Friday Faves: the one with BlogBooks & Kindness

I have felt a step behind everything this week and maybe that is because I'm still getting back to norm after time away from life here and also now that the weather is nice, there is so much to be done outside, so the to-do list seems to be exploding....too much going on. But it's good, all good.  Here are a couple of my fave things going on in my world this week with my Friday Faves.

1- Blog Book time of the year.  I normally publish with Blog2Print and from April-April..but somehow this year I posted a wackload and my book(s)- I have to divide it into two- are going to cost 150+$ EACH.  So I'm going to explore other options but I think that's crazy for the quality, which isn't the best.  I'm pretty sure I can make a better book through Shutterfly and pay a more reasonable price, but I know that it will take time as I would have to do it manually, whereas Blog2Print does it all for you.  I love having my blog in print each year and enjoy looking back on the going-ons of our family.  I hear Blurb is good too.  Any opinions out there??

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Blog Books from Blog2Print My collections of blog books[/caption]

2- Getting back into routine after being thrown waaaay off (in a good way)- I'm a sucker for routine and get really excited for my meticulously planned out life, now to ride that wave of motivation for another 7 ish weeks or so until the school year is done and I get to redefine my routine IN THE SUNSHINE. With no makeup or hair done for 2 months. C'est la vie.

3- I am officially not doing my Friday Food Goals anymore because I'm bored of it and it's my blog and I can change if I want to.  I will continue to post the recipes I am trying, I just won't be giving them an entire day to themselves.  So let's talk about this awesome salad- Barefoot Contessa's Endive, Pear and Roquefort Salad. Super good and refreshing and would be great in the summer.

Barefoot Contessa Endive, Pear & Roquefort Salad

4- Kind words from anonymous students- I had completely forgot about this site (RatemyTeachers) until some of my grade 9s were asking me if I read it.   I hadn't looked at it for a long time and was surprised to see that kids actually use it, kinda.  At any rate, it was a nice little pick me up to see such lovely words.  I love my job.

What students think of me

What students think of me

5- The week of calm before the crazy starts.  I have officially quit my ball career to be a Diamond Mom. (Husband, please read INTO that.)  Lucy has ball on Mondays and Wednesdays and Will is playing on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I look forward to fresh air, sunflower seeds and watching my kids play a game that I grew up loving, all because my parents dragged me to the ball diamond so many years ago.

Come back on Monday for a look back at April, using the numbers. Because its the only time I ever use numbers.

Have a great weekend!

Styling a plaid look

Last week of the Style Perspectives was my favourite week of all weeks. I may be biased because it was my prompt, but whatevs.

Now moving on to our plaid look.

You see, the problem with me being on the ball in March and taking the pictures for the prompts ahead of time is now I have to look at pictures with the remnants of snow. Yuck.  For the record the cursed snow has left, although it did try earlier this week to make an apparition, but I gave it the evil eye and so it left. Or something like that.

So a plaid look today.  I had a mild panic attack because apparently all my plaid is winter plaid and I had put it all away.  Then I remembered this top that I was slightly obsessed with last year, stemmed from seeing a Rails plaid shirt on Possessionista, but I didn't want to spend 80 billion on a top, so I found one on Simons for 20$. Win, win.  The outfit was perfect for a day of adventuring on the acreage and I felt neither schlubby nor too dressed up.  I even ventured into town and felt like a farm girl, but I loved it.

Shop the look (shopstyle)

Head over to see how these ladies styled their looks!

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What to Know Before Starting a Blog

I can remember the moment I decided to be a blogger so very clearly, even if it was already 7 years ago.  I was lying in my hotel room in a small town in Québec, travelling around with a group of high schoolers, showing them all the beauty the province has to offer (okay and all the shopping potential).  Not the ideal trip to take out east, sans la famille, but when given the opportunity to share something I love, I hop on it.

Which makes me equally grateful when Lisa  asked if I wanted to share in the blog loop series she was creating with some fantastic bloggers- I love sharing and I love collaborating, so thank you Lisa for giving me this opportunity.  I hope I can share something with you over the next 6 weeks that you can take away and apply to maybe starting a blog or a new venture in life.  Our first question, which will be answered by 6 bloggers in a loop is What to Know Before Starting a Blog.  Tough one for me to answer because I knew nothing prior to starting, aside from the fact that I wanted to blog. So I am going to share with you 3 of the biggest things I have taken from the process of becoming a blogger, that I wish I would have wrapped my brain around prior to starting a blog.

Identify your goals: What are you going to blog about? This may change along the way and that's okay- it's your blog and you need to enjoy what you're doing.

That decision to become a blogger in Québec was terrifying but also exhilarating for me.  The thought of creating something that would be mine and having a spot to tell my stories overruled the fears I had of the unknown.  At that point the enormity of the blogosphere was not on my radar, in fact, I was completely unaware.  I had three close friends who blogged (Christy, Jyl and Carmen) and I wanted to do what they were doing; sharing their stories and making me feel apart of their lives.  And I did just that.  For 3 years I played with words, I told my story, I shared the going-ons of my world with my close family, I created fun series for my friends to participate in.  Then two big events happened in the lives of my friends that made me change the way I looked at my blog as a medium of communication.  In January of 2010 there was an earthquake in Haiti right when one of my teaching friends was in the process of adopting.  It was a scary time for them because they just wanted their babies and the fact that I could use my blog as a way to share their story and get people writing letters to politicians made me feel useful.  Another pivotal moment for me was in February of 2011, when I learned that I could use my blog as a form of group support, or of prayer.  One of my BFFs, Jordan, who was now blogging at this point, lost her baby, Tripp and my blog became a spot where I put my grief for my friend into words and offer her the thoughts and prayers of the group surrounding her.

Build your content: write, write, write.  Read other blogs that speak to you and that inspire you or that bring you joy.

My eyes started opening to the blogging world at that point and I started building content and identifying myself as a writer.  During this period I would lose my first Grandparent, my Grandma Diehl and I was able to freeze those moments and thoughts in time on my blog.  That is something for which I will be forever grateful.   I created series like the Mommy Diaries and  I started reading other blogs, aside from my growing group of blogging friends.  Enjoying the Small Things was one of the first blogs I connected with, I love Kelle's voice and the wisdom in her words and another one that I absolutely love is the Bloggess.  I slowly started taking steps out into blogosphere for 3 years, still without changing my goals of telling my story and sharing it with my friends.  But the difference now was that I was reading more and being influenced on how I craft my writing and my style by other bloggers.  I began to see my blog as a time capsule that would keep my story alive long past me, a place where my children could read my words and walk beside me when they are going through their adventures in life.

Create community, hang on to other bloggers for support and sharing.

In the spring of 2014 I randomly decided to participate in a style challenge and that is probably one of the biggest turning points in blogging for me because it was then that my blog became a part of a community.  Shaunacey suggested we do linkups and well, the rest is history. In fact, it is still fresh in my brain history, as I had a chance to meet those ladies last weekend.  Now I have a blog support group but also women in my niche that I can work with and learn beside.

I didn't start blogging to go viral, to sell my blog, to write a book or even to make friends.  I started because I wanted to write and I think if you're going to start a blog, the most important thing is that you have to do it for you first.  Because blogging, like any other hobby, should bring you joy and leave you feeling alive and inspired.

Hop on over to Jill's blog to see what she has to say about starting a blog!

The winner and some Mother's Day stuff

Congrats to Jill (Doused in Pink) who won my giveaway last week for a Simons giftcard, which makes me really happy because she had just found Simons (without me having to push her there) a couple weeks ago.  I hope you can find something fun.  I have not met Jill, but she comes across as a confidant woman, full of great ideas and very creative.  She also has a great fashion sense.  Is it weird that by following other fashion bloggers, you feel like you know their style?

So because I feel like it and because it was my plan all along, I decided that I would pick out what I would pick out for the winner. Thankfully, I knew all the entrants..that would have been tough otherwise.

I picture Jill as 5'10 and thin, so I think she could rock a billowy maxi dress this summer or one of those long t-shirt dresses that look awesome on tall skinny people (and not so awesome on the short like myself because they are suddenly full length on me and I look like I'm in a cardboard bag).  Click on the images for more info on the dresses.  Whatdayathink, could you see Jill in this? I kinda want the one in the middle.

And while we're talking about Jill, you could head over to the Blended Blog and learn a little more about her here.

I find it hard to believe that May is already next week, which means that Mother's Day is coming too.  Jill, you should treat yourself to something super nice because I know you're a great mom.  I find Mother's Day a tough one to celebrate because I get stuck between wanting to do something for my mom and wanting to spend the time with my kids.  One thing I will be doing before Mother's Day is ....wait...Mom, you can stop reading here. Have a nice day. You look lovely today.  Come back on Wednesday......anyway, what I will be doing before Mother's Day is checking out the Charm Brand Glamulet bracelet campaign.  Jewelry is always a great choice for a present, especially jewelry that you can personalize.  Fun fact- all my friends have blinged out Pandora bracelets.  Check out Charm Brand for a more affordable version!  Also, good news for you, my readers are getting a 15% discount with the code BB-MOM.  I have received a discount for doing this post from Glamulet.

Happy Monday!

Friday Faves: What I learned in Vegas

As you probably already know from the overwhelming amount of pictures and selfies and blog posts, I went to Las Vegas last weekend to meet, for the first time, some of my blogging friends. We scheduled the trip around the BAM conference so we could do some learning too. I thought today's post would be a good day to summarize everything I learned.

1. BAM- The Bloggers At Midlife conference.
While I'm more approaching Midlife, than at midlife, we decided we would give this conference a try because some of the sessions would still pertain to us and if they didn't we could get in some Blended Blog planning.  This was my first blogging conference, but definitely not the first conference I have ever attended.  I have been to some pretty incredible education conferences that left me inspired and motivated.  The BAM conference, notably on the second day, did just that for me.  I didn't know what I'd get out of it; I listened with open ears, with a willingness to learn and a want for something more.  Did I feel out of place and young, yup, and at times I even felt judged for that. And maybe it was because we already had our own little group formed and didn't venture too far out of it, or maybe it was the lack of ice-breaking activities or perhaps it was just my overwhelmedness by all the bloggers that caused me to remain in my little corner.  I think if I were to attend a second blog conference, I would have a better idea of what to expect and what I should be doing (actually exchanging the cards I printed for one)

2. My favourite session at the conference was the one about writing your personal essays and getting published.  When I started blogging 7 years ago, I wrote a lot about my family and told some of our stories. My aunty Chris always would comment that I should write a book, but in true Deena form, I doubted myself and shrugged off her suggestion.  After hearing what the panelists had to say about the ease of writing a book after having blogged, I really felt I could do it.  To write 500 words a day was a suggestion from Elaine Ambrose and that a chapter in a book is only 2000 words. Well, I'm at almost 400 words so far in this post so I feel this would be an attainable goal.  Have you ever thought about writing a book?

3.  The power of relationships and connections.  I am not blogging to take over the world.  I am blogging because I like telling my story and I like being engaged and building real relationships.  I felt very uplifted being with like-minded women and being able to talk out ideas with them and share our doubts, motivations, trials and successes.  It made me feel normal?  We had a couple planning sessions for the Blended Blog and it was nice to do in real time instead of on Slack.

4.  Laughter, sunshine and some shopping.  We all need to get away sometimes from life.  It felt so good to step out of my life, knowing my kids were in good hands.  Mommas need to recharge their batteries once in awhile, so it was an added bonus that we were able to do this in the sunshine and with some shopping.  I may have came home with a couple pairs of shoes and a new yellow purse.

All in all, it was an awesome trip and I came back home feeling inspired and blessed; motivated and uplifted.  I have gained some great friends and look forward to building those relationships and the relationships with other bloggers I haven't met.

Yesterday in my post recapping my reactions to meeting the girls for the first time, I had said that there was a point in my life when I thought it was full; that I didn't need anyone else.  I was so wrong.  Sometimes it isn't until you take a step out of the comfort zone and open yourself up to new people that you find the most amazing friendships.  I am blessed today and grateful.

The blogger meetup in Las Vegas

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here was a point in my life when I would have said that my life was full, that I didn't need any more friends.  That I was busy enough.

Funny how our crazy little life sometimes has other plans up it's sneaky sleeves, isn't it?

Enter these ladies, last weekend in Las Vegas and 9 other bloggers in our little blogging family who didn't make the trip.  You can see the complete list of Blended Bloggers on the main page of our collective blog here.  2 years in the making and finally we had a chance to meet in real life.  For Lana, Carrie and myself, this wasn't our first time meeting, but for the rest it was.  I have lots to say about this weekend, but for today, I want to just focus on the meetup with my blogging friends. Tomorrow I will cover everything else Vegas and the BAM conference.  And for the record, other TBBloggers not present at the meet-up, you were all thought of and talked about (in a good way) at some point during the weekend. You have such a huge place in my heart.

Thursday morning, Calgary airport.  Enter Shaunacey and I getting an afternoon together before we flew to Las Vegas.  I was so nervous to meet her, shaking almost. Yet the minute I saw her it was like I had known her my whole life.  We chatted with ease and honestly, it felt like I was travelling with a friend from high school instead of it being a blindfriendshipdate.  We had a 6 hour layer and amused ourselves by renting a car, driving to downtown Calgary to have lunch with other Blended Blogger, Christy, who just happens to be my TrueBlueBFF, who was also dying to meet Shaunacey.  It was the most entertaining lunch I have had in ages and it felt very natural.  I was sad to leave Christy in Calgary.  Shaunacey and I headed back to the airport lounge to enjoy a couple drinks and the ball game before heading on our flight to meet the rest of the group.

When we arrived in Vegas, Lana, Carrie, Sarah and Sheila were waiting for us in the lobby of the Venetian.  It was hugs and giggles the minute we saw them and it felt so good to have them in real time, right in front of me.  I kept wanting to hug them and soak it all in. WAY better than Google hangouts.

Carrie (the Texan) and Lana (the Seattle-ite) I had met last year and they feel like sisters to me.  Yes, they are more my mom and aunts' ages, but age has not been a barrier, as they are young in heart, mind and spirit. Also body. Holy shit, Carrie is ripped. Now, not saying that my mom and sisters are old, I'm just using that as a comparison so you can see the diversity in this gaggle of women we have formed.  It is quite wonderful when you can connect with somebody who is out of

It was my first time meeting Sarah (the Californian) and Sheila (the Floridian).  Both are sweet and tiny.  Sarah is probably the most genuine and caring person I have met in a long time. She even went back to a restaurant to tell the host that we had found somewhere else to eat so they wouldn't waste time on us.  She has such a positive outlook and is always smiling.  Being around her was fun. She could cut loose and be a goof, pretending to be drunk in the middle of a mall and then she could be serious and sincere the next.  Sheila has great stories and I really enjoy picking her brain on her worldview and experience homeschooling.  Being educators, it's nice to see someone else's perspective.  Sheila is kind and nurturing, the true mamma of the group, making sure we had our jackets and anything else necessary. Although the weather was hot for my Saskatchewan skin, it was chilly for her. Hence the jackets.  I liked being around Sheila because I know she was always on it and thinking of what needed to be done.  Finally after we had got cozy in our rooms, poured ourselves some wine, Alison arrived.  We hustled down the many hallways, all Harry Potter-like to meet our last goose.

Now Alison (the Minnesotan) is one that I probably knew the least about and I was just starting to get her vibe through our group chats in Slack.  She is a spitfire.  Yet with mainly fashion posts on her blog, you don't know that about her.  In fact, I had created a whole alter ego for her and a fake name and career for her hubby whilst imaging what she'd be like.  For the record, her husband's name isn't Paul and he is not an architect. My bad.  Getting to know Alison was one of the best surprises.  She is creative and witty and can handle an 82 pound margarita in the sunshine.
[huge_it_slider id="1"]
All in all, it was a great trip and I have made some friends for life out of pure luck.  I can't wait to meet the other half of the group!

[Tweet "A blogger meet up and the benefits of travelling with bloggers"]

A couple things I learned on the trip, were the benefits of travelling with bloggers.

1- No guilt about randomly stopping the activity to get a good picture.  They also understand completely the ability to simultaneously chat and tweet and post to Insta to keep up with social media and don't take offence.

2-Bloggers understand the art of the selfie and the importance of getting a good angle and good lighting.  It was also awesome having so many other girls snap so many awesome pictures and then know how to share them so we had all the pictures. For the record, Sarah is the queen of the selfie taking.

3- Being that we have spent 2 years doing style challenges, we have come to learn each others' style quite well, so it was a blast shopping and telling each other what to try on.

There are moments when I wish that I hadn't met these ladies.  I know that sounds harsh, but I mean that in a loving way.  Because now that I know how much joy, love and inspiration they have brought to my life in just one weekend, it makes me sad to know that we can't be a part of each others' daily lives.  They have impacted me in many ways already and I feel extremely blessed and humbled that they choose to call me friend.

Go check out the other ladies today and see what they have to say about (said in real Canadian) our first meetup:

Shaunacey | Carrie | Lana | Sarah | Alison | Sheila

And don't forget to enter my birthday week giveaway- CDN and US residents, only, por favor.
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Styling the graphic tee

Today is my day!!!!!! I picked the graphic tee prompt, so you should go over to The Blended Blog to see how I styled it and for a little fun.   But first let's talk about the wonderful people in my world.  I had this little idea about creating a meet up with all of my favourite people.  I was even going to invite some readers that I want to meet, but then I got nervous and didn't.  I even made an invitation.  Turns out Mother Nature didn't want us to get together anyway, because it snowed that day.  Not a day for a BBQ in the park.

In yesterday's post I talked about courage being a goal for my year.  I wish I hadn't backed down from inviting people, I will get over this self-doubt, I hope.  I was even nervous to email Laura to ask if I could co-host with her- but I'm glad I did because I feel a connection to her and really enjoy her voice and her style.  There are many other bloggers too that I hope to reach out to and connect with.  But not just bloggers, other people in my world that I want to get to know better.  You'll have to come back tomorrow (yes, 4 posts in a row!) to hear my impressions on meeting my blogging friends for the first time in Vegas.

Back to my botched effort at reaching out to readers and my friends.  It didn't happen, but nonetheless, those wonderful people sent me pictures of their graphic tees and how they wear them.  My vision was to do a photoshoot at the park on the day that we didn't get together and you know what, I like this too.

It's so important to surround yourself with wonderful people, isn't it?

 the Blended Blog to see what I have in store!
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Tuesday fashion link-up

I do deClaire (Bloglovin) | Shoes to Shiraz (Bloglovin)

Today I turn 37 and I want this year to be a year of courage.  I want to do things that scare me, things I wouldn't normally do.  I want to push myself and work on becoming a better person.  So today let's start with one of my blog goals: get to know other bloggers.

I'm co-hosting with a blogger I have recently starting following and I feel honoured that she would let me take part in her link ups.  Normally, I would post my On Trend Tuesday post today but I'm having problems keeping abreast of all the stuff to do after getting home from a big trip and not sleeping and just wanting to cuddle my kids.  I'll have my last two trends covered in May (shoes and capes) so instead, why don't you head over to I do deClaire and check out my new blogging friend and link up your fashion posts!

Make sure you enter my birthday extravaganza giveaway. US and CANADA only.

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Amour: la Maison Simons

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to a wonderful week on Shoes to Shiraz.  I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas with 7 women I 'met' through blogging (I can't wait to tell you all about it near the end of the week.)  I have fantastic posts planned all week because my heart is full of gratitude.  Gratitude for blogging, for the opportunities it has granted me and the friendships I have made through it.  Also, it just so happens to be my 37th birthday tomorrow and so of course I will celebrate and then on top of all that, it was this blog's 7th birthday on the weekend.  So stay tuned for some giveaways and lots of fun!

The mall has always been a place to unwind for me.  I love browsing and checking out the new styles that grace the displays.  I love seeing the colours, feeling the textures and getting ideas of different outfits I'd like to wear. Even back in University during the Quebec year,  I would walk the 30 some minutes to the kingdom of Place Ste-Foy for some window shopping.   Sometimes missing class. Shhhh...don't read that part, Mom. It was a...cultural...experience, after all?  A store I instantly fell in LOVE with there was La Maison Simons. For you History affectionados out there, like moi, I found this great review on their website that shows the history of their store. Here.

My new love: mixing history and fashion.  Everything about this story works for me.  Originally from Scotland, the Simons family came to Québec and started their empire in the 19th century.
Shopping in Quebec isn't complete without hitting up this historic department store dans le vieux. In the past year they've (finally) opened an online store at and I've got to say that hands down, from all the online shopping sites I frequent, they are above and beyond the easiest, fastest and most convenient place.
You place an order, it arrives within the week, shipping is free over 50$ and if you don't like sometime, you reuse the box, print off a return label, book a pick up with UPS and they take care of it from there. This has obviously changed since 2011. Still my favourite online store for ordering, however it's now free after 100$ and they no longer use UPS, but Canada Post instead.  Returns are still free.
Seriously simple.
But I doubt you'd be returning anything because their clothing lines are unique, classy and trendy and the quality is also great. I can find unique pieces for my wardrobe that I know nobody here will have.
Here are some items currently on my wishlist:

Nordic Snowflake Cardigan

Dévoré Giraffe Print Tee

Ergonomic Skinny Jean

And don't even get me started on their accessories.......

This post originally appeared on Shoes to Shiraz in October of 2011 and has been modified.

[Tweet "La Maison Simons giveaway to celebrate birthdays on Shoes to Shiraz"]

So what better way to celebrate gratitude (linking up with my girl, Simply Shaunacey, blogging and birthdays than with a giveaway....come on friends, I know you want it. How about a 25$ gift card to my favourite store: La Maison Simons.  American friends, guess what, good news- they ship to the States and it's probably cheaper for you jerks (I mean, hi, I love you) because your dollar is awesome here.

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Cardi + Tshirt + statement necklace and jeans.

Last week we styled the spring sweater- look at all that colour!  I have been doing a lot of rethinking about how I could have changed up that look and have come up with many more options, which makes me happy. Let's just say a yellow blazer was purchases. Bay Days for the win. Also inspiration from my blog friends!

This week we are styling my BFF's go-to look: the cardigan, tee, statement necklace and jeans.  Trust me, this is such a typical Christy look that Sara and Candace had no problem putting it together when I requested that they "dress like Christy" on one of our movie dates a couple weeks ago.

For the record, I hummed and haa-ed over this outfit and decided to wear this out with the girls- I have been getting tons of use out of my vests and definitely am working on ways to transition them into spring and summer.

I also wanted to try to style the crazy bib necklace I got on Baublebar last year and that I've only worn a couple times (and I don't know why I don't more often- I get tons of compliments on it) (maybe it's because I feel a little Mr. T-ish?)

IMG_1954Where's your favourite place to get great necklaces??

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On Trend Tuesdays: the shoulders

On the Blended Blog last week, I talked about 4 trends I will be trying this spring.  You can read the posts here.  Last week I talked florals. 

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are two shoulder trends that I am wanting to try this season: the off the shoulder and the cut out shoulder.  Luckily, I found a beautiful flowy button up top that had cut out shoulders at Winners for only 30$.  Yes, I put my dollar signs at the end, I'm french.  I don't know about you, but I'm not usually willing to fork out a lot of money for something that I don't think will stick around.  I have this top packed in my bags for the Vegas trip this weekend.  This is how I am wearing it (but now how I'll be styling it for Vegas)

Black jeans, black top and a subtle cutout on the shoulder.  Now to be more ball-sy, you could get something like this insanely awesome top that Shaunacey picked up this past weekend at Bootlegger.  I know also want this top. It is a good mix between the shoulder cut out and off the shoulder and is super cute.  I really hope she packs this for Vegas so I CAN SEE IT IN REAL LIFE. High fives for meeting blogging friends in real life!

As for a good off the shoulder top, I have seen it styled many ways and I am going to reference my stylespiritanimal Lipgloss and Lace.  Again, she styled the off the shoulder top perfectly that she forced my hand on the top I was humming and haa-ing over on zulily.  This is what is coming my way:

zu35513089_main_tm1454859644 (1)

So, what's the verdict? Will you be trying something cool on your shoulders this summer or spring??

Food Goals 11: On our anniversary

Flashback to the beginning of February and Dan and I are to celebrate our date-aversary , oh but we were young.   I really need to find all our old pictures and scan them, so much goodness!

The day things forever changed on 02-02-02.  Dan seems to put more importance on that date than on the day we gotmarried, so I thought I'd role with it this year.  I picked out a lovely meal from one of the two cookbooks I'm trying to get through this year.  This is what I ended up with:

On the menu was Barefoot Contessa's Seared Tuna with Mango Chutney  and Raspberry Royale to drink.

This recipe was fantastic for numerous reasons.  1- Seared tuna is delicious AND healthy. 2- I can't believe how flavourful the mango chutney was and that I actually made it from scratch.  I have never tasted a chutney of any sort before this.  3- This meal felt fancy and was really easy to prepare.  I will definitely make this again!

Have a great weekend.


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