Vintage tables with Chairish


I was contacted earlier this month by Chairish to see if I would be interested in showcasing how I would style a vintage coffee table with books and decor  on my blog.
I told her she at me at vintage and books.
Yes, please.

My home is a home with kids.  Therefore everything pretty is likely broken or inexpensive.  I will rarely splurge on a home decor item just because, well children.  Actually children and an overly playful cat.

Once in awhile I will pick out something when it screams at me, practically begging me to become a part of our home.  I checked out their unique coffee tables here first.  I think what I love most about this site is that every piece has a story and is so rare!

Finally, this French Country Style Carved Table and I would have such a discussion.  I love this table.
It is classy and the perfect combination of materials that wouldn't be too bothered by messy children or dirty socks.

Essentials for me on a coffee table are threefold:
A tray for drinks.  Check.
Books for reading.  Check
And something pretty.  Check.
Home decor

I realize that my style right now isn't fancy or exquisite, but that just isn't realistic with our lifestyle. So what I try to do is bring in beautiful elements that make me happy and let those pieces and the crazy coexist.
And that's a fact.

Make sure you check out Chairish to see their beautiful pieces!


  1. That table is beautiful!!! Now I want to decorate!

  2. That is a lovely table, you picked well! :)

    We don't have many fancy pieces in our house either with a toddler - I'd love to get a coffee table one day (we don't have one) but would need to make sure it's baby/toddler friendly sadly so that limits the options, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Yep, that lovely table looks totally you. We gave up on nice furniture years ago, and now there are too many teenagers around to even consider redecorating. Maybe when they get married.

  4. Haha! Yes, we are always saying "this is why we can't have nice things" after something breaks. Love that table.

  5. Teenagers can be hard on furniture too! I like pretty things but I don't want to spend much because I'd rather travel!

  6. ugh, good point. I don't think I'll ever have anything fancy. Just not my style

  7. Interesting...seems to be a point I have never considered!

  8. NO kidding, hey? Pretty much anything is going to get all slobbered on. Oy.

  9. I just need MORE of it. Time to decorate ALL the things!!!


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