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Mommy Diaries 5 years later: Alynne

My beautiful friend, Alynne is up today.  You can read what she wrote 5  years ago here:

and now, 5 years later: 

Highlight of Motherhood:

Watching my kids grow. I love being there for those “aha” moments, first goals, watching Karter read a book to his sister… it is truly a honor

I love to watch their confidence grow as they marvel in their successes, and l love still being that supporting hand to pick them up when things don’t go their way.

Hardest Part of Parenting:

The challenges of raising a strong willed child – Our first child is kind of a push over I guess you could say. For example, if I was to say “Karter, please stop doing that”, he would immediately stop, apologize and think about what he did. Our younger child, in the same scenario, would get a little twinkle in her eye, and you could almost see the conspiracy theory going through her head as to how she is going to get away with said task. She does NOT like the word NO, she is a very determined little girl. In all honesty, this may come across as negative, but I am happy my daughter is strong willed. As a girl, a woman, I want her to stick up for herself and not back down. People that know her well, know she is a sweet soul, but understand her strong willed nature. I think the key for me is learning how to parent it. I do not want to punish her all the time for sticking up for herself, as this shows confidence. I fear her eventually losing that confidence and not understanding that it is a good thing to challenge and stand up for what you believe in. I think it is finding that balance of not letting her run the house, but to feel safe to stand up for herself. It takes practice and patience and talking and time outs for mommy and daughter, but we are slowly working it out. And, if all else fails, a strong shot (or three) of tequila is highly recommended.

Best Product:


Best Meal:

Homemade pizza and caesar salad

Best Piece of Advice:

Give yourself a break, no one is perfect & we all make mistakes. Learn and grow.


  1. These little ones are so cute! Love reading this series this week too. Have a great weekend! -xo



  2. Best product - TEQUILA! Indeed! Love it. Adorable babies.


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