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March review in numbers

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]am SO happy that it is finally April.  My favourite of all months for many reasons: spring, no snow, lots of birthdays- including mine, usually a break from school and this year, a trip to Vegas!  But first, let's take a look back at March.  You can read my previous number review posts here.

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In March I:

  • Worked out at least 3 times each week.  I am starting to feel very strong and even went for my first run outside.  It was an easy km and just short enough to make me not hate it and want to do it again.  I have stopped weighing myself, so I have no clue about the results, but I know that I feel stronger and I am hooked on that feeling, so let's hope I can stay on that roll.

  • Visited the hair salon 2 times, but both were for Willis. Man, that kid's hair is thick and grows quickly.  Plus he has 5 crowns.

  • report cards received for the kiddos, all in all I am quite happy with their work and progress.

  • 37 parent teacher student conferences done.  We put our entire staff in the cafeteria and each session lasts minutes.  My cheeks hurt from talking and smiling so much after it all.  It is always nice to meet the parents of my wonderful students.

  • 4 rooms spring-cleaned. I made it through our bedroom, the master bath, our closet and the laundry/locker room.  My goal was to spring clean the entire house over the Easter break, but that didn't happen.  It is nice to be lazy once in awhile too.

  • 8000 eggs hidden around the house and chocolate hamburger.  The kids had a great Easter and I was quite happy to stay put.

  • days at home with my kids during our break.  I put an activity on each day to break it up, even if it was just running into town to get ball equipment.  They did well and had an average of time outs and cry sessions a day.  Each.

  • 2 resurrections.  Yup.  Jesus being one and then I brought my succulent back to life by watering it and moving it to a spot with better light. Imagine that.

  • Speaking of succulents, we put 7 beautiful ladies into a greenhouse and did a succulent class for Splurge. Alison won the money.

  • birthdays celebrated: my sister's, Candace's and my bro-in law, Robbie's

  • We had a lot of activity and a lot of imaginative play with the kids in March, with plenty of time spent doing various art projects and even attending Bugs Bunny at the Sympony.  I got to spend some time with great friends, and have started hanging out with my old pal, Abbie from Grumbling Grace more often.  Well, that sentence didn't have any numbers in it. Oops.

  • I read 2.5 books this month and am at  of 30 that I want to read in 2016

  • The Life-Changing Magic was incredible and possibly the best book I've read in awhile. Really made me think.

  • I re-read Dragonfly in Amber because Season 2 of Outlander starts again next week and I wanted give myself a refresher.  Can't wait!

  • I'm kinda embarrassed to say I read Strong Looks Better Naked and that I actually liked it.  There were parts that made me roll my eyes, but for the most part, I really liked her message that there aren't quick fixes to looking healthy and that you have to work hard and commit to lifestyle changes.

  • I really made an effort to sleep more in March and am averaging around 7-8 hours of sleep.  8-9 would be my ideal.

  • lots (not really a number but whatever) new Instagrammers joining in our April Snoop Series. Here is a looks at some of pictures in the first prompt: A view from your desk.  Join in the fun anytime this month!

That's it for this month!  Make sure you check out what some of the other bloggers are doing for their months using numbers!


  1. Living on Cloud Nine03 April, 2016 21:36

    Oh so much goodness in March!! You are da bomb girl, I love your balance of family, work and fun!! yay for the greenhouse, I love my green thumb for the most part and so ready to dig in the dirt!! Ahh parent teacher conferences..I actually miss those sometimes, I always loved to see the parents eyes light up when you bragged on their kid!! Have a great start to your Monday, to the week and cheers to April!!

  2. Katie Mitchell03 April, 2016 22:31

    Such a fun girls night activity! Love that you mentioned about the sleep! I really should keep track of that too...the 5 hours I got last night is not enough!! Have a great Monday! Good luck back at work!! Booooo

  3. Good for you for not weighing yourself! I don’t own a scale –
    on purpose. I laughed at your succulent
    resurrections. YAY for outlander. I CANNOT WAIT. I wish I could sleep as much as you.

  4. I seriously love these posts. Growing up, your birthday always meant we could wear shorts soon. It was the true mark of spring for me. 15 days - yay!

  5. P.S. Love the new header! Can't believe you did that on your own! Amazing!

  6. I love reading these posts! And loving joining in and looking at my month in numbers. And yay for not weighing yourself down with numbers, but rather a feeling :) So we going to do some running in Vegas? And I should get that much sleep...but don't :(

  7. Yay for succulent resurrections! I'm so behind on spring cleaning - ack. I want a chocolate hamburger. April is the best month because I get to see YOU!!!!

  8. Thanks for hosting! Such a fun link up! That's hilarious about the succulents, I have never grown one, but I would probably murder it. I used to have a greener thumb, maybe because before I had kids I had more time, I dunno. And where did you get that chocolate hamburger?! That is amazing. :)

  9. I keep intending to do a numbers post and then life gets the better of me. Once again.
    You had a busy month and so much fun stuff on the horizon, like you know, meeting ME in 10 days!!! ahhhhhhhhh

    Simply Shaunacey

  10. I'm linking mine up tomorrow! Great job working out!!


  11. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom04 April, 2016 04:07

    I think 7-8 hours of sleep is pretty amazing, I always shoot for 7! Whoa... that is A LOT of parent teacher conferences! Amazing work, friend! :) These number posts are always so fun, I need to do one sometime.


  12. Did you move over to Wordpress? You haven't been showing up in my feed. Well, I just followed you on Bloglovins so that won't be happening anymore!! So sorry I didn't even notice. We've had a LOT going on these days. Haha. xxxooo

  13. Hooray for a new Outlander season! I am so pumped! I should have thought to reread Dragonfly in Amber. Silly me. I probably still have time though because whenever I read an Outlander book everything else gets set aside. I am super impressed you've already started spring cleaning. Good for you!

  14. I've been wondering how that Kardashian book was, I heard some good things about it :) Hope you have a great week ahead!


  15. Another great numbers post! Yay, for feeling stronger, friend! I would love a bite of that chocolate hamburger!

  16. Wow looks like you had a great month in March! Great job on the exercise and reading!! I am STILL working on the book I set out to read in February (smh). April is also my birthday month which I keep forgetting about.


  17. Love it. The two resurrections made me lol. Can I borrow that book? I think I need it. You look fantastic fitness inspiration friend!

  18. I hear you about the wantingness to dig in the dirt...that and birds!

  19. OOOOO, glad to find another Outlander fan!

  20. Night before school starts sleep sucks. I didn't sleep last night either. Blah.

  21. if by 'running' you mean 'shopping' in Vegas, then yes.

  22. I am super happy with it and it was easier than I thought it would be!

  23. yay for spring and shorts and no more ski jackets!

  24. Kids change everything, don't they. I use to be a nicer person, I think, when I used to sleep more.

  25. I hear ya...I almost started Voyager right after because, how can you not...but I have the same problem- I CAN'T FUNCTION WITH JAMIE BRAIN!

  26. I did, HIIIIIIII!!!!!! How have you been? Hope all is swell!

  27. it was way better than I thought it would be!

  28. Best month ever for birthdays!

  29. Oh good! So glad I figured it out. Being a blonde, you have to tell me these things lmao! ;)

  30. I just found you through your comment about the Jays on Mix and Match Mama's blog. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  31. Very cool! I'm gonna go check out your stuff too, fellow Canuck!

  32. 4 rooms spring cleaned?! Girl you are on the ball! I love the two resurrections too, baha ha! March was a really good month but man am I SO glad it is April now.

  33. Just found your blog through some friends and it's great! I love this way of sharing your month. It's so much better than reading people's blog numbers which has happened before. btw...that's a lot of easter eggs. Wow!! :)

  34. 4 rooms down but it feels like 18888 left to go. Ugh. I always start strong...

  35. HEY! Welcome! Do you blog?? Would love to follow you somewhere.
    Also, I should note, I have ate most of their eggs.....

  36. Hi Deena,
    Thanks! I do have a blog. It’s

    :) Hope you are having a great day!


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