Style Perspectives: The go-to summer dress

by - May 31, 2016

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday marks the end of Style Perspectives and the beginning of Create28.  Create28 will have daily prompts that will be styled by whichever blogger is listed on the date and then we'll continue showcasing our looks on Wednesdays with a linkup on the Blended Blog. So yes, it says me for the summer go-to link, but you should also swing over to Lana's blog to see what she's doing for it.   I decided to combine the last prompt from Style Perspectives (Summer Dress) with the first prompt for Create 28 (Thusly my summer go-to dress).

So, I told you about the time I asked you which of my two dresses for a graduation you liked the most and you voted for the blue one.  Which I returned.  The red floral I have had for a couple years, it's a gem that I found on ModCloth and have gotten lots of good wear out of it.

But I wasn't convinced with the blue one...I felt very good in it, but when I looked closely in the mirror I saw way too many rolls #weareourownworstcritique.  So by chance, I was killing time in the mall with no intention of buying anything, just leisurely gaining some steps with the Fitbit and likely sipping a latté before getting my kids from school, when of course, I stroll into Aritzia and EVERYTHING FITS PERFECTLY.  And also, of course, this is the week before our girls' shopping getaway weekend. #thewaysherolls #thestruggleisreal.  So I buy a long vest cardigan inspired by a look I saw that I loved from Shauna over at Lipgloss and Lace (and quite frankly, I want everything she styles) (I think she's my style spirit animal. Move over Jillian Harris) and I also found a simple and super cute black swing dress that I decided could be very versatile after seeing Sarah sport converse with her stripes on last week's post.

The finding of the dress was clearly serendipitous as that upcoming weekend I had a fun Sunday that I could easily sport the dress styled two ways.  And alas, the subject of my blog post; my summer go-to dress- the swing dress.

Why does the Sanibel Pennant always get stuck on my boob......[/caption]

Look 1: Dressed down which I wore for running errands and then going to watch Kinsey's year-end piano recital.  I also ended up changing out of the vest and using my white denim jacket instead.

Funny sister texted me the day after I had found the dress saying she found a cute swing dress at Aritzia.  What are the chances that she bought the exact same dress as me without knowing it. Or maybe I bought the exact same one as her.  There are two different versions, one is 125$ and the other 55$.  Difference is material and the 55$ one comes in more colours.

yes Lucia is almost as tall as me. Look at her feet! Also- yes, I am wearing a backpack- my new favourite thing![/caption]

Look 2: Dressed up for a night on the town with our Splurge girls.  We headed out to the Bon Temps Café in Saskatoon for a Cajun Créole Boil.  If you follow me on Snapchat (@shoestoshiraz) you would have seen the crazy fun it was!  I got tons of compliments on the dress too.

And there you have it: my go-to summer dress which has officially been named the swing dress.  If you have an Aritzia near you or want to order online, here are the links: Princely Dress 125$, Princely Dress 55$, Dunkirk Sweater.  Another fashion blogger I follow, Andrea from Stylish Adventures with AL, who is also an Aritzia lover, mentioned that Aritzia has it's big sale in keep your eyes peeled for some good deals.

I wonder what the other ladies are wearing today...hope on over to take a look at their summer dresses!


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  1. I love both ways you styled the dress. And, yes, swing dresses are the best! And your pink Converse are so adorable. And I love the long vest over the dress for a fancier look. And my long necklaces always get caught on my boob, too, and I never realize it until I'm done taking photos. The struggle is real for big boobed gals!

  2. Living on Cloud Nine31 May, 2016 21:43

    LOVE! You are a cutie patootie!! The pink converse are so you and makes this outfit so fun and perfect for Summertime!! The vest is darling too, love how versatile this dress is!!

  3. The pink converse shoes are toooo cute! You look fabulous in the swing dress, that is my favorite style. Thanks for hosting the link-up party. I hope you will join me in mine as well.
    Tania @

  4. That swing dress is such a great staple! Both looks are styled perfectly! I love the addition of the vest!

    Doused In Pink

  5. That dress is sooooo cute on you! I LOVE it!


  6. Great dress! I love it with the converse and vest. Also, I don't have the necklace getting stuck on my boob problem :)

  7. I so love a swing dress! I love how you styled it two ways: up and down! That long vest is really versatile! Can't wait to see what other looks you'll create with it!
    Making the Most of Every Day

  8. I LOVE how the vest turned out over the swing dress! So perfect, and you look so pretty. Looks like a fun time with the girls too :) And PS, you really do have the best smile!


  9. Yay for our pink converse with the swing dress. I'm obsessed with swing dresses right now! So happy I gave you the extra push to get one for yourself, that black one you picked is perfect...and I've never heard of Aritzia you speak of...Need to go check it out, like right now.

  10. Love that dress! As always, great style!

  11. love this fun dress and how you styled it! super cute and comfy :) I'm all about that lol.

    stop by and chat ♥

  12. I spit out my water when I read about your necklace getting caught on your boob. This happens to me every single time. I'm constantly moving it back to take pictures. This dress, styled both ways, is just so gorgeous and so you. I'm very jealous of your pink converse. And your hair is perfect. Love everything.

  13. LOVE the whole look of that vest and dress and also, isn't aritzia the best?!! I'm obsessed with Shauna's style too! Anddddd by the way this week I randomly bought a new diaper bag and it's a backpack!! They are so in right now!! Such a fun post to read, my friend!!!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  14. Nicole Miller01 June, 2016 03:16

    OOO I love that swing dress. And all the ways you styled it!

  15. Great dress! It looks amazing with the denim vest & the long vest! And how funny that your sister bought the same dress! She has good taste! :-)

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  16. That is a great dress! I absolutely love it both ways! That long vest is perfection with it!

  17. And now I am convinced that I need some converse even more than I already did. LOVE that swing dress.

  18. I've been loving the swing dresses recently!! Old Navy anf Gap also have great ones!

  19. Perfect go-to summer dress. I can see you in this over and over - it screams Deena!

  20. Love the dress - and your purple chucks - it is totally you!

    Daily Style Finds

  21. LOVE this on you!!! As if I don't love everything on you!!!! I saw that meal on snapchat and it had me drooling hardcore!
    love, your bobble head-to-be

  22. I must not shop. I must not shop. I must not shop!!! What a cute dress this is and I would love it in about three different colors. It would work for errands, playground, beach, ice cream at Waskesiu, drinks on the patio, etc.

  23. I love this black dress and need it ASAP. It's exactly what's missing from my wardrobe.

  24. Remember seeing Insta video of the waiter pouring out that Cajun boil and wishing I was there. The colors, textures and art! Culinary art! Love your grad look and dress. That was my fav between it and the blue. Just felt like it was more you. The pockets sold me. Now today's dress, two ways. So versatile. Comfy casual and comfy chic. Love that you and your sissy bought the same dress.

  25. P.S. I lasso at least one breast every time I wear any necklace other than a choker.

  26. This dress can go anywhere! Love the breezy factor, too. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  27. Loving both looks!! The one with the magenta sneakers is super cute!!!

    All the Cute 🎀
    Today's Post: Alena's Style: White Eyelet Romper

  28. You look so pretty!

  29. Bright sneaks are my new fave thing.

  30. It was culinary art and the atmosphere was super fun too

  31. Dear Alabaster princess, you are my fave.
    The end.

  32. BAHAHAHAHAH. I triple dog dare you not to shop. OHHH, Waskesiu. Now I am more antsy for summer

  33. Definitely add converse to your list...goes with your cool chick vibe!

  34. I think the long vest is my favourite part

  35. I will have to check those out

  36. and that's when I know I picked a winner!

  37. I am already thinking of other ways I can wear it

  38. Hooray for swing dresses. You can't go wrong with a fun one like this.

  39. Katie Mitchell04 June, 2016 23:55

    Love, love, love!!! And Lucia herself is looking fab!! I need pink cons!

  40. […] off our pants for the photo.  Christy got the Aritzia swing dress that I talked about last week (here), but she got a different brand (here) and then returned this one and bought another in Christy […]


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