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Blogging tips: on making money blogging

The questions for this week are: do you belong to any affiliate programs?  If so, recommendations?  Have you worked with brands (free products, sponsorship, paid posts)?  What tips do you have?  Have you personally reached out to any brands?  How/Who do you reach out to?  Tips for being successful in reaching out?

Here's the thing, I don't have super blogging tips for this.  In the past, I have been contacted by companies, mostly online stores from China to review their sites.  They pay 15$ ish a post, but I have stopped doing those as I didn't really feel like they fit in this space and it didn't seem sincere.  I think mostly I was excited to be making money blogging, which was up to 100$ a month for awhile.  The worst are the companies that ask you to do a post for free but they will "promote" it on their social media and then they get all picky with how you word things.

I have now decided to only do sponsored posts for companies that provide me with product so that I can give a real review for something I have actually experienced.  I have one of those reviews coming up on Friday for some art I received.  I am also a member of organizations like BrandBacker or Influenster and will occasionally receive product to review.

There is also Izea which pays for posts on blog or social media and shopsensestyle which is an affiliate program that gives you $ per clicks or purchases from your clothing links.  I have had very small success with them, but enough success to fund some Starbucks, so hey, that's a win, right?

Wanna know my dream world for working with companies? I like clothing and I like sharing that with friends (okay, mostly I like telling my friends and family what they should wear) but I want to work with the companies that I support, like the Bay or Simons and neither of them have affiliate programs so that leaves that dream in it's little world.  Although, I just googled the Bay affiliate program and apparently they have something, so I am now looking into it.  See, that's where the whole vicious cycle of gaining followers comes into play, because the more I have, the better chance I have of working with the companies I love.

In my ideal world I would just wear clothes and get paid for it, being one of those high earners on Liketoknowit, yup, that's my blog dream world.  If you could get paid to blog about anything, what would you pick?

Hope on over to Jill's blog to see what she has to say!


  1. I'M loving all these tips in this blogging series. I'm definitely going to have to check out some of these links!

  2. I totally feel ya on the companies who ask you to post for free, ughh! Wearing clothes and making a living off of it, yes please;) Great post Deena.

  3. You definitely need to choose companies that are a fit for your blog and ones that are sincere about working with you. There are so many out there that try to take advantage of you by trying to get you to do free posts.

    Doused In Pink

  4. I HATE when people want you to work for nothing... Who does that?!

  5. It is such a tricky battle, trying to earn a profit of the blog! I'd love to be one of those high earners too, maybe one day! I'm trying to be more proactive myself, but that just takes so much confidence! Maybe soon:)
    Darling, Dearest

  6. The whole blog about us and we'll promote it is crap. Crap. I'm just opening up the can of $ making. It's such a balance. I'd love to be a likeittoknowit girl... but then I'd have to buy new clothes all the time.


  7. Ooooooh, a likeittoknowit girl, that would be perfect for you! I can totally see you rocking your "Deena wear". Good goal to have.

  8. I am with you Deena - my dream - get paid to review clothes!

    Daily Style Finds

  9. I see a trend with all of your posts today about blogging for companies for free. It's a huge pet peeve of mine too. I wish there was a "do not email" list or something! I am not going to put my time and effort into posting about a company for free!

  10. I just joined Brandbacker recently but I never seem to qualify for the campaigns! Oh well. My priority is to be authentically me on my blog. If freebies come along the way, wonderful! If not, oh well :)

  11. Dream life! Getting paid to shop and wear clothes now that would be amazing! I've been approached by a few companies asking about my rates for advertising and sponsored posts except I haven't even looked into that stuff so I have no idea what to write back to them. Any advice or articles you know of that might help?

  12. I would love to make a little money off my blog, someday.

  13. I have tried a couple of little things but having to remember to put them in posts, like finding similar pieces to the clothing I am wearing, adding the links to those similar pieces, in the hopes that someone will click on the links and earn me a penny just seems like too much for too little. Besides, I really don't think anyone is going to see anything I wear and think...gee, I want to look just like THAT! Ha! So, for now, I am staying poor and unaffiliated.

  14. They are certainly worthwhile! I would start with Brandbacker

  15. I wish I would have been aware of that "take advantage of small bloggers" trend. I would have been more ballzy.

  16. Confidence, yes. I didn't think about that as something that maybe I am lacking in blogging. It's so tough when there are so many!

  17. yup- I feel like you should be there soon. You are pro.

  18. Definitely agree- makes me think that maybe I should put something in my disclosure or something.

  19. i've read a couple, and the trend seems to be monthly pageviews divided by 10 = how many $ has to be worth your time though!

  20. I completely hear you on the all the work and so little for it. makes me re-think some things.


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