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June in numbers

The lazy, hazy days of summer have begun: the days are smerging together and I can no longer tell you what day it is, the new routine has been established and the relaxation that is so much needed has set in.

Life is good.

Couple things to talk about.  First, thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers that you have given to the Amundsen family, your kind words made me smile and your prayers are appreciated.

Secondly, I'm back to blogging, kinda.  I have a fun series update that I had friends email me in the past couple months that I will run for the next three weeks, which will give me a break and get some really fun content out at the same time.  So look for the Mommy Diaries: 5 years later starting on Monday. I may pop in on Wednesdays with some fashion stuff, but highly unlikely as I have yet to get out of my pajamas. Just kidding, I'm wearing lulus and my Harry Potter tee every. single. day.  But I love it.

So you won't be hearing from me on this blog for awhile, but if you want to see what trouble I'm getting myself into, then I would highly suggest you follow me on SnapChat , as I think that will be my social media platform of choice for the summer. (username: shoestoshiraz).  I will likely continue posting on Instagram (@shoestoshiraz) and maybe here and there on Twitter (@shoestoshiraz), but the rules for the summer are THERE ARE NO RULES DO WHATEVER I WANT.

I'm looking back at my June, using numbers, because I'm mathy that way.  Wanna know what I did last June in comparison? Read here- I mostly just like seeing how little Lucia was in the pictures and holy cow, how much I spent on clothes.

So, as for this June which was insanely busy but also incredibly beautiful...

14 ball games attended between the two kids.  I love spitz, so I don't mind at all.

4 kids performances: Willis' year end piano recital, his talent show and then his music recital at school and Lucia's kindergarten graduation. My favourite is this clip from Willis' music recital where dude makes a cameo and sings!!!!!

Willis can sing! from Dee on Vimeo.

Eleventy Billion hours spent correcting and doing final report cards.

1 Date night to the zoogala with the husband.  He clearly loves selfies as much as I do.

1 Camping trip for the kids- they took a quick, end of school trip to Sandy Lake but the boat broke and well, they had some good laughs and made some great memories. Dad has since fixed his boat problem. Get a new one. I like how he thinks.

2 Birthday parties: Lucia's 6th- she had her classmates to a movie- The Angry Birds and then friends and family over for supper and Macy's 3rd very pink and princessy party.

2 or 3 Lunch with friends- I love having a close friends who blog- it can make for some very interesting conversation.  Also, I never seem to catch a picture of Jordan when we do our biannual finals lunch I'll use an old one because I can.

 5 + Hours spent writing a lengthy affidavit for a friend whose ex-husband is being a complete douchebag.  I should probably add 10000098303 texts sent back and forth and 129347572 conversations had, trying to help her through this.  Some people are just idiots, end of story.

15 years missing Kelly- Alison and I went out for lunch on Kelly's day- June honour our friend.

12 buckets of strawberries picked, and devoured, might I add

1 really great celebrations had, welcoming our soon to be sister in law, Jen to our family. I can't wait to share a life with her and Rob.  We celebrated alla italiano at the Little Grouse on the Prairie over a lengthy meal and great conversation.  A few tears too.

1 black eye by a missed baseball. Poor dude was swollen for a week.

Well that's it, that's all.  Have a great weekend and come back Monday for the first instalment of the Mommy Diaries 5 years later!

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  1. Oh I'm jealous of your strawberries! The patch we went to was all picked before we got there...

  2. Oh god affidavits..yep, I had to submit many of those. Divorce law is SO fun. Not...

  3. So so glad to be part of your month!! Enjoy that Harry Potter tee!

  4. Summer has kicked my ass. I'm thinking of cutting back some but I have all these ideas so.. I'll just sleep come winter.

  5. Yay, Willis really can sing! So glad summer has started for you. Now I need to figure out SnapChat.

  6. Yay Willis! Such a great job! Glad that you are fully enjoying summer, as it should be! Now I definitely need to do snapchat...still trying to figure it out. And happy that you and Abbie can get together on the regular! So cool having a blogger friend live so close.

  7. Snapchat has become such a fun addiction! Followed!

  8. Sarah...get snapping! :) It's been a fun change.

  9. I like your summertime rule, I think I can handle it. This is such a fun way to recap a month, loved seeing everything you got up to! XO -Kim

  10. So much summertime fun! That video of Willis is so sweet! How cool that you have a blogging friend close by! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  11. Down with rules! Oh wait, there's one rule, wine with Shaunacey in August and LOTS of Blue Jays!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is all.
    I'm not nearly organized on the blog front lately.

  12. Sounds like despite the bad news you managed to have a good June. Enjoy your summer and your little bit of a blog break! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  13. Man, you really did get all mathy on this one. Eleventy billion. Sounds legit. No rules for the summer. Isn't that a song or something? Or I'm just combining random things because it sounds fun.

  14. It sounds like you had quite the ups and downs this month but you seem to be in good spirits! I will keep you in my thoughts, though! I know that it takes awhile to feel truly at peace when something so terrible happens!

  15. haha I just read this through email and didn't read what I wrote first, and I was like, what? My fingers? Clearing snapchat is not even on my radar! ;)

  16. Eleventy billion hours, UGH! Can't wait for your new series!

  17. Um, I don't think eleventy billion is an actual number. ;) And yay to new boats! That sounds fun, and also like the perfect solution, lol.

  18. Willis's voice is so sweet. And so is his smile. What a tough month for some of your friends. Glad you are there for them.


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