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Summer Style: that vest again

I almost didn't post this outfit because when I saw the pictures, I decided I didn't like the way it looked as an ensemble and also because apparently that I only wear maxis + vest + sneaks when I go out. Last week I wore kinda the same thing here and so this week, instead of breaking into my sister's house, she was kind enough to snap the pictures for me.  She's nice that way. She also makes a good cookie, so there's that too.

Things I like about this outfit? The backpack, the shoes and the sunglasses.  So basically everything except the actual clothing,  which was just kinda blah to me.  I think what this needed was a belt or something, but I'm not a fan of the belt so live and let live. Or learn. Or whatever.

Outfit deets:  Sunglasses, Vest, Maxi (old, but while searching for it, I found this dress that I now want and would probably have looked better with this outfit. Okay, you've convinced me, I'll order it) , Shoes (also couldn't find the Sho…

Favourite Fall Foods: the one with all the pumpkin

September long weekend for me marks the beginning of fall.  Maybe that's because it means school has officially started and I have to redefine routine and dig out my work clothes.  Or maybe it's because the nights start getting cooler, we're constantly serenaded by crickets and it's dark by 9.  Regardless, I'm at the point where I am starting to anticipate fall and will start digging out the decor, the clothing and the recipes.  So naturally, my blog posts are going to be more fall oriented and we're going to start today with my favourite fall foods: the one with all the pumpkin.

I thought it would be fun to cover some of my favourite fall foods because of all the pumpkin we acquire at the end of each August.  Dan's parents are also on an acreage and have a beautiful garden in which they grow an enormous amount of produce. But also enormous sized pumpkins.  I think we had 500 lbs of pumpkin in the back of our truck on Sunday.  The kids spent the day with t…

What you didn't know...

Awhile ago I did a post, or at least I thought I did a post- but I couldn't find it when I went back to look.....anyway, in said imaginary post,  I revealed some facts about me and then Christy, my true blue since the first day of kindergarten wasn't surprised at all by anything.  Wow, that was a long sentence.

Anyway, I started trying to come up with a better list and made it while on the girls' trip with Christy at my side, to make sure I was surprising her with crazy facts about crazy me.  So, here we go:

I'm no ticklish.  The kids try to test that all the time but I don't do the giggle.
I like spoons way more than forks and always pick a spoon for desserts.  Like pies. Or peach cobbler.
I don't like bowling or Build a Bear.  I cringe being in those places with my kids, even if they're having the time of their life.
I despise the loud hand dryers that have replaced paper towel in bathrooms.  I would rather wipe my wet hands on my pants than assault my ears.

Summer Style: Stripes + a vest + Adidas

Alright, so only one of those summer style prompts appear on the graphic, but whatever- tis the summer of no rules and well, I made the graphic so I can do what I want. Why not?

Regardless of my rebel-ness, I'm showcasing a striped dress today, paired with a vest and some retro kicks- my Adidas Superstars.  And to add to my badassery, I broke into my sister's house while she was at the farm and took outfit pictures in her backyard before rushing over to Sara's house for a Tupperware party.  Okay, you can take cool points off because I went to a party for plastic containers..but the food and the company was good and well, gotta love me a good cheese grater. Also, they make great containers for salad dressings.  So there.

I'd give you the deets of the outfit but it's all old and unavailable...kinda like me sometimes. Bah. Necklace- Stella Dot Sanibel Pennant, Shoes- Adidas Superstar, Dress- similar, Vest- Forever 21.

Link up your outfits here today!  Linking up here

Ghost of Deena Past: Advice to my high school self

There are many things about high school that I would like to relive.  Most of them are petty things: the tiny waist and toned arms, the lack of real responsibility, the endless amount of time with friends or maybe the in-house chef, in-house life organizer and bill payers.  Life is so different to how it was 20 years ago that sometimes I have hard time remembering the person that I was.  In fact, I know that if I were to meet the ghost of Deena past and have a conversation with her that it would be a weird one as there are many lessons I wished that high school Deena would have learned earlier.   So here you go, this is my advice to my high school self:
Advice to my high school self: It's okay to be alone.
High school Deena was a social butterfly with a gazillion friends and a phone that rang off the hook.  So much so that my parents got me my own line...922-PARK..back when landlines and phones that attached to a wall were a thing.  That Deena was involved in everything school rel…

Family Travels: Niagara Falls + Toronto in 5 days. Part 2

On Monday I covered the first leg of our trip with a stop in Niagara Falls.  Today I want to cover my favourites and my least favourites from the second portion of our trip to Toronto.

Day one: On Monday morning we hopped in the car and drove 1.5ish hours to Toronto- it was a lovely drive and the only stressful part was the small portion of downtown Toronto that we had to navigate.   Thankfully they had a room available for us- travelling becomes a little tricky when Lucia's meds have to be refrigerated.  We stayed at the Renaissance hotel that is part of the Rogers Centre complex, where the Blue Jays play.  As a side note, some day in my life I would like to stay in a room that overlooks the diamond so you can watch from your room.  But I also want to sit front row by the Jays' dugout behind home plate some day too. #lifegoals.

Anywayyyy....shortly after arriving, Shaunacey and her little family arrived in downtown Toronto and we had our first meeting.  The kids were all kin…

Summer Style: What I Wore in Niagara

Today I followed my own prompts, for once and am showcasing an outfit I wore on our trip to Niagara Falls.  When packing for our trip to Ontario, I purposely packed blue + paisley and showcased it with shorts.  This outfit was simple and comfy and I happily spent the day gallivanting in all of the 42 degrees of heat.

Link up your summer style outfits with us!

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Family Travels: Niagara Falls + Toronto in 5 days. Part 1.

Today I'm covering my version of our family travels: Niagara Falls & Toronto in 5 days.  You see, the kids and I have very different opinions of what was awesome on our trip last week and maybe you agree with them.  You can read what they picked as their top 10 here. But maybe you agree with me.  So here's my version of the good, the bad and the really awesome.

Day one.  Travel Saskatoon to Toronto via WestJet.  2.5 hours.

I like travelling with my husband because well, he's my husband but also because he upgrades us to Plus when we fly because he's tall and doesn't fit comfortably in regular seats.  So on our early morning flight on Willis' 9th birthday, we were front row and the kids loved it.  Doesn't hurt to get water bottles, free food and drinks on top of all the leg room.  Once the crew found out it was his birthday, they gave him extra special treatment.  I can see why this was on his highlight reel.  Mistake #1 came when we landed in Toronto an…

The Top 10 of our trip: the kids' highlight reel of Toronto and NiagaraFalls

I have a lot I want to share about our trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls but today will just be the feedback from the kids in the form of the top 10 plays of the week from our highlight reel:

 Niagara Falls boat ride: The Hornblower- it was really neat getting right up into the falls (and getting quite wet).  This was one of Willis' faves...Lucia wasn't overly thrilled.
The flight, specifically on his birthday.  The WestJet crew was especially awesome when they found out it was (in the early hours of) his birthday and announced it on the flight and then gave him a present.  #thelittlethingscount
The SkyWheel on Clifton Hill in Niagara- notably on the third time around for Willis as he was scared the first part of it.  Lucia, on the other hand, loved every second of it....which isn't quite evident in this picture, oy.
The glass floor in the CN Tower: Shaunacey and Dan steered quite clear of this area, whereas Willis and Lucia were jumping on it.  We waited 1.5 hours to stay up…