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Chicken Piccata and Lemon Yogurt Cake: Food Goals #7

Today is a great day: my sister's birthday.  Happy birthday to the most beautiful, thoughtful, caring, generous, moody strong-willed woman I know, other than my mom.  We are so blessed to have you in our lives....especially my kids.  You are a wonderful aunt to them.  Now enough with the sappy...let's have some cake. Robbie's making the cake, right?

Today I'm featuring Barefoot Contessa's Chicken Piccata and Lemon Yogourt Cake.  It was a great meal...maybe too much lemon for one meal, but good nonetheless.  

1) Chicken Piccata.  Recipe here.
I was intrigued by this recipe because I had never heard of it, yet it seemed like it was an everyday(ish) dish.  In fact, just when I passed the recipe in the book and said, chicken piccata...must be spicy, I'll skip friend Sheila featured it on her blog here.  So I had to try it.  Lucia loves lemons, so she was all over this one.  I don't think I got the sauce right, so I think this one will have to go back into the rotation for a re-try.
Lana, I'm not sure what I was watching while cooking this recipe...maybe Gilmore Girls?

2) Lemon Yogourt Cake.  Recipe here.   Again, another success in Lucia's books.  My little lemon lover.  She wanted this for bedtime snack and then again in her lunch and then again the moment she got home from school.  This is a repeater.

So what about you? Lemon eater? Lemon in water? Or is lemon solely reserved for tequila?