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Mommy Diaries 5 years later: Elaina

Up today on Mommy Diaries is Elaina- you can read her original post here...oh my, so much as changed since she started 5 years ago...Elaina is currently expecting her 4th!

and now, 5 years later:

Highlight of Motherhood:   I love being a mom!  I love when I come home from work and I hear the kids running to the door yelling "Mommy I missed you!!"  Everyday is filled with new exciting milestones from self-feeding, to crawling, to their first word, to sleeping through the night, to potty training, to the first day of pre-school.  Each of these milestones offers its fair share of challenges, but when our children become successful and independent at the skill they have acquired, you get a real sense of accomplishment and pride in your job as a parent.  I also cherish the sound of a deep belly laugh that the kids have when they are playing an intense game of hide n seek or getting tickled by either Bryan or myself.

Hardest Part of parenting:  The lack of sleep and alone time with my spouse.  We really took those years for granted when it was just the two of us! By the time we get our little ones to bed (5, 3.5,1.5 year old and one on the way) we are both so tired that we end up falling asleep on the couch.  I don't remember the last movie, night of sleep, or dinner that wasn't disrupted or rushed by our children or babysitters needs.  I know that some day, Bryan and I will have that time again, and I don't wish for these days to go any faster than they already are, I think we just need a vacation from parenting to refresh LOL!

Guaranteed Meal:  Pasta- we love pasta is all ways- Lasagna, KD, alphagetti, baked spaghetti and meatballs,  tortellini, noodles with marinara sauce or meat sauce- Pasta is truly a staple in our home!

Best Product: Kirkland WIPES!  We use these for everything from cleaning our children to our house!

Best piece of advice:Take care of yourself and try to look at every situation from a positive perspective.  If you aren't stopping and taking care of yourself, you'll burn out and have a hard time taking care of your family, and giving them the love they deserve and need.  I really had to make an effort to take care of myself this year and to start enjoying life, instead of complaining how exhausting it was.  With my young family, a new job with new responsibilities, extra-curricular commitments and community obligations, I found that I wasn't making any time for me. I was always giving, but never replenishing the well.   I was feeling run down, catching every illness and lacked a positive perspective on life.  By making a conscious effort to get up early and exercise, watch the foods I put in my body, increase my water intake, make time for friends and gardening, and relaxing and enjoying my family, I have come a long way. Once I started taking care of myself, and trying to look at the negative things with a positive perspective everything else in life seemed to fall into place.


  1. So true we need to take care of ourselves and for me letting someone else pick up some of the slack instead of trying to do it all myself. :)

  2. Four little ones in five years - that is a lot! I am sure there is not a lot of quiet time.

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  3. Taking care of yourself first so that we can care for others is the best advice and a good reminder for all of us! Loved reading this post!

    Doused In Pink

  4. Katie Mitchell12 July, 2016 10:10

    Wow! Great idea to do these updates! God bless her with 4 little ones! And great advice for moms! PS- I love the kirkland wipes too!! LOL

  5. Wise words on the importance of taking care of yourself in order to better love and care for your family. So hard to do when there are so many demands on every mommy's time. I cannot imagine four babies. Or almost four. Bless her heart!

  6. Elaina, you said it so well- take care of yourself!!!!! I need to remember this more often.


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