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The kindergraduate

It has been an emotional week chez moi- from trying to wrap up a school year with some really great students that I know I won't get to teach again, to the massive piles of final projects that await my correcting and marks being due early next week.  I know, I know, the stresses of work will soon be done with and there will be nothing but sunshine and rainbows- but the correcting has to get done, and that's daunting. We also had the ending of Lucia's first ball season and wrapping up a great season for Willis, to trying to be everywhere and engaged and a part of it all.  But then there was also the preparing for Lucia's kindergarten graduation.

Lucia's kindergarten graduation? How did that happen so quickly?

And just like that she's done.

Our little girl had a great first year of school- she was blessed with caring teachers, new friends and the best gift of all- a love of learning. I think it's fair to say that Lucia has changed a fair bit since September- she has grown around 2 inches, can understand and speak a second language, is so very close to reading and wants to be a vet.

She is a beautiful little girl who brings joy to everyone around her.

And was she ever surrounded by those people on Thursday. I feel so grateful that she has been able to experience all these incredible firsts right beside her cousin and best friend, Kinsey.

During the celebrations, Lucia said to me a couple of times that she felt very loved by all the people around her.

Be still my heart.

These two. One day we will have pictures just like this of their high school graduations and their weddings. They will have each other their whole entire lives. It still makes me sad to know Lucia doesn't have a sister- my sister is one of the  best things in my life- but she has her Kinsey.



  1. Living on Cloud Nine23 June, 2016 22:40

    Oh sweetie, love this!! Just the pictures melt my heart!! Sweet girl, sweet mama, and here's to a sweet weekend!!

  2. ohhhhh!!!!! How very lovely! Congrats to you both but I'd be crying some ugly tears when my babe graduates Kindergarten… I did for the first one!

  3. She really had a an entourage there to celebrate her! What a lucky girl.

  4. How cute is she!!! And side note...Love, love, love your hair in that first photo! Happy Friday!

  5. Omgosh!!! As a former teacher I know the end of the year is totally bittersweet! But then... summer! Your little lady is to-die-for cute and now off to first!! So exciting!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  6. Sounds like kindergarten was a huge success. So glad those babies have each other for surrogate sisters. Lovely family pic.

  7. Aww your daughter is adorable, so nice she has a cousin to experience it all with too! :) They grow so quickly, it sounds like she's had a wonderful year :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. So sweet and I LOVE that she is wearing sneakers with her pretty dress. My Emily would do the same exact thing.

  9. Congrats to your babe's Kindergarten graduation... loving that fam photo of the 3 of you!! Time surely flies with little ones... my daughter starts 5th grade in the fall and I'm still astounded... Hope the craziness settles for you soon and you have an amazingly enjoyable summer!

    All the Cute 🎀
    Today's Post: Fourth of July Style

  10. So darn cute! I feel like 1st grade is the real deal for school...I mean kinder is too, but for some reason 1st grade seems so much more permanent. Like you're in school for the next 16 years...haha. Congrats and so glad that she felt so loved, every child should feel that.


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