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If you want to see an example of what I am wearing, then you'll have to visit the post I did for the Blended Blog on Tuesday here.  Today I'm just going to leave you with the link up for the last week of Create 28 as well as the newfangled style thingy we'll be doing in July and August.  Très laid back, très relax, très a little bit of everything.  Have some fun with us too and link up your blog posts or Instagram picks on Wednesdays, don't forget to use #theblendedblogstyle....

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What's in...... my gym bag

I am soooo behind in things I wanted to post, so I figured better late than never.  On the Blended Blog a couple weeks ago we started a new series: What's in my...  You can check the original link here and see what all the amazing ladies posted and then the great link ups too.  Because I have officially made going to the gym part of my weekly routine, I thought it would be fun to share what's in my gym bag instead of my handbag, also I'm a rule-breaking rebel-rouser at heart, just ask my mom, so it makes sense that I deviate.

I purchased my lulu bag secondhand somewhere online and it has been the best lulu purchase to date.  Except for the leggings (here) I have been using lately for workouts. Gotta love side pockets for cell phones.  So everything I can fit into my gym bag is: running shoes, workout clothes, towel, water bottle and shampoo and conditionner.   My favourite part of going to the gym is the steam room after, so a towel and hair stuff is a must.  Speaking of the gym...I have been doing really good lately, incorporating weights into my weekly workouts at least twice a week since February.  One problem is that I like challenging myself, so I've been lifting heavy...and well, now I hulk out of all of my shirts.  I suppose it isn't a bad problem to have, but I will have to do some major work this summer doing more reps with lower weights so I can get rid of the bulk.

Can we talk about the shampoo and conditioner in my bag for a second? I received these products free as part of a campaign through BrandBacker and I gotta say, I'm in love.  They sent me the Charcoal with Citrus Oil Purifying Shampoo, Conditionner and Deep Conditionner and well, I highly doubt I'll be using anything other than these HASK products for awhile.  Why am I so enraptured? First off it's the scent: fresh lemon.  My husband even commented on how nice my hair smelled and he has never complimented me on that before.  Secondly is how soft my hair felt after using them.  Like silky and smooth soft, couldn't keep my hands off my hair soft.  Lastly it is the longevity of the wash.  I could easily go 3 days without even thinking about applying a dry shampoo, which is amazing in itself.

I wish I could capture the smell in a picture.  That's gotta be a thing someday, because this is the first smell I would send your way.  The smell is so good that I want to try the other shampoos available just to see how they compare.

I like to try a lot of different products and once in awhile I come across something that goes immediately into the rotation of keepers.  The Hask Charcoal with Citrus Oil Purifying line is a fine example of just that.

Wanna play along with us? Join in the link up fun on the following dates as we share our what's in our....just wait to see what I hide in my storage room. Muhahhahaahhahaha.

Fringe Fun with Create28

For my look I decided to style my tablecloth-like Fringe cardigan for one of our nights' out in Edmonton this past weekend.  I bought this vest on zulily last year and have enjoyed wearing it as a statement piece.

I paired it with my platform sandals (old, from Winners many years ago) and a tassle necklace I picked up on the weekend at Simons.  The last accessory, which is the newest is my big purchase while in Edmonton: the Apple Watch.  I went with the smaller version and a lavender coloured sportsband.  I have a lot of learning to do but so far I love it!

So there you have it, my fringed look.  Thanks to Christy for taking the pictures for's nice not being the photog for once!

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What We Wore on our Shopping Trip

As you likely know, I am still riding the high of our girls' weekend in Edmonton.  It's soul-filling, life-giving, laugh-inducing and budget-breaking (oops). And every last second of it is golden in my books.  So I thought it would be fun to feature what we wore as my fashion post this week.

About the outfits- it was the year of the dress!  Sara and I were twinning with this cute dress from Simons (here) and were also too lazy to take off our pants for the photo.  Christy got the Aritzia swing dress that I talked about last week (here), but she got a different brand (here) and then returned this one and bought another in Christy blue.  Candace's dress (one of her 5) is from H&M, which I couldn't find online.

I love this look on Candace (maybe because she was recreated the one I just posted last week)  She found the sleeveless cardi at Simons and the swing dress is the same one Christy bought.  Alynne is showing her shopping look- she went with a denim jacket over a tank because the temperature in the mall was either way too sweaty or way too cold.  Also- check out her converse!  I love this outfit Sara put together- all from Simons, skirt (here) and shirt (here)

I enjoyed embarrassing the girls and taking pictures while we were shopping.  Check out Christy's cute skirt and denim vest combo. I feel like we had to talk her into this one (found here)

And there you have it, what we wore shopping (which really encompasses the entire weekend because we didn't leave the mall except to go outside to the Cactus Club)

I'm linking up today with my girls on the Blended Blog. We're showcasing daily looks on various blogs - head on over to the Blended Blog to see how the ladies styled the first 7 looks.  And then come back tomorrow when I show some Fringe fun!

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A girls' weekend, in numbers

Normally I would review my month but because I'm just returning from the annual trip with the girls, I figured why not recap our getaway in numbers? Also, it's my game

As you know we all drop everything for one weekend a year regardless of the going-ons and take some time for ourselves and our friendships. This year we headed to Edmonton and stayed and played in the mall. Naturally. Here's a little look at the fun:

Conversations about bladders and peeing- so many. We even had a timed race to see who peed the fastest (me)
Coffees: 7 en route
Saturday shopping - 5 morning at second cup
Sunday morning- 5 at second cup.
Drinks of choice- London fogs, flat whites and vanilla beans

Bathroom breaks- 3 on the way down. 2 on the way home. A million while in the mall

pysanka sighting and snapchat made of the day

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]
3 dead horses on the way. Actually we didn't know if they were dead or just lying down but they looked very dead. So we did google it and found out that horses only require sleep every few days. Update: horses were alive on the way home. So I would like to change this to 0 dead horses.
4 pairs of converse- was the shoe repeat purchase of the trip.
10 pairs of shoes purchased total

3 kimodos, as Sara liked to call them
2 dress repeats (Alynne and Christy, Sarah and I)
11 dresses bought- none of the dresses in this picture were bought.

3 jeans repeats (Sara recommended the jeans from Express...we fell in love)
5 Korean sheet face masks

1 lady schooled on designer handbags (Alynne came home with a beautiful find)
5 hours shopping on Friday, 8 hours shopping Saturday

1 winner in our shopping day step challenge (Candace)- we all averaged around 18,000 steps.  Christy got most of hers dancing in our room to 90s tunes.

3 names given to our Roman goddess statue: Amber, Athena....she ended up being Venus.

Here's a few things all about Christy:

3 really good Christyisms.......Sendimentary, how do you figure? She is cute like me.
8 hours Christy booty shaked in the hotel (with or without pants)
Number of time Christy forgot we were in the room and stopped changing - 2
Times in aritizia- 4 - so much that Christy got recognized every time.
8 items returned. We'll call them regret purchases, here is an example...although Sara loved this one on Christy.

3 cases of palm bays, twisted tea and Cheladas consumed and morning mimosas.

2 snorers (me and Alynne), 1 crappy bunkbed, beautiful Roma themed room that we all stayed in, old school slumber party style.

1050 Kilometres travelled to and from Saskatoon and Edmonton

No pizza or nachos consumed, much to Christy's chagrin. 3 meals twined (Alynne and Candace's warm kale salad at earls. Sara and candace's calamari from Opa and Alynne and Sara's butternut squash ravioli from Cactus Club)
3 songs stuck in head: Fast Car, that Ibiza song and  Ice Ice Baby.
3 times Sara had to explain who Sia was

451 ish days until our next girls' trip...but who's counting....

We are on a break.

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nce a year I pack up for what is likely the most anticipated and most necessary weekend  of all weekends: the moms get a sanity break shopping weekend extravaganza.  And alas, the weekend is finally here and I am spending some much needed quality time with my girliefriends.  After 72 hours with this wonderful women, I will come back shiney and new, excited to take on all the roles that I play in this crazy life.  Here are a couple of lessons I've learned since we started this tradition in 2006.

The kids are okay without me.  They will survive. In fact, they will get some much needed one-on-one time with their Dad, will likely get spoiled and see Grandparents at some point.  Why is it that grandparents flock to the side of a single-parenting father to help the minute a mom goes away for a weekend?  Maybe because when the momma isn't around you do get some great uninterrupted time with them because they aren't spending every minute pestering me..... MOM, MOM, Mom, Mom, Mommy, maman, Ma, Deena, Mama....I swear my kids are obsessed with me.  And yes, they will pout and put up a stink that I'm leaving, but I know, deep down, that they will create some valuable memories with their Dad.

I need my friends in my life.  I need to work on my friendships, even when I have been friends with these ladies for 30 years.  Regardless the length of the friendship, it still needs fuel for the fire and this weekend provides tons of that, along with all the memories it creates.  I hope our annual tradition continues as we age; I know I will always need my friends in my life.

Roadtrips are good for the soul.   Especially when you're driving on endless highway with nothing but farmer fields and the endless Saskatchewan/Alberta skies surrounding you.  I don't know, it's something about the simplicity that makes me appreciate the bigger picture.  I plan on taking my good camera this time and taking some nice pictures of what is home to us.  We typically go to Edmonton or Calgary, in fact it was just at the beginning of the school year that we did our last year's trip. You can read about our adventures in Banff here.  This year we're heading the 5ish hours to Edmonton and staying in the mall at Fantasyland.  In fact, we probably won't even go outside on the weekend.  You can read about the last time we were in Edmonton here.

Stay tuned on Monday when I do my monthly numbers recap linkup and recap our weekend with numbers. Should be interesting.

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