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Blogging tips 5: How I get help

The question of the day is this:  Where do you go for help?  

I believe my answer will apply to anyone, whether you are a pro-blogger, a small fish lost in the big ocean of blogs blogger or somebody just starting out.  Or maybe blogging is the last thing you want to do, but you'd really like to start knitting or selling It Works (please don't DM me in that case.)

Regardless what it is you set out to achieve, the most important thing you will do is finding your tribe.

We all need like-minded people who understand our playing field.  It will be necessary for creative encouragement, for celebrating successes and for keeping sane.  You can do this a variety of ways- by joining Facebook groups for bloggers (I'm currently in this one) but I think the easiest way is to read other blogs and a relationship and you will easily see the connections between bloggers.  Once you've found your tribe, latch on and learn from one another.

I have toyed with the idea of taking a course but I'm going to be honest here, the bloggers that I follow who offer these courses send WAY too many emails and are far too transparent.  What I mean by that is they get you to sign up for a course that is free but then prompt you at the end to continue your learning in their paid course.  And ya, I get it, that's their thing but it just seems so unauthentic to me.    So my strategy for blogging has been, when I need to know something,  I google it.  There are a million answers out there that don't require a 300$ course.

My mentors when I started blogging were my real life friends who had blogs.  Since then I have associated myself with my blogging friends and we've formed our own collective blog, The Blended Blog.  These ladies have been such a blessing in my life and yes, they aren't all in the same niche as me, blog-wise, but that I think is something that makes us stronger.  We all come from such different backgrounds and have such a variety of styles and goals that it's impossible NOT to learn from them everyday.

So my leçon du jour for getting help in blog-land is to find other bloggers that you feel a connection with and reach out, ask to collaborate and don't be afraid to ask questions.  You never know what magic can await you when you form friendships with other bloggers!

Now hop on over to Jill's blog and see what she has to share.


  1. Very true, having blogging friends is so important! How awesome you have this strong network of support with the women from The Blended Blog, that's definitely a blessing!! I really need to join one of those Facebook groups too, great tips.

  2. I'm loving this series that you guys are doing! Very helpful!

  3. I haven't taken any courses either - there is so much out there that you can google for free. I agree, blogging friends are your most important resource!

    Doused In Pink

  4. I just joined that Facebook group a month ago and I am LOVING it. I'd love to do a course on Pinterest but I have SUCH a hard time justifying paying for it. I guess I worry about it sucking and me not utilizing the knowledge I gain too. If you find anything good let me know!

  5. Thanks for being my mentor and friend!

  6. Yep. I totally agree! Blogging friends are amazing!


  7. I literally LOL'd at the ItWorks thing...I get soooo many messages on my Instagram...which I never reply to! Thanks goodness for google and for blogging friends, they've both helped me come a long way! Love the reminder! Hope you're having a happy Tuesday! XO -Kim

  8. Lawd have mercy at the ItWorks people. I'm cracking up! And you are so lucky to have real life blogging friends... I have zero friends who blog, and I think they all think I'm crazy for starting one. It would be nice to have someone here to talk about blogs with, but since I don't, I rely on our fabulous FB group that Chrystie created!

  9. Blogging friends are the best :) Love you!

  10. OMG the direct messages drive me crazy! Google is a blogger's best friend!

  11. We are on the same page about paying for courses (which you can read my learn by experience on my blog today). So glad to be part of TBB.

    Daily Style Finds

  12. I sign up for courses and start them but allow life to get in the way, and rarely complete them. So much of what I hear the 'instructors' saying is common sense (which I admit I do lack). I think the bottom line is you just need a little confidence or a lot of courage and the gumption to just dive in. Live and learn.

  13. Yes, blogging friends are great! And I have also taken a few "free" courses that end with a hard sales pitch to sign up right then and there to get "all the info" in a paid course. It always leaves a bad taste in my mouth...

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  14. Finding your tribe is so key! I've never done a paid course- seems a bit silly for the price they're usually asking, I hear ya. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. Love some of those sweet girls from The Blended Blog! Finding like bloggers to depend on has been so key for me. It has made all the difference taking on this challenge!

  16. I completely makes it more fun too!

  17. I agree...way too pricey for knowledge I'm pretty sure Google would tell me for free

  18. Ya, I'm the same way, I have good intentions but then can never follow through.

  19. The worst and so unauthentic!

  20. Those FB groups are definitely the next best thing!

  21. Thanks for being my mentor and friend!

  22. I have started immediately unfollowing people who DM me for It Works

  23. Is ItWorks that thing you wrap on yourself and magically lose weight? Da fuck kind of stupidity is that? You could just use Saran Wrap and a sauna. If you want to lose weight, I once drank this shot called a Dirty Alligator. Holy crap I puked for days! Probably lost five pounds! Anyhow, keep doing you on your blog. You don't need no stinking blog classes! :)

  24. I am so grateful for our little group and how organically it has grown!
    Making the Most of Every Day


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