This post probably should have been scheduled for last week, but February snuck right by me.  Next thing you know we will be basking in the golden rays of the summer sun.  But first, the end of winter, the coming of spring.
And Lent.

Lent for me is not about self-deprecation for 40 days only to forget about my sacrifices and eat everything chocolate on day 41. It is not about making myself miserable so that coincidentally, everyone around is miserable too.
My version of Lent is one of betterment, of planting a seed that will grow into something bountiful and love-giving.  In the past I have tried to take on goals like the year I worked out for 40 days straight.  I liked that one and I'm taking inspiration from 2012 for this year, which also goes well with my one word goal of health.
A couple weeks ago, on the Blended Blog, I wrote about the importance of loving yourself first and I really meant it, so I decided that I would weave that into my Lenten goal. This year I am working on the core of me, keeping in mind that I not only have to take care of myself physically, but that I also need to grow spiritually, be challenged intellectually and I need to take care of mental health.  So this year, will all of that in mind, I am focusing on a central message: love.

Sporadically, through the Lenten season, I will be sharing with you some of the little things I've been doing to work becoming the best me possible.

Let's start today with a little something my blogging friend and fellow Catholic teacher, Katie, shared on her blog called the Best Lent Ever.  Short 1.5 minute videos each day that help me reflect.  I love it so far!

Have you been doing anything to help yourself grow?

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