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Food Goals 10: Easter Supper

Our first Easter at our still relatively new to us home.  We spent the weekend just chilling with the kids, enjoying the beauty of spring....the house cleaning (what is better than opening the windows and letting that fresh air in) playing catch outside (finally!) and the smells...what is it about the smell of melting snow and freshly running water.  On a beautiful Sunday, we had Nana and Papa over and we celebrated Easter (with two visits from the bunny).  Why two visits? Well, the rabbit had left eggs all over the house over night and then when we came home from church, Dan felt like having some fun so he 'spotted' the Easter bunny and took the kids on a quick trip around the block while I raced around the house, hiding eggs again.  Lucia was piiiiiisssssed off, typical.  Willis was loving the chase, again.  Ah, them kids.

Anyway, on the menu:

For supper: Roast DuckBlue Cheese Coleslaw, Wild Rice/Quinoa mix (Dan's parents brought the yum), Carrots.

The reviews: Luciawas ALLOVER THE DUCK. Willis would have nothing to do with it.  I loved it and it was insanely easy to prepare (boil for 45 minutes- ducks are fatty, then roast for 30)  I made the Blue Cheese coleslaw for Dan and his Dad because of the blue cheese, which I only tolerate.  But it was really good and Papa loved it.  The carrots were just boiled carrots.  As a side note, Nana and I enjoyed Peach Bellinis and that was delicious.

For dessert: Ice cream with pecans and caramel sauce and Crème Brulée.

The reviews: I didn't let the caramel sauce turn brown enough so it was quite light...personally, I like my sucre à la crème better.  But it was a tasty little treat.  The crème brulée was INSANELY GOOD and I spent half the time in awe that I actually made it.  I shouldn't have had Willis' though...that was way too much yum.

What did you serve for your Easter dinner??? Would love to hear what other people eat!

Have a great weekend,



  1. Living on Cloud Nine31 March, 2016 22:30

    There it is That roast duck in all it's glory!!! Yum!!! Your little girlie is so cute eating that duck whether multi colored nails!! If I visit will you make me this meal, creme brûlée is my favorite dessert!!

  2. We had boring old ham - should have come to your house! Everything looks delish,and i'm intrigued by the blue cheese coleslaw.

  3. I am so proud of you for trying all these new foods I would never eat. I like to feed ducks at the lake, not eat them. Ha!

  4. I should NOT have read this post today. I want to eat EVERYTHING in the house. Seriously, it's bad. And creme brulee is my FAVOURITE thing of LIFE!!!!!!!
    ugh, I'm hungry

    Simply Shaunacey

  5. I love blue cheese, can't remember the last time I had it though...I always think it sounds so good when people get it on their steaks and it sort of melts a little...yum. With the food allergies I always made angel food cake from scratch, but it takes 12 egg whites, so I always ended up throwing the yolks away...well come to find out angel food cake and creme brulee are a perfect match, so whenever I make one I make the other, and I didn't realize how insanely easy Creme Brulee was! But oh so good. Mr. likes when I make it because he likes using the torch...haha.

  6. So good!



  7. Katie Mitchell02 April, 2016 00:44

    YUM!!!!! I've never had more than I bite of duck!! I liked it though!! The slaw looks amaze!! We had ham for Easter Dinner. My contribution was the green bean's a;ways the green bean casserole!!

  8. Everything looks so good! I haven't had duck in years. The blue cheese slaw sounds delicious and I love creme brûlée!

    Doused In Pink

  9. Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom02 April, 2016 13:35

    Wow! I haven't had duck since I was in Paris a few years ago... I remember it was sort of like chicken, but maybe a little more greasy? Blue cheese slaw? You are quite the cook! Yum! Two egg hunts sound fun for the kids :)


  10. I'm glad your Easter dinner went so well! It looks really tasty, even though I'm not a fan of duck. We messed up once at a restaurant, and with ordering a couple of small dishes to share we somehow ordered half a duck as was a big group but only one of us liked duck...I tried to help eat it but really couldn't!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. YUM. My favourite is Lucia devouring the duck.

  12. Wow! What a feast! Everything looks delicious for sure. I know it was delicious too.

  13. Definitely tasted much like the dark meat on a chicken. And ya, it's a very fatty bird.

  14. That's pretty much how my son was.

  15. It was pretty good! I would definitely make duck again

  16. I have never made angel food from scratch! Men. I want a torch now.

  17. Yum, ham and I love a good green bean casserole!

  18. But ham is delish and now i'm craving it!

  19. just don't start thinking of cheese pizza

  20. I spy a martini of some kind on that table. I LOVE IT! Hahaha.

  21. Our Easter is a mish mash of random dishes we all bring. Delicious, but nothing like duck and roasted carrots! Wow! It's always interesting to see what is on the menu at other families' houses!

  22. I also love seeing what other families eat...seems like ham is quite popular as an Easter dish.


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