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Honouring Shaye

I just can't bring myself to blog, it just all feels so trivial.

On Tuesday, the world lost a beautiful soul in the young life of Shaye, the daughter of a friend I played ball with for many years in Shellbrook.  While I didn't know Shaye as a young adult, she did spend many hours on our bench, learning the ropes from her allstar mom, Mel, who is one of the most talented athlete I have known.  Not only did I look up to her on the field, but also because she still managed to be a devoted mother, even breastfeeding on the bench between innings.  Mel did a Mommy Diary entry for me back in 2011, which you can read here.

This reminds me so much of losing Kelly that the pain feels real again. Kelly was also a ball player, was also the one super involved in everything, like Shaye, both girls stunningly beautiful blondes whose smile could light up an entire room.  I know the pain that her friends are feeling in these moments- I have lived those awful and devastating moments.  I am als…

Summer Style

If you want to see an example of what I am wearing, then you'll have to visit the post I did for the Blended Blog on Tuesday here.  Today I'm just going to leave you with the link up for the last week of Create 28 as well as the newfangled style thingy we'll be doing in July and August.  Très laid back, très relax, très a little bit of everything.  Have some fun with us too and link up your blog posts or Instagram picks on Wednesdays, don't forget to use #theblendedblogstyle....

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Styled by Someone Else

What happens when Lucia, Kinsey, Willis, my mom and Jen get a chance to play in my closet and dress me? Well you'll just have to head over to the Blended Blog today to find out.   Spoiler alert- there was a lot of floral.

My childhood summer

Congratulations, Mom and Dad, everything you did planning our childhood summers has had such a huge affect on me that they have are now exactly what my children will be enjoying the most about their summers. The circle of life, or something like that I suppose. See what these three things have in common on my post over on the Blended Blog today.

The kindergraduate

It has been an emotional week chez moi- from trying to wrap up a school year with some really great students that I know I won't get to teach again, to the massive piles of final projects that await my correcting and marks being due early next week.  I know, I know, the stresses of work will soon be done with and there will be nothing but sunshine and rainbows- but the correcting has to get done, and that's daunting. We also had the ending of Lucia's first ball season and wrapping up a great season for Willis, to trying to be everywhere and engaged and a part of it all.  But then there was also the preparing for Lucia's kindergarten graduation.

Lucia's kindergarten graduation? How did that happen so quickly?

And just like that she's done.

Our little girl had a great first year of school- she was blessed with caring teachers, new friends and the best gift of all- a love of learning. I think it's fair to say that Lucia has changed a fair bit since September-…

What I Wore: Create28 Easy on the Go

I wore 2 of last week's Create28 prompts: Ball Park Babe and Easy on the Go (modelled by the lovely Shaunacey here).  So I thought I would feature my easy go-to formula for today's post: denim, a neutral top and pop of colour in shoes, bag and jewelry and I'll throw on a military jacket for layering at night.

This outfit got out to 2 events on the weekend: the birthday party for a 3 year old and then the movies (we saw Finding Dory-  Lucia and I loved it, Willis and Dan did not).  On the weekend I rarely do (and by do I mean comb) my hair as it is almost always in a braid and the only makeup I wear is my SPF CC Creme and some blush. Weekends are for keeping it simple in my books.

I gotta talk about the jeans.  They were a purchase in Edmonton (again, the weekend we moved into the mall) from Express...which was a surprise success of a stop for all ladies.  Sara had bought jeans from there on last year's trip and FORCED us to try them on.  I was done shopping at that point…

What's in...... my gym bag

I am soooo behind in things I wanted to post, so I figured better late than never.  On the Blended Blog a couple weeks ago we started a new series: What's in my...  You can check the original link here and see what all the amazing ladies posted and then the great link ups too.  Because I have officially made going to the gym part of my weekly routine, I thought it would be fun to share what's in my gym bag instead of my handbag, also I'm a rule-breaking rebel-rouser at heart, just ask my mom, so it makes sense that I deviate.

I purchased my lulu bag secondhand somewhere online and it has been the best lulu purchase to date.  Except for the leggings (here) I have been using lately for workouts. Gotta love side pockets for cell phones.  So everything I can fit into my gym bag is: running shoes, workout clothes, towel, water bottle and shampoo and conditionner.   My favourite part of going to the gym is the steam room after, so a towel and hair stuff is a must.  Speaking of …

Ball Park Babe

True story- I wanted to marry a guy whose last name was Ball.  Just so I could be Deena Ball-Park.  Yup, my maiden name is Park and a love for all things baseball runs deep in my veins.  So naturally, I would pick this prompt for Create28.

We live and breathe ball in our home: this is the first year in probably close to 30 that I haven't played, the Jay's games are always on the tele or the radio and every night for the past 2 months, I have spent at the diamonds cheering on my kids. I am now a ball mom, toting my kids to their games and well, to be honest, I am perfectly happy with that.  I miss swinging the bat and legging out a triple, but I don't miss the time commitment.  It would have been impossible for me to play anyway with Lucia playing Mondays and Wednesdays and Willis on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So I thought for this edition of the Create28 prompt, I would show you what I typically wear to their games and what is in my tote that comes along.

In my tote you wil…

The summer dress

The Summer Dress, via Create28

I bought this dress on our girls' weekend at Loft. I'm just going to pretend you aren't sick of hearing about the weekend we lived in a mall.  Loft was one of the Friday night stops and I don't think we were expecting to come away with anything, mostly because Loft is a store I don't normally rush into but am sometimes surprised at what I found.  Turns out we were all surprised at Loft and many of us left with some cute dresses.    Candace bought a beautiful black drop waist dress (2nd picture, 2nd on left) and Alynne and Christy both bought a really cute maxi dress.  I originally bought a gingham drop waist dress, which I returned (and am now regretting)- I would also like to know why the dress is listed online for 30$ more than the regular price in the store. Weird.

The dress that survived the cut for me was this off the shoulder chambray dress, because something chambray was on my list.  Sigh, so was something gingham. Let's …


When I asked Lucia at the end of her birthday what was her favourite part she candidly replied: the presents and the cake.

Typical answer, I suppose. But there was so much more to her day.

She had a busy day couple days which started on Friday afterschool with her brother's gift.  He buys with his own money and was so happy to take her to Build a Bear- you can see the super exciting action (I hate that place) from my Snap. I was quite pleased with her pick though- she picked a Moose and put chocolate scent inside him. Chocolate Moooooose. Hahahah.

[video width="480" height="854" mp4=""][/video]

Saturday was a busy day- we had morning cuddles and cartoons and then we were off to a matinee with her classmates.  7 little girls, man did we make lots of trips to the bathroom.  Angry Birds was the movie- the kids loved it, I thought it was kinda lame. Dan enjoyed all the puns.  As soon as the…

Lucia, the 6 year old

Our girl is 6 tomorrow and we will spend the weekend celebrating the beautiful little light that she is.  It has been an absolute blessing to watch this little lady grow, literally and metaphorically ;)

I could wax poetic about the wonderfully amazing little girl that she is, but instead, I'll let you watch a compilation of her year with a quick retour en arrière at the end.

See for yourself; to know Lucia is to know joy and love in it's purest form.

Have a great weekend, I'll tell you all about ours on Monday,

Fringe Fun with Create28

For my look I decided to style my tablecloth-like Fringe cardigan for one of our nights' out in Edmonton this past weekend.  I bought this vest on zulily last year and have enjoyed wearing it as a statement piece.

I paired it with my platform sandals (old, from Winners many years ago) and a tassle necklace I picked up on the weekend at Simons.  The last accessory, which is the newest is my big purchase while in Edmonton: the Apple Watch.  I went with the smaller version and a lavender coloured sportsband.  I have a lot of learning to do but so far I love it!

So there you have it, my fringed look.  Thanks to Christy for taking the pictures for's nice not being the photog for once!

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What We Wore on our Shopping Trip

As you likely know, I am still riding the high of our girls' weekend in Edmonton.  It's soul-filling, life-giving, laugh-inducing and budget-breaking (oops). And every last second of it is golden in my books.  So I thought it would be fun to feature what we wore as my fashion post this week.

About the outfits- it was the year of the dress!  Sara and I were twinning with this cute dress from Simons (here) and were also too lazy to take off our pants for the photo.  Christy got the Aritzia swing dress that I talked about last week (here), but she got a different brand (here) and then returned this one and bought another in Christy blue.  Candace's dress (one of her 5) is from H&M, which I couldn't find online.

I love this look on Candace (maybe because she was recreated the one I just posted last week)  She found the sleeveless cardi at Simons and the swing dress is the same one Christy bought.  Alynne is showing her shopping look- she went with a denim jacket over …

A girls' weekend, in numbers

Normally I would review my month but because I'm just returning from the annual trip with the girls, I figured why not recap our getaway in numbers? Also, it's my game

As you know we all drop everything for one weekend a year regardless of the going-ons and take some time for ourselves and our friendships. This year we headed to Edmonton and stayed and played in the mall. Naturally. Here's a little look at the fun:

Conversations about bladders and peeing- so many. We even had a timed race to see who peed the fastest (me)
Coffees: 7 en route
Saturday shopping - 5 morning at second cup
Sunday morning- 5 at second cup.
Drinks of choice- London fogs, flat whites and vanilla beans

Bathroom breaks- 3 on the way down. 2 on the way home. A million while in the mall

pysanka sighting and snapchat made of the day

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]
3 dead horses on the way. Ac…