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Mommy Diaries 5 years later: Lisa

My lovely friend Lisa is up.  Here's what she had to say 5 years ago about mommyhood.  You can read the original post here:

and now 5 years later....

Highlight of Motherhood –

I love watching the girls learn new things/skills whether it be athletic or educational. When I watchedmy 4 year old daughter learn to ride her bike last summer my heart swelled. It swelled with pride. It also swelled with ache that my little girl was growing up and it swelled with joy at the site of her smile and her joy in her own accomplishment.

Hardest Part of parenting –

Amongst the plentiful Blessings of being a parent, there definitely are challenges: daycare; broken arms; whining; sibling fighting; discipline; everyday, persistent, nagging mom guilt. However, I think the hardest parts are yet to come. The one thing I would imagine as a constant throughout parenthood is the doubt. Am I doing this thing right? Sleep training, breastfeeding, solid foods, timeouts, behavior management, education, athletics, social functions, driving etc. We all experience this in one form or another. Being a mom is such a mixed bag of emotions as they grow, adapt, learn, and move on. We worry, we love, we stress, we care and we try our best. Loving these little beings so fiercely comes with a roller coaster of emotions and I believe that is the hardest part.

Guaranteed Meal –

grilled cheese, yogurt and granola, milk (the theme here is dairy!)

Best Product –

Muddy Buddy rain suits – it’s a full body splash suit that keeps them warm and dry! And the Chariot bike trailer 2 seater (bike attachment and jogging attachment). We have used this from infant to 5 years old.

Best piece of advice –

“Pick your battles”. I have to repeat this to myself daily as I am a very stubborn person and my girls have inherited this not so lovely trait! I usually want to continue the battle out of principle “I can’t back down now, I already said no once”. I have a hard time changing my response with the intent that I am teaching them the lesson that they can’t always get what they want. However, I should save the energy for later knowing full well there will be more face offs to come that day. These fiery little princesses get so little choices in their day that sometimes it’s nice to allow them the choice on the small stuff. If they want to wear pajamas to daycare/ run errands, then let them!


  1. Yay for grilled cheese with a side of tomato soup at our house. Has been dinner on days when I could hardly go. I am saddened but not surprised at how many of us "moms" have mommy guilt. Is there such a thing as 'daddy guilt' I wonder? Or we bare enough for both parents.


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