have to live with it.  BUT, but the time I had brought the kids …

Fall decor in 20 seconds

I have to admit that I wasn't feeling particularly...wordy, yes we'll go with that....on Saturday night when I went to do my posts for the week.  But thankfully I was feeling creative and decided to make a quick compilation of a recent Pin that I decided to conquer on the weekend.  You see, I have this spot on our stairway that always has a string and clothespins that I will change it out with the season, but I had nothing for fall.   Lucia had made me some toilet paper art for the summer....that was interesting, so I definitely had to do something for the changing of the season.  Heck, I had so much fun making this video that I may do another one for you.  Anyway, a little inspiration and something you can do quickly at home to add a little to your fall decor. So here you go, my fall decor in 20 seconds:

While my video is super speedy, in real life this project took maybe 15 minutes and that is probably exaggerating because it took me awhile to get those 's'-es down.…


I had good intentions of putting together a decent post for today but back to school has officially kicked my butt.  I'm run down, unmotivated and I mostly just want to curl up in a ball and watch Pretty Little Liars.  So instead of what I wanted to post, you're stuck with my random ramblings of wishing, hoping and dreamings of the week (and yes, My Best Friend's Wedding is on my fall movie lineup if you were humming that tune too):
Wishing I lived closer to my blogging friends from the Blended Blog. I just really think they would be great to break bread with (and obvs share a glass of vino)...such outstanding ladies and I haven't even met most of them.  We are celebrating our one year of our collective blog so go check out the posts from this week and learn a bit more about us!

Wishing for beautiful weather next weekend when we celebrate my brother and Jen's wedding.

Wishing for help picking out what to freaking wear.
That the evil mouse that has…

What I Wore: the one with all the summer dresses

WAIT. Before you read this What I Wore post, please head over to the Blended Blog to see the fun Scavenger Hunt that Whitney set up.  3 new bloggers every day and TODAY is my day!  I would love to see some of my people enter and win and then I could yell I KNOW THAT PERSON!


I did a whole 4 days of work last week and for some reason it felt more like 302038.4 days.  Dan was in Winnipeg, the kids were in full swing of activities and the Blue Jays were losing.  Plus I just had one of those weeks where I really didn't want to get out of my pajamas. But I survived.  At least the kids were really good?  Back to what I wore. Well, initially when I started school I wanted to do the whole no repeating shoe thing, which I did last year for the first semester.  Now I've changed my mind.  Instead of no shoe repeats, I'm going for the "wear everything in my closet once" game.  So this week I started going through all my summer clothes that would be put up into the ar…

DIY Cabinet: Every Piece Has a Story

...and sadly I didn't get the whole tale on this one.  But trust me, had I asked, Grams would have told me every last detail that she remembered.  That's what I love the most about our home: it's filled with timeless heirlooms that come from something and just like my paintings, every piece has a story and in this chapter we're taking on the DIY Cabinet project.

So back in February of 2015 when we were clearing out Grams' house after she passed away, the parents would text the grandkids pictures of things that we would possibly want.  It was like being in an auction but a really respectful one where we knew when something meant more to someone else and were okay letting it go.  The process couldn't have gone more perfectly.  When the following picture was sent out, I was intrigued and thought a possible DIY Cabinet project for the future.  I remember always being intrigued by the two cabinets stored in Grams' furnace room and was quick to take one- my cous…

Read, Watch, Listen & Follow Friday

Trying a little something different today with my Blended Blog friends.  Speaking of which, we're celebrating our one year blogiversary on the Blended Blog next week so make sure you check out the happenings and get yourself into the draws with a crazy cool Scavenger Hunt that Whitney put together!

Now back to the regularly scheduled blabber.  Sheila  had an idea for a link up and I had no idea what I was going to post today so win-win.   I'm theming my post on what's going on chez nous this weekend:
49 assignments from my grade 9s (assuming they all get handed in).  I start the semester off with a mini-unit on French-Canadian music because a great way to get to know the kids and play wonderful music.  Of course I picked my favourite French-Canadienne musicienne: Coeur de Pirate who Abbie, Kyla and I were lucky to see live in February.  For the assignment we do a couple listening activities where they have to listen to the song and try to write down as many words o…

What I Wore: the first week back

It's a new month with a new series: What I Wore!

This has been unintentionally perfectly timed with my return to work.  I find it really hard to dress for those first couple weeks as temperatures here fluctuate so much; you need a jacket in the morning and then by late afternoon you're wishing you were in a bathing suit by the pool. Therefore layers is key for me.

That back to school picture is one of my favourite things to do on the first day.  I love looking back and seeing how much the kids have changed but also looking back at what I wore and how much style has changed.  Although, I wished I would have snapped those pictures more consistently. My first day back outfit this year had to be versatile: I had to look nice for that important first impression, I had to have layers, not knowing how the room temperature would be and I had to be able to change after my morning so I could comfortably get errands done in the afternoon.

So again, I reached for the Aritzia skirt that I…