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Have you ever....

Have you ever....

...felt like you have it all together one moment and then the next feel like you're failing at everything?
...gone on a girls' weekend with girls you have never met before? Well, except 2 of them, you can read about last year's adventure here.
...have to explain to your kids that no, you're not mad and that your face just always looks that way. #restingbitchface

[caption id="attachment_7041" align="aligncenter" width="300"] eyebrows NOT on fleek- I clearly had issues with the point on one and a curve on the other. Best of both worlds?[/caption]

...had 8 hours of sleep and still have to take a nap the next day and somehow manage to still be exhausted by the time bedtime rolls around?
...not clean a bathroom just to be badass?
...regret not cleaning a bathroom the next day and do it anyway, forgetting your badass status?
...try to pack for a trip and somehow manage to hate EVERYTHING you own when you wardrobe is perfectly fine on a normal day.
...sat in the parking lot of the gym, contemplating going inside because you can't find a hair elastic and you really like your hair and makeup?

...purposely unsubscribed to emails because they send way too many?? Same goes with Twitter followers- what's with the new trend of sending an automatic (and very unpersonal) DMs when you follow someone. Turn off for me.
...crave authentic connections with real people?
...have a really great idea and then second guess yourself and end up dismissing it entirely? 4 chocolate chip cookies and consider going back for more?
...only want to eat popcorn and pancakes all day?

I may or may not have succumbed to
someall of these this weekend, but yay for a new week and a little mind-cleanse on this Monday.  Saying them out loud gives me the freedom to acknowledge the crazy and let it go in the hopes of having a better week this week, full of confidence and empowerment. So let's turn these into gratitude statements and link up with Shaunacey.

I am grateful that I have so much on my plate- it means I live a full life with great relationships, a fulfilling job, a wonderful creative outlet and a cute family to maintain.

I am grateful I "met" some wonderful women through blogging and that I get to spend this weekend with them in Las Vegas at a blogging conference (which may or may not take place at the mall) (okay, it's a real conference, with a real venue and real speakers but someone, get me to a mall)

I am grateful that my kids are so good at reading body language and are curious enough to want to know if I'm upset or not.

I am grateful I even got 8 hours of sleep, let alone a nap.

I am thankful I have a beautiful house to clean and a wonderful son who likes to pee everywhere BUT the toilet in the middle of the night. Okay, this one is impossible to turn into a positive. LEARN TO PEE, CHILD.

I am grateful for a strong body and the ability to talk myself into going to the gym, despite all the hurdles I create for myself.

I am thankful for this blog and all the crazy that comes with maintaining a social media presence, when I don't feel like being present some days.

I am grateful Willis can bake cookies and that they taste good.

The end.  Monday grateful status achieved, I'm feeling better already. Have a fabulous day,



  1. I cannot wait to see you in just a few days. You make me want to write posts like this and I will....Love you, dear one!

  2. Yes, I have totally felt most of these & on the regular. I totally have an angry face when I'm not smiling & get asked if I'm mad all the time not just by my kids! Enjoy the conference, I LOVE Vegas and how awesome that you'll get to spend it with friends you've met!
    P.S. I'm hosting a Giveaway today if you want to pop by and enter.

  3. I have definitely felt a lot of these same things too. Hang in there my friend, and have a great time in Vegas! Super jealous!


  4. You're eyebrows look fine! They are sisters not twins!
    Vegas sounds fun. Have a blast. Yesssss to the mall. I'm a total mall rat.

  5. I have a boy with the same bathroom issues. Heck, I have 2!

  6. Living on Cloud Nine11 April, 2016 01:14

    So I think I have felt and done like ALL of these and something I know: You're gorgeous!!!

  7. I feel like the title is a drinking game I once played where you have to drink if you agree with the statement. I would be drunk after reading your points. Except it wasn't cookies it was leftover bday cupcakes.

    Also, you need to get Willis to sit down to pee - even just at night. I even have Hugh trained ;-)

  8. Love every single bit of this. You're awesome and I can't wait to see you in three days!!!!!

  9. I would love it if someone would clean my bathroom for me. Leaving with 2 boys leaves more piss on the floor than in the toilet and I just don't get it!

  10. Way to turn all of those into positives! I frequently don't clean my bathroom but not because I'm a badass...more like I need that nap you mentioned in another point :)

  11. This was such a fun post!!! And who hasn't eaten 4 cookies and wanted to go back for more?? And I've totally skipped working out because my hair looked good and I didn't want to rock the boat. :-)

  12. Oh, the peeing issues of little boys. I can sooooo relate. (And I don't know how "little" your boy is so I'm sorry if I'm insulting him.)

  13. Oh goodness I loved this post so hilarious and so true and real. I REALLY wanna go to a blog conference sometime this year. I need to make it happen. I also can relate. No pony tail holder can completely ruin a trip to the gym :P.

  14. I love this! I would eat all the cookies... I live in a house of boys, so I can totally relate to the bathroom deal... though mama has her own bathroom now #queenofthehouse

  15. All the yes and I'm so glad you turned it into a gratitude thing, that's a feat on a Monday!!!!
    See you SOON!!! That feels so cool to say!

  16. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom11 April, 2016 05:09

    Oh, I totally have those days where everything is perfect, going good... then, something happens and BAM somehow the entire week comes crumbling down! lol!


  17. That first one? That is my life! And 4 chocolate chip cookies? That is my appetizer! 4 is like 1 serving, right? ;) Good thing I don't make cookies that often!

  18. Yup, definitely happens often!

  19. Especially blogging, on that first one, anyway. I heart cookies, especially ones I don't have to make

  20. This is so candid and I love your honesty in it. Your #1 is true for everyone if we are truly being honest with ourselves. #2 proves how open your heart is to new people and new experiences; that's totally awesome. #3 sometimes I try not to clean just to prove that it's no big deal, I can be easy going and carefree, but I am not. I like things tidy, it's just how I am and I appreciate that others aren't but I am. LOL. Love the post and look forward to hearing/reading more about Vegas.

  21. I didn't realize how angry I look regularly until I started doing outfit pictures and 'thought' I was smiling with my eyes. Nope. Not the case.

  22. bhahaha- definitely twins but not the type of twins that get along and share each other's wardrobe- more like the type of twins that play evil pranks on one another and sleep with the other's boyfriend.

  23. Can't wait for green grass and pools!

  24. bahhaha.
    Tried the sitting down thing...maybe I need to enforce it more.

  25. I heart naps. Naps come first over everything these days.

  26. He's little enough that it's acceptable because he's 8, but also come on, when do they figure it out???!

  27. Thanks! I may start making my hair look awesome every day for the very reason of not having to work out.

  28. I can't wait to learn new things. Tons of reviews by all of us next week, I'm sure!

  29. Raises hand...ate 4 chocolate chip cookies and wanted more but I ate them all. Yes to packing and if we didn't have someone cleaning for us nothing would ever get done because blogging and eating cookies are more of a priority. Can't wait for this weekend! Let's all do the girl thing and scream super loud in the lobby when we see each other and jump up and down, haha. j/k...mostly.

  30. Love your rant and your thankful list. Yes to all of the above.

  31. YES! Amen, sister. Here's to skipping the gym when you look too darn smokin' hot to get hot.

  32. Katie Mitchell01 May, 2016 05:55

    How did I miss this? Because it's quote possibly the best ever!! I feel you on the entire sleeve of thin mints is my downfall...and even after eating the entire sleeve, I've thought about opening the second one!

  33. Lol...apparently I forgot to answer the rest of the comments too. Ah well. Love the cookies

  34. So much to agree with here! Yes, yes and more yeses!!


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