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Mommy Diaries 5 years later: Rae

My University french teacher friend, Rae is up today.  You can read her original post here: 

and now, 5 years later....

It’s interesting that when seeing my first set of answers from five years ago, many continue to be the same today!  :)

Gavin: 6 years old

Brianna: Soon to be 9 years old

Highlight of Motherhood:

Definitely the snuggles & hugs, especially at bedtime.  I also have to add, although not a specific moment, watching your babies “turn into” the people that they are with their own preferences, talents, and opinions.

Hardest Part of Parenting:

1) Trying to find the “balance” that we Moms keep hearing about!  Trying to be the best mother, wife, and teacher that I can be is really, really hard everyday.  I feel like I fail in at least one of those areas all of the time, never mind trying to find time for myself as well.

2) Forgiving myself when the patience runs out and I turn into the scary Mommy.  :(

Guaranteed Meal: 

Now that has become more challenging since each child has their own distinct tastes & preferences, however for a family favourite probably BBQ burgers & fresh veggies.

Best Product: 

Right now, for the kids, I would say Lego and ANY book.  Lego because it is something that the kids can put together independently or we can all jump in and do so much imaginary play together once things are built.  Books because I LOVE reading with both kids and I LOVE that they LOVE reading.  They can stay interested in their books for hours!

Best Piece of Advice:

Despite the craziness of full time jobs, soccer practices, report cards, housework, etc. make time for family time.  They just grow up WAY too fast!


  1. So happy to hear that kids still like bedtime snuggles at 6 and 9...:)

  2. Being a mom is such a blessing... Love reading your insights.

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  3. Totally approve of your best product answers...Lego and books! Yay, YOU!


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