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Mommy Diaries 5 years later: Mel

Up today is one of the friends that I miss the most and would love to reconnect with asap.  Mel.  You can read what she wrote 5 years ago here:

and 5 years later....

Highlight of Motherhood: 10 years of raising kids and everyday continues to bring rewards and challenges. 

Hardest Part of parenting: Discipline and following through with consequences.  Life is a journey and the kids sure need to learn hard lessons at times but it also sure makes me question my parenting. No one said it was going to be easy when having to put my foot down or teach them right from wrong.   They go one minute from saying "I hate you" to saying "I love you".  I just think "oh that's what my mom meant" when she said "I can't wait for you to have kids!" LOL 

Guaranteed Meal: To be honest right now it's a quick drive through meal.  Working full time & 3 kids in activities doesn't leave much time for food prep and sitting down to eat a meal.  I am so thankful for the summer off and being able to cook more often in the kitchen!

Best Product: Two- Way Radios.  Great for the lake when the kids are off playing with friends.

Best piece of advice: Patience, patience, patience!


  1. What a great series, Deena! It is great to read - and hear stories from mothers and all they do (and sacrifice) for kids.

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  2. Yes to the patience and oh gosh the consequences, sometimes you really just don't want to follow through but you know you have to, kills me every time!

  3. Mel looks as young as she did in the first post. Mommying hasn't aged her a bit.


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