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Style Perspectives: The go-to summer dress

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday marks the end of Style Perspectives and the beginning of Create28.  Create28 will have daily prompts that will be styled by whichever blogger is listed on the date and then we'll continue showcasing our looks on Wednesdays with a linkup on the Blended Blog. So yes, it says me for the summer go-to link, but you should also swing over to Lana's blog to see what she's doing for it.   I decided to combine the last prompt from Style Perspectives (Summer Dress) with the first prompt for Create 28 (Thusly my summer go-to dress).

So, I told you about the time I asked you which of my two dresses for a graduation you liked the most and you voted for the blue one.  Which I returned.  The red floral I have had for a couple years, it's a gem that I found on ModCloth and have gotten lots of good wear out of it.

But I wasn't convinced with the blue one...I felt very good in it, but when I looked closely in the mirror I saw way too many rolls #weareourow…

Blogging Tips 6: Photography

What blogging tips do you have for taking photos?  Camera and lens recommendations?  Do you use any products to edit photos or create product collages?  Any sites you could recommend for photography or Photoshop help?
I love photography, always have.  But the problem is, is that I also love videography, painting, blogging, drinking wine, reading books and playing cards, sometimes.  So when it comes to photography as a hobby, I struggle to find time to do everything, because I always want to do everything.
Currently, I have the Canon EOS 70D which serves my photography and videography needs.  The only complaint I would have about it is that I find my videos to be shaky.  Really, I should just bring the tripod out more but that requires work.  Apart from that, I am extremely happy with this camera, especially with the size of the display screen and the wifi connection (I can set it up and then take pictures from my iPhone).   Photography is one thing that I love learning and have taken …

10 things I do to stay on top of things

Make lists: This way I feel on top of everything and at night when I can't sleep and my mind is racing, I simply write it down.  You can read my post earlier this month on my extreme checklisting strategies.
Sunday Self Care Night:  This has become one of my favourite routines of the week.  I usually have a bath (I'm normally a showerer) I paint my nails, doing touchups all week.  I also do my face masks, pore cleansing and plucking and then I enjoy a glass of wine and an episode of Outlander.
Laugh at myself:  I make mistakes, I do dumb things and I say things I regret, so it is extremely necessary that I can laugh at myself after.  Actually, I should change this prompt to just laughter in general.  It's so good for the soul, isn't it?
Apologize to my kids: Sometimes I get really angry and tired and I lose all my steam, typically on my kids and at the end of a long week.  I am quick to apologize though if I feel I lost my cool and I think that's important for my kids…

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Anytime I sit down to think about my life and what I'm doing with it, a quote from my favourite movie comes to mind.  In the movie, the protagonist is writing to her penpal that she met in a chat room in the old school internet days.  She writes...."Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life - well, valuable, but small - and sometimes I wonder, do I do it because I like it, or because I haven't been brave? So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn't it be the other way around? I don't really want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. So good night, dear void."

I think about that often- is the life I'm living as extraordinary as it could be? Am I making decisions because I feel safe or because I'm scared?  Have a fallen into too much of a routine?

My grade 9s challenged me yesterday on my decision to become a teacher- not because they think I shouldn't have, I hope, but…

Style Perspectives: navy and nautical

We are down to the last two weeks of Style Perspectives, but don't fret we have some fun planned for June.  There will be a look everyday, hosted on our own individual blogs and then on Wednesdays we'll continue to do a recap and link up on the Blended Blog.  Stay tuned on Friday and I'll show you the first group of prompts.  

Now on to that navy and nautical look which I wore twice in one week.  That's gotta be a record.  Actually, I think it happened because I wore the outfit to school on Thursday and then forgot to put it away, so when I needed something on Sunday to go in to town for supper, it was an easy pick...on the floor still.
I picked this tank from Banana Republic that's a couple years old- yay for shopping my closet.  I paired it with my new 7s from Vegas and my Birks.  When I wore it to work, I wore the look with wedges.  I also need to point out how perfectly well the earrings go with the outfit.  They were a gift from my ladyfriends f…

Blogging tips 5: How I get help

The question of the day is this:  Where do you go for help?  

I believe my answer will apply to anyone, whether you are a pro-blogger, a small fish lost in the big ocean of blogs blogger or somebody just starting out.  Or maybe blogging is the last thing you want to do, but you'd really like to start knitting or selling It Works (please don't DM me in that case.)

Regardless what it is you set out to achieve, the most important thing you will do is finding your tribe.

We all need like-minded people who understand our playing field.  It will be necessary for creative encouragement, for celebrating successes and for keeping sane.  You can do this a variety of ways- by joining Facebook groups for bloggers (I'm currently in this one) but I think the easiest way is to read other blogs and a relationship and you will easily see the connections between bloggers.  Once you've found your tribe, latch on and learn from one another.

I have toyed with the idea of t…

Long weekend yard work

I practiced being more mindful all last week with how I spent my time.  On Monday I "slept in" until 6:30 instead of my regular 6:00, but I didn't like it because by the time I got ready, the kids were up and I was in full breakfast chef mode and didn't have time to listen to the birds chirp and enjoy my coffee.


So on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I proceeded to get up at 6:00, get ready and then instead of sitting at my computer and reading blogs, I sat at my computer and crafted some posts for the week and got ahead on my cyber corrections.  This felt productive and peaceful at the same time.  Win for the new scheduling of time.  I took to reading my blogs randomly during the days whenever I had a free time, sitting waiting for kids and what not.  It made way more sense going about my week that way but then I felt like I was missing posts, but I'll deal with that.

We're currently in long weekend mode, profiting from 2 extra days to get things done…

Style Perspectives: A Graduation Look

I am approaching my 20 year high school reunion, meaning these beautiful pictures and outfits are becoming vintage.  Okay, maybe I'm being dramatic but isn't almost comical how quickly time goes by?  Sometimes I feel like the 18 year old in these pictures and you know what, if I was graduating this year, I would likely choose my dress again, I still love it.  Definitely wouldn't wear the matching dyed gloves and shoes. Funny story, while prepping for this post I realized that I was missing a lot of my photos from when I took them out of their carefully curated albums to have them scanned.  Sure enough, I discovered close to 300 pictures that didn't make it onto the disc.  Thanks for the crappy service, Blacks.  I guess I'm adding those pictures to my summer to-do list.  In the meantime, feast your eyes on these badboys.....

Top row- my little bro! It's crazy how the difference in our age was so apparent and well now you'd never know. There's 6 years be…

Blogging tips: on making money blogging

The questions for this week are: do you belong to any affiliate programs?  If so, recommendations?  Have you worked with brands (free products, sponsorship, paid posts)?  What tips do you have?  Have you personally reached out to any brands?  How/Who do you reach out to?  Tips for being successful in reaching out?
Here's the thing, I don't have super blogging tips for this.  In the past, I have been contacted by companies, mostly online stores from China to review their sites.  They pay 15$ ish a post, but I have stopped doing those as I didn't really feel like they fit in this space and it didn't seem sincere.  I think mostly I was excited to be making money blogging, which was up to 100$ a month for awhile.  The worst are the companies that ask you to do a post for free but they will "promote" it on their social media and then they get all picky with how you word things.
I have now decided to only do sponsored posts for companies that provide me with produc…

My thoughts on thoughts

Do what brings you joy.
That is my new mantra and I have been doing some reflecting on it this weekend.  How am I spending my time? Is it bringing me joy?  Could I be using my time more efficiently?  The point was further discussed on Saturday when Abbie shared an article with Shaunacey and I.  You can read it here.   It was kinda good timing for that bloggers' rant on the general suckage of mommy blogs in general, as I have been questioning how I use my blogging time and what I could or should be doing instead.  Shaunacey wrote a brilliant rebuttal to the article that fuelled the discussion yesterday and I just wanted to say my peace because sometimes talking through things and putting them out there, help make life make more sense.
The question on my mind is, what would I do with that time if I didn't blog? Would I paint more? Read more books? Watch more TV?  Exercise?
In the end, blogging is a hobby to me, yet the necessity to feel legit eats at me and I don't know how …

Extreme List Making: How I Organize Our Life

I am sitting here on a Thursday night, leisurely sipping (gulping?) my glass of red and enjoying the benefits of being productive after two weeks of crazy.  2 weeks ago I had to take a step back from life as I was having panic attacks just thinking about all the things that need to be accomplished before the end of a school year.  And thusly, I want to share with you today how Extreme list making got me all caught up and ahead of my goals for the most part.  Here you go, you are getting a look at how I organize our life.  So when Leslie asked us this week how we stayed organized, I thought it would be a good day to celebrate how organization helped me accomplish all of the things and I believe she is running a post today too on the findings of her research.  You can visit her blog here.
Things I do in a week:
Teach 2 classes in a high school.  If you have a teacher in your life, then you understand that also means prepping and correcting those classes which is an exponential amount of…

Style Perspectives: a blazer and sneakers

Welcome to Wednesday, the official day of fashion on me blog.  Last week we had a hoot styling leggings and scarves, after which I came to the conclusion that scarves just aren't for me. This is why I love this challenge, it is forcing me to evaluate what works on me and what doesn't.

This week is Carrie's look: a blazer, jeans and sneakers.  Up until this post, I had never worn sneakers with a blazer and I don't know why not, it was a super comfy but stylish outfit for an afternoon out with my kids. Actually, truth be told, when I was taking this pictures, I was actually texting with can see my phone hiding in my book.  My phone also controls my camera, so I was multi-tasking.  And also reading on the couch with my shoes on. Tsk, tsk.

Blazer: Kensie @ The Bay // Necklace & Bracelet: Stella Dot // White T: Joe Fresh // Jeans: Jessica Simpson @ The Bay // Shoes: Retro Superstars- Adidas.

Head over to the other ladies' blogs and see how they styled t…