What I Wore: to the wedding

Before I get to my wedding attire, a quick look at the things I wore to work last week.   A nice 4 day work week with travel to Calgary on one day.  All pieces are old and I could go into specifics but I think I'm getting sick and I left this post to last minute so what can ya do? We're almost done the first month of school and I am not even close to being done going through my wardrobe to wear everything once, although I'm getting to the point that I'm tired of getting dressed and would like a few more pajama days.

So my brother's wedding was on the weekend and it took me a ridiculous long time to choose what to wear. Poor Christy and Kyla who got my endless annoying texts asking which one I should go with.  Originally I had the blue dress hanging and ready to go until I accidentally stumbled into Tonic a week or two ago and found the long floral number.  I had also got the black cape blazer to go with whatever I wore so I had to incorporate it.

In the end I packed everything because you just never know how you're going to feel that day, so with the comfort of knowing I had 4 different outfit options, I was certain that I would feel great on my brother's big day.

Friday we hit the mall, visited with family and went swimming before we headed out to the rehearsal supper.  I picked a floral tunic, my new Wit & Wisdom jeans and flats.

I made my mom wear this dress because it looked way too cute on her![/caption]

On to Saturday.....with some suggestions from Christy and her socialite Calgarian friends, they recommended a few salons so that Kyla, Mom and I could book a blow out and get our hair styled on the wedding day.  We ended up going with Butter Beauty Parlour and fell in love with it.  For 30$ I got the most amazing hair do my hair has ever received and we got to sit at round tables while we were all styled.

Then it was time to commence the makeup process. Which is so fun! I kept spamming my friends with pictures...those are just the moments you want them there with you, non?

I went for the smokey eye with nude lip look to go with the long floral dress.  To be completely honest with you, I haven't felt that beautiful and sexy for a long time.  I decided to play up the....girls.....(which is something I rarely do) to distract from other areas. I was comfy all night and could have worn the dress to bed.

I equally loved my sister's outfit.

And just because why not, here are a few of the other outfits from the wedding. I'd just like to point out that I made a point not to have my camera going too much, I wanted to just be there and be present.  As a result, I don't have one picture of our little family together or even of my handsome hubby. Sigh.

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What I Wore: Teacher Style

This week was a bit better outfit-wise in Teacher Style land, selon moi.  I felt good in everything, except for one.  Funny story.  You see, I have to stay in my pajamas as long as possible in the morning (because comfy) and I always leave putting on my outfit to the last 10 minutes before we leave.  In my defence, I pick out what I think would look good.  But sometimes once I get it on (and in mornings lately, take the picture) I realize I hate it.  So the picture in the top left on that beautiful sunshiney morning is what I intended on wearing.  And then with -2 minutes after we should have left, I decided I hated it because when I put my shoulders back the buttons stretch a bit on the booble area. I had a white tank on underneath, but still. It bugged me.  So I quickly switched out and put on a white tee with a white vest.  Then I hated that so I put my white denim jacket on over the white tee and told myself I would have to live with it.  BUT, but the time I had brought the kids to school, I was hating the entire outfit....so I went to Walmart, bought a sweater (12$) and a necklace (10$) and voilà, I felt better. I also pulled off some crazy pattern mixing as you can see in the picture in the bottom middle.  So that's my story of usually every morning in my life.

I am happily putting away all these summer pieces and I even brought down the rest of my fall wardrobe this weekend so I am ready for some fun outfits.  I will take a break from my teacher style next week because I definitely will want to show you what I wore to my brother's wedding!

Also- got some fun things in the mail this week from La Maison Simons....poor Christy getting spammed with all my outfit pictures. Well ha, jokes on you...now you have them too.  I only returned one thing in the green box and I can't wait to style these pieces- not all together like in the picture, obviously.

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I had good intentions of putting together a decent post for today but back to school has officially kicked my butt.  I'm run down, unmotivated and I mostly just want to curl up in a ball and watch Pretty Little Liars.  So instead of what I wanted to post, you're stuck with my random ramblings of wishing, hoping and dreamings of the week (and yes, My Best Friend's Wedding is on my fall movie lineup if you were humming that tune too):


Wishing I lived closer to my blogging friends from the Blended Blog. I just really think they would be great to break bread with (and obvs share a glass of vino)...such outstanding ladies and I haven't even met most of them.  We are celebrating our one year of our collective blog so go check out the posts from this week and learn a bit more about us!

Wishing for beautiful weather next weekend when we celebrate my brother and Jen's wedding.

Wishing for help picking out what to freaking wear.


That the evil mouse that has taken up residence in the ROOF of my truck gets the hell out of Dodge quickly. Ha. That works there. Man, I'm clever when I have wine in my hand. Although, this is a gross white...because, as mentioned in the Snap below, I drank all the good red. Oops. Follow me on Snapchat (@shoestoshiraz) for more ridiculous antics.

The mouse from Dee on Vimeo.


Of fall clothing- I want it all.  From bombers to everything olive to over the knee boots, fall fashion is swoon-worthy in my books.  If you're feeling like you need some inspiration or a little help, why not try out one of Alison's style challenges. That is, after all, how the bloggers from The Blended Blog met!  Click the image for more info. And yes, it's an affiliate link, so I get a commission if you sign up. And no, said commission isn't wine.

GYPO Fall Style Challenge

Happy Friday to you!

What I Wore: the one with all the summer dresses

WAIT. Before you read this What I Wore post, please head over to the Blended Blog to see the fun Scavenger Hunt that Whitney set up.  3 new bloggers every day and TODAY is my day!  I would love to see some of my people enter and win and then I could yell I KNOW THAT PERSON!


I did a whole 4 days of work last week and for some reason it felt more like 302038.4 days.  Dan was in Winnipeg, the kids were in full swing of activities and the Blue Jays were losing.  Plus I just had one of those weeks where I really didn't want to get out of my pajamas. But I survived.  At least the kids were really good?  Back to what I wore. Well, initially when I started school I wanted to do the whole no repeating shoe thing, which I did last year for the first semester.  Now I've changed my mind.  Instead of no shoe repeats, I'm going for the "wear everything in my closet once" game.  So this week I started going through all my summer clothes that would be put up into the archives until I bring them down next spring.

Day one: Mixed print dress + denim vest + birks.

You really shouldn't be surprised with the denim vest addition at this point.  This was my favourite outfit this week and also my favourite background. Spookily pretty fog for the morning drive.  I also washed my hair so there's a winner.  I got this dress on the girls' shopping trip back in June. You can see how we wore it here.

Day two: forgot to take a picture but it was pants and a shirt and shoes.

Yup, super descriptive, I know.

Day three: Maxi + kimono + weird gladiator sandals.

This is the same grey maxi that I wore with a denim vest a couple weeks ago and didn't really like.  So this time I wore the belt it comes with and paired it with the flowy kimono.  I still didn't like it.  Well, I liked the belted look but I think there was just too much flowy?

My newly hired personal photog wasn't happy with the lighting in the first picture, so he insisted I find some shade.  Bossy little chap, he is.  I hope things work out with our contract, I am paying him in Pokémon Go hours.  And no, it's not Dan.

Day four: floral dress + jacket + sparkly sandals that I got for Alynne's wedding.

I actually hated this outfit.  I was walking around downtown in the afternoon and felt frumpy? Maybe it was because all the university students were out, sporting their fabulously fall outfits and I looked like June and an old lady.  Glad this one is going up and away.  I also can't blame my photographer for missing the shoes in the picture...I had to take a selfie and propped my phone up on the garbage can. Yup, class all the way here.  You can even see it in my mirrored shades. Hee heee hee.

Even though I didn't like this outfit, I did manage to have some fun in it and met up with Alison for a noodle bowl and chit chat.  Great way to start a weekend, I tell ya! And oh look! There's my shoes.  Good thing Ali understands the art of getting a good picture, she's almost more picky than me!

Still, after feeling frumptastic in that dress all day, I took to the streets of downtown Saskatoon and en route to find a coffee shop to work in, I "accidentally" went into one of my favourite local boutiques (Tonic) and may have found the most perfect floral long dress......to be continued.....

Link up your fantastic fashion posts with us today! And head on over to the Blended Blog to see who got the most clicks!

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Read, Watch, Listen & Follow Friday

Trying a little something different today with my Blended Blog friends.  Speaking of which, we're celebrating our one year blogiversary on the Blended Blog next week so make sure you check out the happenings and get yourself into the draws with a crazy cool Scavenger Hunt that Whitney put together!

Now back to the regularly scheduled blabber.  Sheila  had an idea for a link up and I had no idea what I was going to post today so win-win.   I'm theming my post on what's going on chez nous this weekend:


49 assignments from my grade 9s (assuming they all get handed in).  I start the semester off with a mini-unit on French-Canadian music because a great way to get to know the kids and play wonderful music.  Of course I picked my favourite French-Canadienne musicienne: Coeur de Pirate who Abbie, Kyla and I were lucky to see live in February.  For the assignment we do a couple listening activities where they have to listen to the song and try to write down as many words or phrases they can pick out.  Way more difficult than it sounds.  Then they listen a second time with the quasi-lyrics in front of them in the hand out below, trying to fill in the odd missing word.  We then talk about what the song could potentially mean.  Finally we watch the music video and then re-examine the theme.  The second day I have them go through the same styled activity but with a second song by Coeur de Pirate.  At the end of it all, they write 2 paragraphs for me in a compare/contrast of both songs, as stated by the curriculum outcome.  Fun!  Well, I think so anyway.  There a couple more outcomes in the curriculum for song, so I usually cover a little Jean Leloup ou Stromae.  Pour mes amis que enseignent, laissez-moi savoir si tu veux une copie de ces projets, je serai contente d'en partager.


My kids grow up too quickly? The tomatoes ripen? The geese starting to fly south? The cute little fox who has taken up residence in our yard? The stunning colours of the Saskatchewan skies in September?  So much to observe that sometimes I just need to sit down and take a deep breath and digest all the life going on around me.


My inner 90s gangsta would likely scream out the lyrics of some random rap song that always seems to be on my Spotify...but I would have to say if any music is playing, it's either Britney's new album, Glory or Drake's album, Views.  I would like to answer something classy, like jazz, but it's not fall enough for that.  I will also be listening to the Jays if I'm not watching them take on the Red Sox this weekend.  Here's to hoping they remember how to play ball....eek.


Any recipe that contains tomatoes.  Some serious baking will be happening in our home as the tomatoes ripen.  Or perhaps I may just pack them up for my brother's wedding and throw them at him randomly throughout the day.  Either way, these perfect little babies are getting used.  This weekend I have a small amount ready, 10ish, so I'm going to make a batch of my mom's hamburger soup recipe which you definitely should try here.

Wishing a wonderful weekend,


What I Wore: the first week back

It's a new month with a new series: What I Wore!

This has been unintentionally perfectly timed with my return to work.  I find it really hard to dress for those first couple weeks as temperatures here fluctuate so much; you need a jacket in the morning and then by late afternoon you're wishing you were in a bathing suit by the pool. Therefore layers is key for me.

That back to school picture is one of my favourite things to do on the first day.  I love looking back and seeing how much the kids have changed but also looking back at what I wore and how much style has changed.  Although, I wished I would have snapped those pictures more consistently. My first day back outfit this year had to be versatile: I had to look nice for that important first impression, I had to have layers, not knowing how the room temperature would be and I had to be able to change after my morning so I could comfortably get errands done in the afternoon.

So again, I reached for the Aritzia skirt that I got so many miles out of this summer.  I posted about it last month, details are here.   This skirt was picked because I could easily layer it with a fun blazer and and then simply add a flowy tank top for my afternoon and switch out my shoes.  Results? I am very happy with this outfit and don't be surprised if variations of it keep being repeated.

I actually went back in my archives to see what I wore on the first day last year, and I kinda like that outfit too.  You can see it here.  Come to think of it, I also really like my hair in that post too.  Yup, with fall comes the urge to change the colour. Again.  And because I had two days with students, you get my second day outfit, which I kinda like but don't really love.  This dress makes me want to go vintage with bold red lips and a fun updo.  Will re-think this one.  I would also like to note that I'm trying to wear a different shoe whilst teaching this semester. I did it for first semester last year and I'm not sure if my students noticed and/or cared.  Ah well, I had fun.

Linking up with the ladies from the Blended Blog- every Wednesday in September we'll be showcasing outfits that we put together.  Link up with us today!


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