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What you didn't know...

Awhile ago I did a post, or at least I thought I did a post- but I couldn't find it when I went back to look.....anyway, in said imaginary post,  I revealed some facts about me and then Christy, my true blue since the first day of kindergarten wasn't surprised at all by anything.  Wow, that was a long sentence.

Anyway, I started trying to come up with a better list and made it while on the girls' trip with Christy at my side, to make sure I was surprising her with crazy facts about crazy me.  So, here we go:

  • I'm no ticklish.  The kids try to test that all the time but I don't do the giggle.

  • I like spoons way more than forks and always pick a spoon for desserts.  Like pies. Or peach cobbler.

  • I don't like bowling or Build a Bear.  I cringe being in those places with my kids, even if they're having the time of their life.

  • I despise the loud hand dryers that have replaced paper towel in bathrooms.  I would rather wipe my wet hands on my pants than assault my ears.

  • I have a big head- I remember being terrified Willis would too before he was born.  For the record- he does have a big head and all the crazy thick hair too.

  • I am the chauffeur, photographer and host of the group...and I love doing those things but sometimes get rebellious and NOT plan things.

  • I was always very uncomfortable going to the bar in the University years.   I hated making conversation with people I didn't know and would much rather just quietly people watch in the corner.

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my favourite bed time snack.  But I only have it once in awhile because holy sugar, batman.  My husband thinks my affection for cereal or toast as a bedtime snack is strange...but the man likes pie for breakfast so I don't listen.

  • I have to have my hair on my big head thinned twice a month in the summer.

  • I don't like the Olympics.  I think I watched maybe 10 minutes all summer...Wait, that's a lie..I did watch a couple of the men's vball games- Willis was really into hearing about how Dan played against (or with, I can't remember) one of the guys.    I will, however make an effort to watch the Paralympics, I have a student who will be swimming.

  • I don't like the Tragically Hip but did tune in to the last bit of their last concert because I felt very unCanadienne not doing so. It was the first time that Dan actually knew songs and I didn't.

  • My nicknames have been plentiful, but my favourite one is Dee. I will also answer to Deener, Deenie, Princess Dee (kidding. Kinda) and Parky.

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  1. Katie Mitchell25 August, 2016 19:12

    Loved learning more about you!! I get my haired thinned out too when I get it done!! Also, people watching at bars is the best!!!

  2. Living on Cloud Nine25 August, 2016 23:03

    Cannot even tell you how much I love this! We have a family friend who is high jumping in the Paralympics as well, he is quite the inspiration story around these parts. I had to smile, our boys favorite cereal is cinnamon toast crunch and this mama has been known to pop in the cabinet and grab a handful before bedtime, ha ha. Have the best weekend and you awesome lady!

  3. I have a large head and my husband has a smaller one so we hoped Connor's would be normal. And it is!

  4. My kids love cinnamon toast crunch and I always have a spoonful before I pass them the bowl. I think the 2 most surprising for me were the last 2. I'm with you, I'm not a huge Olympics fan and I often feel like the only one! Tragically hip... I had no idea you weren't a fan. It was the first concert that James and I ever went to. You've inspired me to start a similar post.

  5. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch! It's amazeballs. And ugh I can't stand Olympics. Snooze fest!!
    I've done Build a Bear a few times. Pure evil in there, plus it's all expensive!! $14 for a piece of fabric for a bear?? It is better than Chuck E Cheese though. And those jumpy places like Air Zone (where kids jump on trampolines)---pure war zone! Lol

  6. Can I have your extra hair!! I could use more! Lol!! :). People watching is the best!

  7. Haha - bowling and Build A Bear. My husband thinks Chuck E Cheese is actually the third level of hell. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the most delicious cereal - and I don't even know who Tragically Hip is. Which probably makes me very unhip! Loved this post!

  8. I also don't like the Tragically Hip, not because I don't respect them, I do...but their music just wasn't my thing.

  9. YAY! I mean, glad to hear I'm not the only one and I wouldn't have known that about you either.

  10. SO. MUCH. HAIR. Will trade you for wine.

  11. bahahahah Chuck E Cheese. Cinnamon Toast Crunch seems to be the popular cereal...

  12. I agree about the jump places...I only go when we have the place to ourself. I hate crazy jumping people.

  13. lol- do you have problems finding hats like I do???

  14. You went to a concert?? You can add that to the list of things I didn't know about you

  15. I would love to people watch and have beers with our thick hair together !!

  16. I loved this list! It was so much fun finding out more about you! I'm not ticklish either, I'm convinced it's all the power of the mind! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XO -Kim

  17. I don't really like bowling or loud hand-dryers either! I really don't like anything loud for that matter...

  18. Although I tend to reserve cereal for breakfast time only I did nod my head along as you said you didn't watch the Olympics - I don't either, I'm not big on watching sports. It's different if you know someone competing :)

    Always nice to read more about someone! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  19. My grandma always ate cereal at bedtime, and I do, too. I see we are in good company. I will take pie or cake any time of the day. Are you shy? I would never ever have thought so but some of these reflections have me wondering. I am so uncomf in a bar that I can't even do the people watching in the corner.

  20. Such fun facts Deena. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best cereal in the entire world but I won't ever buy it because I will eat the whole dang box. So I deprive my children because I have no self control. How is that for #truth :P.

  21. Love learning more about you! I'm with you on the loud hand dryers! Bleh.
    Making the Most of Every Day

  22. I loved reading this. I have a big head too. I usually have to buy guys' hats.

  23. I like forks better than spoons and always choose that option when given the choice! I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch for a bedtime snack too, I'm not a huge cereal fan but CTC and Frosted Flakes remind me of childhood bedtime snacks with my dad, it's a weird comfort food but it totally exists for me!

  24. I totally agree about the hand dryers - I get they're more eco-friendly but really?! I'd rather not use them to get them "half" dry!

  25. Im not ticklish either and I hate it! I wish I was. It's awesome when you're in a tickle fight. You always win lol. Toast is the most amazing thing for a bedtime snack. I also enjoy pizza in the wee hours of the morning lol. Happy Tuesday <3

  26. They are the worst. Thanks for stopping by!


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