What's up Wednesday

February in numbers

You can read my previous numbers reviews here.

Posting a day early this week for a many number of reasons:
1- My blog is in the process of getting a redesign. I'll expand on that later, but in the meantime, I'll let the lovely Kayla Huffman work her magic.
2- I'm still sick.  I tend to get worse as the night progresses so I thought I'd get this post off my plate and off my plate quickly.  Staring at computer screens isn't helping.  Which could be an obstacle for blogging this week and my cyber teaching job. Oy.
3- Because I can.

Now let's look back at the lovely month of February and see what I did do (got sick). Or didn't do (pushups and situps)

2 trips booked!

  • In the near future is a trip to Vegas with 6 other bloggers (4 I haven't met in real life, just over Google Hangouts, and 2 I have already met).  We're heading to our first blogger's conference!
  • Second trip is a surprise trip and because I'm pretty sure my 8 year old son won't read my blog, I shall share with you.  We booked a trip to Toronto, leaving on his birthday to take in Niagara Falls and some Jays' games.  His birthday is on a Saturday and we leave bright and early that morning.  I don't plan on telling him until the day before when we have his family birthday party.  Write that down, family.  Willis' birthday party is the day before his birthday.  
3 books read:

Big Little Lies: Started in Jan, finished in Feb.  Loved this book
The Nightingale:  Oh my. No words.  What a fantastic book and I don't normally like books on war.  But, wow.
Luckiest Girl Alive:  I liked but I didn't love.  This one was supposed to be like Gone Girl, but it really wasn't as thriller-esque as I hoped it would be.  But it was good.
The Life-Changing Magic: Review to come next month as I just finished that one, but started in in Feb.  Spoiler alert- best. book. ever.

I started the month off awesome at the gym.  Even going to the gym 3 times to do weights with my trainer.  Then the February school break happened and then I got sick.  So I have been useless for almost 2 weeks and am very much looking forward to getting back into the gym routine this week.

Oddly enough, I did lose 4 lbs this month...probably because I was too tired to eat. But hey, that was the weight I gained from Cmas, so it didn't deserve to stay there anyway.  Now to get the momentum going and build on that.  I want to feel strong again.

2.4 seconds. That's how long it takes for me to change into my pajamas when I get home from work.  Just thought you should know that.

1 family trip to Edmonton with visits to: the Ice Castle, Muttart, the Waterpark,  Galaxyland, Ikea and some catch up time with my beautiful cousin, Glenna.

1 hairstyle change for me that are little pick-me-ups when I'm not feeling awesome.  I did a rose gold ombré and love it.  Life is too short for boring hair. Says me.

That's it for today, my head is starting to ache again.  Instead, why not go check out what these lovely people did for their Februarys? Februaries? Februari?  Link up with us next month on April 4th!